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duration 13:47
Daughter Has No Choice video from Jason King
Daughter Has No Choice by Jason King This video starts with my step-daughter (played by hot babe Raquel Roper) sitting on the her ass doing nothing. I complain that she's 19 years old and still living at home and say she needs to start looking for her own place or paying rent. She complains that she doesn't have a job and can't afford to do either. I know this little slut has been "paying" for for some time now, and since we're not really related and her step-mother isn't around anymore I suggest that she start "paying" rent some other way. She gets grossed out and tells me off before storming out of the room. The next night I walk in on Raquel as she's getting ready for bed. She starts to freak out at me seeing her in her panties and covers herself up, but I tell her I want to talk to her about what happened yesterday. She initially thinks I want to apologize, but I have other plans. I push Raquel onto her bed and pin her down. I start kissing her and burying my face in her large breasts while telling her that I won't tolerate her talking back to me and that if I say she's going to pay rent, then she's going to pay rent. I now have Raquel stripped completely naked with her wrists locked in leather cuffs and padlocked to a leather restraint belt around her waist. Her cuffs are also locked to chains which are locked around the bed legs keeping her in place. To keep her tight pussy accessible I have her ankles locked in leather cuffs and locked to leather cuffs on her upper thighs, keeping her legs tightly bent. She whimpers "No Step-Daddy" as I start fucking her on her own bed, but I've lived with this girl long enough to know that she's a huge slut. Once I get her over this idiotic idea that we shouldn't fuck just because I was married to her step-mother for three months six years ago she'll be happy to be getting dicked down. After a few minutes of intense fucking she's still crying "No Step-Daddy". This isn't good. I know I can't finish until I bring her around or else she might do something bitchy like call the cops on me once I untie her. I start thrusting her more slowly and playing with her tits trying to get her aroused enough to get over herself and start enjoying the sex. I don't have much luck until I pull her hair and hear her whimpers start to give way to a quick moan of ecstasy. Having finally found her trigger, I yank her hair back hard and start fucking her as hard as I can at the same time. Her cries finally change from "No Step-Daddy" to "Yes Step-Daddy". As I spend the next 5-6 minutes fucking my nineteen year old step-daughter hard she comes around completely, I ask her if she likes being step-daddy's little slut and she cries "yes". Once I finally blow my hot load all over her she agrees to keep paying rent weekly. Not that she has a choice.

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