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Cheerleader's 10 Minute JOI Challenge video from MsCakes
Cheerleader's 10 Minute JOI Challenge by MsCakes Custom vid (no names used). We're hanging out at my place after school and decide to play a game of truth or dare. When it's my turn, I pick dare, so you dare me to make you bust a nut in 10 minutes or less. I laugh and accept your challenge, saying that I can easily do it without even touching you. I tell you to take off your pants and show me what I'm working with, and I'm pleased to see that your dick is bigger than I expected. I tell you to spit in your hand to get it nice and wet, and then start slowly running it up and down your cock. I lift up my cheerleading dress and give you a good look at my tight ass and perky tits, since I happen to not be wearing any panties or bra underneath. Although I love teasing and toying with you, the clock is ticking so it's time to get down to business. I grab a realistic dildo and use it to show you exactly how I want you to jerk off for me. I get it covered in lube and spit and tell you to start stroking a little faster for me. I show you how to work one hand up and down the entire shaft while using the other hand to rub and massage your balls. I can tell you're trying so hard to hold back, but can't because it feels way too fucking good. Just imagine if I were to give you a blowjob... you probably wouldn't even last 5 minutes! Of course that's never gonna happen, but you can go ahead and dream as you watch me lick and suck the dildo expertly. I taunt you as you struggle to outlast me, but we both know you're no match for me. It's pointless to resist, so you might as well surrender to the feelings of pleasure. Since you've been following all my orders like a good boy, I decide to let you nut all over my pretty face. I tell you to come closer and point your dick right at me. I give you a countdown from 10 and then open my mouth wide as you bust a huge nut all over my face, tongue, and even my cheerleading uniform. Ha, I told you that would be an easy challenge for me! I have to admit, that was pretty fun... but now, I believe it's MY turn to ask you: Truth, or dare? ;)

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