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duration 12:43
Cheating with the Babysitter video from Ellie Rowyn
Cheating with the Babysitter by Ellie Rowyn Hi! Can you see me ok? Is there a reason you needed to video call me on the computer? Usually your wife takes care of all the scheduling for babysitting, but you're telling me that I need to come over right now. It sounds pretty quiet on your end, so I'm pretty sure you're home alone. I finally get you to admit that you are alone after all and just wanted to have me to yourself. Well...I think this is a pretty good time to talk about your little "problem"; all the babysitter porn on your desktop. So how about this, I won't tell your wife about that or about this, as long as you stroke your cock for me while I masturbate. I tease you for a while, slowly taking my clothes off. Talking about how I'm so much hotter than your wife. And once I'm done with you, all you'll be able to think about is me. Anytime you have to fuck her, it won't be her you're thinking of. When she's not at home, I'll make you fuck me over and over again, doing anything I want. I tell you how to stroke your cock and get you right to the edge of orgasming, but you're not allowed to cum until I do. As I finger my wet pussy hard, I talk about how much I want your cum inside of me. How much I want you to put a baby in my belly. I cum all over my fingers. Now it's your turn. I tell you to stroke faster and faster, imagining just how much fun we'll have together. I give you a countdown and then tell you to cum all over my tits. This was a custom video! Order your's by submitting a BTO. Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, cheating, homewrecking, homewrecker, home wrecker, babysitter, stripping, striptease, strip tease, ass, ass fetish, fingering, finger fucking, impregnating, impregnation, pregnant, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, freckles, dirty talk, joi, jerk off instruction, cum countdown, blackmail
duration 24:08
Doctor Wants Your Body video from Fiona Dagger
Doctor Wants Your Body by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is a medical fetish roleplay. It starts out very slow and soothing with ASMR vibes and gets gradually more sexual!) You're going for your yearly general check up and your doctor starts out by soothingly questioning you about your health and habits, before performing simple tests on you such as listening to your heart and lungs, checking your eyes and ears etc. Once she's been through the basics she asks you about your family's history of skin cancer and suggests she check over your body for anything that looks out of the ordinary. You remove your shirt for her to look over your torso and she seems impressed with your body, asking you to remove your trousers as well so she can check your legs. She gets gradually more and more flustered as you stand before her in only your underwear, and she asks you to remove those too so she can have a really thorough check, just for your peace of mind. She insists that she'll remain completely professional but you get the feeling that she's actually quite excited by having you naked in her examination room! She shyly suggests that there's another test she could perform; she could do some manual stimulation of your penis for you to check everything is working smoothly there, and you agree. She puts on latex gloves and begins to stimulate you, asking you questions about your sex life, and after a while admits that she's become quite excited and thinks she will struggle to focus on her work after this. If you wouldn't mind, would you possibly consider helping her out and fucking her quickly in the office, so that afterwards she can get back to work with a clear mind...? Of course you say yes and she gets up on her desk so you can fuck her, quickly bringing her to orgasm and then cumming in her pussy. She thanks you and suggests you don't leave it so long to come back for another check up - you can come back and see her any time!
duration 20:16
Cheerleader Loses Virginity to a Monster video from Delphoxi
Cheerleader Loses Virginity to a Monster by Delphoxi t's homecoming and the sweet, popular, beautiful head cheerleader finds a note in her locker. It says to meet her in an empty classroom after the big game tonight! She's so pumped about this because the handwriting on the note looks like it belongs to her crush!! She rushes to the empty room after the football game and waits for her crush to appear and take her virginity! It will be the PERFECT HOMECOMING! She waits and waits but her crush doesn't show. She assumes he's busy with his teammates celebrating the big win but she's sure he'll show and take her virginity after his celebration. She continues to wait but she's so tired after cheering so hard at the game. She decides to lay down and wait for him. She drifts off quickly. She wakes to find her ankles bound, her tits out and her skirt lifted! "wow, I didn't realize my crush was this kinky!!" She looks around for him and notices a dark figure in the corner of the room. "That must be him", she thinks to herself! She calls to him and tells him that she is ready for him to take her! She's so excited that this is finally going to happen, but when the figure emerges from the shadows the innocent little cheerleader is TERRIFIED! It's not her crush! But instead a massive, disgusting, demon-like creature! She freaks out and whines! She's terrified of this beast! She realizes that there are more monsters lurking in the back of the room. All with their huge monster cocks out! She cries, NO NO! Please don't fuck me! I've been saving myself for my crush!! But the monster doesn't care! It wants her sweet virginity !! She can't believe she was foolish enough to be lured and fucked her by a monster! The beast has it's way with her, filling her up with their enormous loads as she protests!The monster will take what it wants from her!
duration 12:24
Babysitter Wants Your Cum video from Ellie Rowyn
Babysitter Wants Your Cum by Ellie Rowyn Have you heard from your wife yet? It must be so difficult being quarantined separately from her. I feel kind of bad that we got quarantined together, but...there was something I wanted to talk to you about. It's a little personal. Before all this corona virus stuff started happening I was planning on trying to get pregnant. Now, I obviously can't go to a sperm bank or anything. I also know you have needs and it's been a while since you've seen your wife. So I thought maybe...trying to make a baby could be a good distraction? Just think about it! I know you've been staring at my ass in these yoga pants. I'm ovulating today which means I'm extra wet and extra horny. Wouldn't my young, wet, fertile pussy feel so much better than your hand? I start stripping and can see it's having an effect on you. Can't you just admit that you want to fuck me? No one has to know. And I'm sure if you told your wife, she would understand! You're just helping me out and you have needs. Being quarantined sucks as it is. So how about you come over here and I'll give you somewhere to put your hard cock. As you slide your cock into me I tell you that this is exactly what I needed. Doesn't it feel so good to have a purpose right now? To bring some good into this world by putting a baby in my belly? We fuck in a couple different positions before I ask you to fill me up with all your cum. I want your baby so bad. Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, pregnant, impregnation, impregnate, pov, pov sex, hairy, hairy bush, redhead, babysitter, nanny, cheating, homewrecker, home wrecking, quarantine, isolation, corona, corona virus, virus, tattoos, tattoos, ass, ass fetish

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