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duration 17:29
Daddy Caught Me Sneaking Out video from Carly
Daddy Caught Me Sneaking Out by Carly *This is a playful CNC video with some bashful reluctance, a more intense CNC version of this video is coming soon so stay tuned!!* Daddy caught me trying to sneak out to a party without his permission.. worst of all I was wearing a skimpy mini dress with an even skimpier micro bikini on underneath!! I couldn't help but blush & protest when daddy told me to strip & show him what I have on under my dress.. I felt like such a little whore when daddy saw me in my tiny bikini! When he spotted the red fishnet tights on my bed he made me put those on as well, showing off my body for daddy while the bulge in his pants continued to grow.. After stripping me & making me twerk and spread my cheeks for him, I can't help but confess the real reason I've been dressing so provocatively lately.. I wanted my daddy's attention!! Now he's got me on my bed, hairy wet pussy on display! I can't believe this is happening.. I play shy but I've secretly been wanting this for so long. Please daddy I need ur cum in me, put a baby in me ❤️ This video features a reluctant strip tease including a lil bit of hairy armpit worship, tons of dirty talk, twerking & ass spreading, missionary dildo play with a simulated creampie at the end! x For lovers of: breeding , cum , creampie , impregnation , daddy , daddy kink , dd/lg , daddy's girl , hairy , hairy pussy , hairy ass , hairy bush , ass spreading , twerking , ass shaking , body worship , hairy armpits , armpit fetish , armpit worship , ass worship , role play , dirty talk , begging , reluctant , cnc , kink , fetish, taboo , redhead ,
duration 35:37
Make Me A Bimbo video from Fiona Dagger
Make Me A Bimbo by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the names Mr Astor and Ray are used throughout) Fiona arrives home from the office to discover a package has been delivered to her house with a note saying that it's from Mr Astor, the wedding planner for her best friend's wedding, and contains her dress and shoes for the wedding day. Fiona opens the package to find a very short and revealing red dress and a pair of sexy, ultra high heels. She's confused and unimpressed - this definitely isn't her sort of outfit! She's a serious career woman, she rarely wears dresses at all, and certainly not bright red mini dresses. Fiona decides she might as well try the outfit on, this is for her best friend's wedding after all - she doesn't want to cause a fuss, and maybe it will look better once it's on. So she strips out of her work clothes and puts the dress and shoes on, looking at herself in the mirror and frowning as she doesn't like what she sees. Then just as she's lamenting having to turn up dressed like a slut to her friend's wedding, she feels sharp pin pricks in her neck and her feet. Suddenly a warm glow rushes over her and her expression changes to one of surprise and delight! She begins to look differently at herself in the mirror, running her hands over her body and murmurming the name of the wedding planner. Fiona then feels the urge to change her hair and makeup to better match her outfit; she removes her glasses and puts her hair up into an ultra high pony tail, then takes her time applying bold, sexy makeup to her face, and putting in huge gold hoop earrings. Satisfied, and growing more aroused by the second, she quickly peels off her panties, leaving the dress and heels, and begins to masturbate desperately, glowing with happiness. She uses her hands at first then grabs different toys from around the room, cumming again and again as she ditzily fucks herself and moans the wedding planner's name. Eventually she's sated enough to stop masturbating for a while, and she looks again in the bottom of the package to discover another note from the wedding planner.. She reads it and an expression of excitement crosses her face - it says that this is just the first of many outfits Mr Astor has picked out for her, and she should expect the next one to arrive soon!
