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duration 20:31
Girlfriend Gags on Your Cock and Squirts video from Molly Darling
Girlfriend Gags on Your Cock and Squirts by Molly Darling Phew this vid is packed with soo much I didn’t even know what to call it! Originally a custom video but has been reuploaded with the name edited out. ***If you don’t fancy reading the novel, here is a short version of the video contents. Strip tease, POV deepthroat, Cum countdown with facial, Fucking myself until I cum and squirt multiple times, cum on bush close up, very sloppy deepthroat static shot, final facial shot with cum countdown. **** If you do love a good in depth description then this one is for you! You finally have come over to your long distant girlfriends house. She’s got a surprise for you. She’s been growing out the bush that you’ve always wanted her to have. She starts to strip and tease her ass. She’s pulls her panties down and there is that little bush that you’ve always fantasied about! It gets you hard almost instantly. Now she says she’s been practising something.. do you want to see? Change to POV style and she starts to suck your gigantic cock.. it’s so big she really struggles to get it down..she starts gagging and tears roll down her cheeks. You can try contain yourself and you want to explode all over her face! She tells you to wait, that she will count you down from 10. You blow a huge thick load all over her face. Think you’re finished? Not even close! Now its her turn. She lays back and say she says wants that big cock inside of her. You fuck her hard until she cums, then cums again and again, squirting everywhere. Now you’re ready to blow again and she tells you to cum all over her bush. Close up shot of thick cum all over her bush and pussy. She’s still hungry for more of your cock and wants it back in her mouth.. what incredible stamina you have. This time she tells you she’s really going to push herself. She deepthroats your cock, gagging, spluttering and spit pouring from her mouth down onto her body. She wants your cum one last time on her face again. She counts you down from 10 again and close up shot of the facial.
duration 10:09
The Peeping Tom video from AnnSulu
The Peeping Tom by AnnSulu You've been staying with us while you're going through some trouble. In my bedroom, I just got home from shopping...bought some new bras and panties. I try them on, checking out how they look and feel. I start to get a little horny from trying them on. I start to get naked and start touching myself. Just starting to get into it when I hear a noise in the hall.

Scared because I thought I was home alone. I look and find you standing there. Trying to cover up my body with my hands and asking what you're doing and telling you that you scared the shit out of me. Then I look closer and I realize that you've been jerking off watching me.

It's not the first time I've caught you perving on me. Checking me out when I'm in a bikini and I also know you've been stealing my dirty panties. I didn't want to say anything to my guy, but spying on and jerking off is too much. I tell you that I'm going to tell, but then when I see how hard you are I kind of get a little turned on and flattered. I'm still really horny so I tell you to keep going wanting to see how big you can get.

I start playing with myself again and tell you that we should cum together. I tell you we have to hurry because the husband's on his way home from work. I encourage you telling you I wish you could stick your dick in my ass, between my boobs and especially in my hairy pussy. When we both can't take it anymore I'm screaming and cumming really loud and telling you to shoot your cum all over me. We both cum really loudly and right then I hear his car in the driveway.

I start to panic and run around putting on my clothes and telling you to hurry up and get downstairs so I have time to clean everything up. I know he's really jealous and already doesn't trust me.....

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