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Brians Wife Used By The Dinner Party video from Lexxi Blakk
Brians Wife Used By The Dinner Party by Lexxi Blakk Brian’s wife is getting ready for a dinner party he set up. He tells her not to worry about an outfit he already has one picked out for her. She’s shocked to see how revealing the outfit is and protests. He tells her the guests are expecting something special and not to worry. She’s uncomfortable but does it anyway. His wife shyly walks out in her heels and lingerie. Brian tells the group you’re here to do whatever they want, she awkwardly agrees. One of the guests asks for a d r i n k, she provides that for him. While doing so one of the guests drops something and Brian’s wife goes to grab it, bending over on her knees. They stare at her ass and when she turns around ask her to pull down her top. Shes confused and asks her husband if she has to. He tells her to continue and she pulls out her breasts. The guests want some fun entertainment and they ask her to use the spatula to fuck her slut pussy. She’s socked and laughs like it’s a joke. Her husband tells her no she must. One of the guests gives her the spatula and she reluctantly starts to rub it on her Pussy. They want more so she starts fucking herself with it while they laugh “It’s not funny you guys” she asks if she can stop and does but it’s not long before one of the guests shoves his cock in her face “ I don’t even suck my husbands cock” she protests while the first cock is shoved down her throat. the second guest soon brings out his BBC “I’ve never been with a black guy before” she pleads with her husband but he tells them to continue. Brian’s wife gets her face fucked by both cocks as she begs her husband to stop this. Eventually they pull back and she asks if it’s over. They tell her to wipe her mouth and get on the couch “That doesn’t sound like it’s over” she cries as they both take her on the couch “why do you like this you sick fuck” she cries at her husband as they fuck her. They continue using her fat Pussy until the BBC leaves her with a creampie….
duration 18:08
Please Don't Fire Me video from Fiona Dagger
Please Don't Fire Me by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You call Fiona into your office and she sits down nervously, telling you she knows why you've called her in here and she's been expecting this meeting, as she's missed her sales quotas once again. She apologises profusely and tells you that she does really care about this job and has been trying hard, but she'll try even harder next month. You're not impressed, and she gets more and more desperate to convice you that she's committed to this job. You ask her to prove herself to you, and to tell her that she'll be a good girl for you. Confused, she repeats this back to you. You offer her some advice and she's glad to hear it, but is surprised when you criticise her clothes, in particular her long skirts. You suggest she try wearing them much shorter, and make her slowly hitch her skirt up to just below her ass, to show her what you mean. She turns awkwardly on the spot as you inspect her, then promises she'll look into getting some shorter skirts for the office, if you think that will help with her sales. You then ask to see her feet, which she's very confused by, but you remind her that she said she was going to be a good girl for you, and that she should listen to your expert advice. She nervously shows off her feet to you, letting you admire her soles, before you then pass her a collar and tell her to put it on. She's of course very reluctant to do this, insisting that she would feel much too self conscious, but you don't take no for an answer. Once the collar is around her neck, she asks what else she can do to prove herself to you, and you command her to undress. She nervously and awkwardly removes her blouse and skirt, then her bra - fondling her breasts reluctantly on your instructions. You then get her to remove her panties, spread her legs and show herself off for you - then to even rub her pussy in front of you, as she squrirms in embarrassment. You then tell her you'll let her keep her job, if she pleases you by using her mouth to make you cum. She kneels down before you and desperately sucks you off, asking often if she's being a good girl and doing a good job, until she begs you to empty your balls onto her face, and thanks you for the privilege! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, long hair, posh accent, small boobs, degrading, degradating, rough, cruel, submissive, bdsm, blowjob, cock sucking, facial, cumshot, solo female, roleplay, boss, employee, power play
duration 21:42
Taken and Used by 2 Punk Studs video from PORN’S NOT DEAD ™️
Taken and Used by 2 Punk Studs by PORN’S NOT DEAD ™️ PORN’S NOT DEAD ™️ presents Taken and Used by 2 Punk Studs, one of the five (5) scenes featured in our AVN/XBIZ nominated and AltPorn award winning debut film FILTHY FUCKING LUXURY: THE REMIX. TAKEN BY 2 PUNK STUDS stars WILLIAM OCTOBER (formerly JANE WAY, they/them), D. ARCLYTE (he/him, cis), and BILLY BOSTON (he/him, cis) in WILLIAM’s first on screen anal and DP! A slutty William is taken and used in all their holes by two ripped punk studs in a Las Vegas hotel room, and loves every second of it! A dream cum true for them, in their own fantasy matchup made real. This scene is perfect for those who enjoy watching clips that include anal, double penetration, CNC, rough double blowjobs, fishnets, clothes ripping, throat fucking, shaved pussies, degrading language, roleplay, tattooed models, amateur porn, and facials. Find your PORN’S NOT DEAD ™️ favourites on any of your preferred platforms as we work to make our current releases as accessible as we possibly can to our friends and fans. Search us on any of your usual clip stores under the @PORNSNOTDEAD handle, or email us at [email protected] to inquire about our DIRECT PURCHASING options, including etransfer and Bitcoin! Be sure to check out our performers online! We strongly encourage our fans to support PND, but our performers are the heart and soul of the industry. That’s why we also encourage you to support the performers we feature directly! ✖️ WILLIAM OCTOBER (they/them, genderfluid) is on Twitter as @OCTOBERTALKS, on Instagram as @OCTOBERTALKING, and their two main homes on the web are WWW.OCTOBERTALKS.COM and WWW.OCTOBERUNCENSORED.COM ✖️BILLY BOSTON is on Twitter under the handle @billybostonxxx. ✖️ D. ARCLYTE is retired from the industry. We thank him for his part in the project and wish him all the best. We love you, D!

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