duration 8:34
Extra Lessons With Teacher video from Fiona Dagger
Extra Lessons With Teacher by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've gone round to your teacher's house for some extra help, but when you arrive she's not quite ready for you. You sit on the couch as she tidies up, completely oblivious to how she's letting you see up her skirt by bending over too far, and squatting down on the floor. You try not to look but you can't help it, and by the time she'd ready to start your lesson you're feeling very distracted. She sits with you on the couch and as you go through your work you notice her absent-mindedly stroking and caressing her legs and then her pussy through her panties. Your concentration starts to falter even more and eventually she notices and asks what's wrong, then figuring out that you've been distracted by her legs and panties on display. She says that she can tell you've got a very hard erection there and that it's no wonder you can't concentrate. She encourages you to take it out so you'll be more comfortable, and when you do so she's shocked by the size! She admits that it's gotten her really wet seeing how huge and hard it is, and she suggests that in order to help you concentrate and focus on your work more, she could use her wet pussy to milk a load out of your balls. She assures you that you can just lie back and relax, and she'll do all the work. She peels off her dress and lingerie and ever so slowly mounts you, sliding down onto your cock and whispering soothingly to you. She rides you slowly and softly, telling you to just relax and spurt into her pussy so that you'll be able to concentrate again after - then tells you that if you need her help for extra credit tomorrow as well, she'll make sure she's available to you :)
duration 27:37
Babysitter Coerces You Into Cheating video from Marissa Sweet
Babysitter Coerces You Into Cheating by Marissa Sweet This is a custom video, the script reads as followed: 20 minute roleplay with elements of JOI, homewrecking, virtual sex and impregnation fantasy. You are a babysitter training as a masseuse who has convinced her employer to let her practice her massage techniques. You are very focused on releasing all of his stress as he's returned from a long after-work gym session, with his wife still hours away and the little ones all in bed. Your actual plan is to seduce him into having sex with you, and making sure he cums hard and long enough that you just might get pregnant. You also want him to enjoy his "massage" so much, that you're all he can think about from now on. Scene starts early in the massage session, with you working from his shoulders down much much lower. You notice his bulge, and convince him to start jerking off - you're all alone, it will help relieve his stress, and it's not like he doesn't already jerk off to porn. He can even think about you if he'd like. You masturbate thinking about him, sometimes, so it's only fair. Eventually you take over and start giving him a handjob so he can really relax. He's extremely excited. You tell him you'll tell nobody, to just relax and enjoy it, and you promise to let him finish himself so he doesn't feel guilty about it after. Of course, by the time it feels too good, it's easy to tempt him with the idea of letting you finish him, letting him cum all over your hand. You know he wants it. At some point in the handjob, it becomes obvious that you are masturbating, and you're stripping, telling him to touch you. When naked, you tell him that you really need help with your own stress now. You show off you full perfect body, then get on top, and grind your pussy against his cock. You ignore his protests, promising not to go any further. You just need his hard cock rubbing against you a little longer before he cums. After the grinding gets you close to cumming, there really one thing left. You take his cock inside you - he's begging you not to let him cum inside you, but you swear it's only for a little while, just to help you cum, and you'll stop before he does. You're practically begging for him to fuck you now, you know it's dirty and wrong, but it's only this one time. By the time you cum, there's really no stopping what comes next. You promised to let him pull out, but you insist he keeps going, just a little longer. But when he gets close, you become very different - dominant, even bratty as you tell him to give you what you want, and he's going to give in or you'll tell everyone about this "massage", and how obviously he enjoyed it. When he tells you he's going to cum, you ride him harder, this was your plan the whole time, to get his babysitter pregnant. You've seen all his babysitter porn, you know this is the hottest sex he's ever had. No wonder he can't control his cock around you. He cums inside your pussy, now he'll never stop wanting you now, and you think his stress issues may need a lot more sessions.
