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duration 14:46
Seduced By Poison Ivy & Used For Her Pleasure video from Clarabelle Woods
Seduced By Poison Ivy & Used For Her Pleasure by Clarabelle Woods Eco-terrorism at its finest, Poison Ivy has captured you (a hapless water filtration engineer) and brought you back to her plant-filled lair, where you lie in a stupor, thanks to one of her many herbal poisons. As you begin to come- to, she lets you in on a little secret: Gotham's demise is nigh and you will be the missing piece in bringing down the city she's held in contempt for so long. Human greed and destruction have gone too far and a clean slate is the only remedy. Luckily, she's been concocting the perfect poison for just such an occasion and you, convinced by her concoction, will tell her exactly where to place it in Gotham's water supply. Once you've told her everything she she needs to know, she tells you about another side effect of your int xication: that poison is a powerful aphrodisiac and once it kicks in, she intends to have her way with you, one last fuck before the entirety of Gotham is gone forever. She teases that if you fuck her good enough, she just might let you live and keep you as her sex slave, so you do your best to fuck her good and hard (not that you have any choice with that poison running through your veins...). She rides you hard, talking dirty about your cock, dangling your life over your head, threatening to cum and then leave you with blue balls while she goes off to poison everyone else. Fantasies about an post-apocalyptic life in the clutches of this sex-crazed super-villain swirl through your mind, but the truth is far more mundane: she cums, decides to let you cum as well and then grants you the most merciful exit of all:, her sweet kiss.
duration 20:14
Hotel Sex Selina Kyl fucks Ramona Flour using a strapon for the first time video from Selina Kyl
Hotel Sex Selina Kyl fucks Ramona Flour using a strapon for the first time by Selina Kyl The bodacious busty Ramona Flour comes to visit Selina Kyl who’s been waiting to have her way with Ramona! It’s Selina Kyl’s first time fucking someone with a strapon! She takes Ramona to a hotel where she binds Ramona up with rope and a ball gag so she can ravage her curvy body. Selina starts by massaging her tits and slapping them around a little bit as she works her way down to her pussy. She pulls Ramona down to the floor where she makes her start sucking her strap-on! The way she chokes on it while Selina watches is super cute. She gags on it so much that she drools all over the place. Selina takes her by the mouth and leads her to the bed so she can finger fuck her to get her ready to take her strap-on! Ramona gets choked by Selina as she thrusts into her, fucking her tight, wet pussy which turns her on so much that she begs to see Selina’s tits bouncing as she fucks her. Selina fucks Ramona so good that she can’t help but moan and let out little screams as when she gets fucked harder which makes her cum super hard. Selina flips her over and teases her pussy from behind so she can fuck her doggy style which makes for some good fishhooking with her mouth! Selina then blows her load all over Ramona’s ass and face. Selina eats the cum off of Ramona Flour’s ass as they wind down from that crazy moment. Watch these curvy thick tattooed redheaded cuties bone!

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SelinaKylSucks 2017

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