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duration 30:33
Fuck Your Mom Challenge video from Bella Bates
Fuck Your Mom Challenge by Bella Bates It's a new challenge game and it is very popular among many young boys. This challenge has also become very popular with you and your friends. The purpose of the challenge is to fuck own mom and do various sexual activities with/to her. The one who gets the most points gets really much appreciation from friends. To win the challenge, you must get 1930 points. Points come from a certain amount of different achievement: Kissing with mommy 10 points, fingering mommy’s pussy 20 points, lick mommy’s asshole 50 points, fingering mommy’s asshole 50 points, lick mommy’s pussy 100 points, mom gives a blowjob 200 points, fuck mommy’s pussy 500 points and fuck mommy’s asshole 1000 points. To prove you get points, all achievements must be recorded on video and at least three friends must see the video. Then you get your points. Earning points is easy for some boys, others have to use little harder ways... but you have decided to win this challenge, by any ways necessary. You collect the first points in a way that makes your mom very worry. Like, for example, when you go to her bedroom in the middle of the night and decide to get a points for fucking mommy's pussy. Your mom thinks something is really badly wrong with you right now. But later she will finds out what is going on, she gets to know about the challenge. She thinks the challenge is sick but she has also found out that your friend is leading the challenge. Your mom hates your friend's mom and your mom thinks your friend's mom is an annoying bitch. Your mom doesn't want your friend, the son of that annoying bitch, to win the challenge... so your mom will help you get the last points of challenge... and maybe little extra points too... (The video includes a lot of sexual activities. Some viewers may find the following video disturbing). MOMMY ROLEPLAY. MOMMY AND SON. MILF. TABOO. IMPREGNATION FANTASY. INVASION. INTRUDER. POV. VIRTUAL SEX (no real cock or dildo visible). PUSSY LICKING (virtual). BLOWJOB (virtual, no real cock or dildo visible). CUM IN MOUTH. CREAMPIE (pussy 2x). ANAL CREAMPIE. ROUGH SEX. FINGERING (ass, pussy, virtual, no fingers visible). CHALLENGE GAME. ASSHOLE. I think this is perhaps my most epic video :) What do you think? ;)
duration 26:21
Gagging For Ganja: Amelia Grace video from JK Films
duration 32:42
Transformation - The Bully Never Stops video from Bella Bates

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