duration 20:04
Lesbian Sperm Donor Fantasy - POV video from Molly Darling
Lesbian Sperm Donor Fantasy - POV by Molly Darling [custom vid] New Gopro Video! POV throughout entire video, no male dialogue [imagined dialogue] female only dialogue, Lesbian sperm donor fantasy roleplay. Originally the video starts with an CNC tone but turns to enjoyment throughout the sex scenes. Vid description: You're lying on your bed relaxing when you hear a knock on the door. In walks your Sister's wife Molly, your sister-in-law. She says she wants to talk to you about something. Her and your sister have been trying to have a baby for a while. As they are a lesbian couple, they need a sperm donor. They've not had much luck so far, so your sister has convinced Molly to come and ask you to be their donor. She's not keen on the idea, but will do anything to make your sister happy and has even come prepared with a sample cup. You agree and she is pleased to hear your decision. She is about to leave you "to it" when you tell her you're having troubles getting hard.. Molly isn't buying it.. but after questioning her on her desire to get pregnant she reluctantly agrees to "help" you.. but she isn't happy. She strips off her clothes and asks if that's enough to get you going.. but its not. You tell her she needs to touch you, which she is grossed out by. She strokes your cock and eventually gives you a blowjob.. despite her disinterest and distain. Now you really want to push your luck, you tell her that you want it inside of her. She thinks about it and agrees as at least your cum will be going directly to the source! She rides you reverse cowgirl and once your big cock is inside of her she starts to really enjoy herself. She moans and even lets you touch her ass. She slides her pussy up and down your cock giving a great view of her asshole. She can't believe she's doing this. Now Molly is really getting into it and asks you to fuck her doggy style. You fuck her from behind as she looks back at you. Finally she gets on her back and you push your cock inside of her and fuck her fast. She wants your cum so badly. You cum inside of her and it pours out of her pussy. Hopefully it will make a baby, just don't tell your sister how it happened!! Tags: british, tattoos, english, cute, pov, pov sex, pov blowjob, handjob, blowjob, brat, cnc, lesbian, lesbian impregnation, sperm donor, donor, sperm, cum, creampie, impregnation, fantasy, fetish, kink, striptease, big dick, big cock, sexy, slut, roleplay.
duration 21:46
Your Sister Needs A Favour video from Fiona Dagger
Your Sister Needs A Favour by Fiona Dagger Your sister comes into your room looking really upset, and tells you she's discovered that her boyfriend has been cheating on her for a year, with her best friend! She's furious and humiliated and you try to comfort her, before she tells you that she wants to do something to get back at them. She wants to make her boyfriend think that she's been cheating on him the whole time too, by sending him some pictures of her with another guy! The trouble is, she needs to send them quickly so that her boyfriend will believe that she had them ready - if she just goes out on the town looking for a guy to sleep with and take pictures, her boyfriend will guess that's what she did and won't believe her that she had them from before. Besides, she doesn't want to have to go and find a stranger to fuck... She says she knows it's a huge ask, but could you maybe help her take some pictures..? She says you don't have to do too much in them, they can just be like lingerie shots of her but with your hand or maybe your cock in them... Just so that her bf is convinced that she's been messing around behind his back too. You're understandly not keen on this idea, but your sister begs you, saying would you rather she went out to find a stranger?? You say no, of course not, and reluctantly agree to have your hands and your cock in the photos. Your sister is so grateful, and immediately strips down to her lacy red lingerie, getting you first to take some pictures of her on the bed, and then asking if she can just like, hold your cock, or maybe put it near her mouth as if she's going to suck it....You take some photos like that, trying not to think about how hot your sister looks, before she asks if maybe she could just suck it a bit, just for the photos? You want to be helpful so you say yes, and she starts sucking your cock.... You're feeling very weird by now but you can't help but get super turned on as your sister sucks and licks your cock while you take photos. You find it harder and harder to concentrate on the task of taking pictures, often ending up just enjoying the blowjob for a while until she reminds you to take pictures again... It's feeling so good that by the time your sister asks if you could maybe take it one step further and take some pictures with your cock in her pussy, you find yourself agreeing readily... Your sister bends over on the bed and peels down her panties, and you're surprised by how dripping wet her pussy is as you slide your cock in and begin to take some pictures! It's even harder to remember to take photos now, but your sister also seems distracted and isn't reminding you as much, instead moaning and breathing heavily as you begin to fuck her harder and harder... You're getting quite carried away when your sister suddenly stops you, and for a moment you worry that you've gone too far, but to your surprise your sister tells you that she's got an idea - her boyfriend always wanted to put it in her ass and she never let him, so if she had some photos with your cock in her ass that would be sure to really piss off her boyfriend! You can't believe this is happening as you slowly slide your cock into your sister's tight virgin asshole, and your sister seems to love it, saying she should have done this ages ago, it feels amazing! You quickly snap a few pictures and then focus on fucking your sister's ass, with your sister starting to furiously rub her clit as she pants and moans beneath you. It's not long before your sister cums, and you just about manage to hold onto your own orgasm, asking your sister if she's sure it's alright if you cum - you don't want things to feel weird between you... But your sister tells you to go ahead and cum, you deserve it after helping her out so much, and she begs you to cum all over her ass so you can take one last photo of her ass covered in cum to send to her dickhead boyfriend!
duration 22:55
Please, Don't Evict Us!: Two PornStars Suck Your Cock & SnowBall Your Cum To Pay For Rent with Anastasia Rose & Stephie Staar video from Conor Coxxx
Please, Don't Evict Us!: Two PornStars Suck Your Cock & SnowBall Your Cum To Pay For Rent with Anastasia Rose & Stephie Staar by Conor Coxxx Anastasia Rose and Stephie Staar have had a long day, and want to try out a new sushi place. The two decide to take Stephie’s car, and head out of the front door. As they are walking out of the house, Stephie finds a note shoved into the door. The girls realize that the letter states they are 45 days late for rent, and they are being evicted. They are both shocked, and confused on what to do. If they don’t come up with the money tonight, they will be evicted tomorrow morning! Anastasia grins, and looks at Stephie. “We are porn stars, we can bribe him or something.” Stephie is hesitant at first, not thinking a blowjob will cover over $2,000 in late rent. Anastasia quickly picks up her phone, anyways, and calls the landlord to see if she can work out some kind of “deal”. She makes an agreement for Mr. Coxxx to come over at 8pm, not even discussing what form of “payment” they plan to provide. Stephie is shocked as Anastasia hangs up the phone. “What happens if he doesn’t take dick sucking as a form of payment?!” Anastasia smiles, “Everyone takes dick sucking as a form of payment.” The girls decide to put in it the back of their minds for now, and they go out to get sushi. Anastasia and Stephie are now sitting on the bed. Anastasia is wearing a sexy blue bikini and Stephie is wearing a green one. “Thank you Mr. Coxxx for coming over and fitting us in your busy schedule.” They get right to the point, and ask to give their landlord a blowjob in exchange for this past months rent, and possibly the next. “We are professional, so it would be worth every penny.” They girls go on about how great they are with their mouths. Stephie begins to crawl over to your lap, and pulls out your cock. Anastasia crawls behind Stephie, and unties her top. The girls begin to makeout and kiss as Stephie is playing with your cock. “You know what’s great about being a pornstar? I can lick her pussy anytime.” The two girls begin to please you with their mouths. Anastasia licks and sucks on your balls, as Stephie deep throats your cock. “Isn’t she so sexy?” The girls giggle, and admire how big your dick is. Anastasia rips off her top, as Stephie continues to suck your cock. Anastasia deep throats your cock, while Stephie plays with your balls. The girls makeout and kiss while they suck your cock. “Maybe we can do this every month!” The girls tell you they have huge orgies all the time, and they can invite you and make sure you are “taken care of”. Stephie pushes her breasts together, and starts to stroke your cock with her big tits. Stephie turns around, and shows off her ass as Anastasia plays with it. “Look at this yummy, delicious, spank-able ass.” Anastasia strips off Stephie’s bottoms, and Stephie strips off Anastasia’s bottoms. Anastasia licks and plays with Stephie as Stephie plays with your cock. Stephie pushes Anastasia’s tits together, and strokes your cock with them. They take turns deep throating your cock, until you cum all inside of Anastasia’s mouth. Anastasia passes your cum over to Stephie’s mouth, and the girls take turns snowballing each other… passing the cum back and forth. “I think we earned the next couple months of rent for free.”

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