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duration 7:45
Shoe Fetish Therapist video from Lizzie Daniels
Shoe Fetish Therapist by Lizzie Daniels This was originally a custom order. "I would love it you'd be a therapist, a shoe therapist. You are friendly, encouraging, coy, and enjoying yourself as you smile a lot. I like the camera angle in the dangling and tapping clip as we can see your shoe on the floor, your shoe on your crossed leg, and your face :) Could you have your shoe on the entire time, no dangling, unless only a very little bit. There is a white mailing envelope on the floor and it has STEVE in big letters. It is being stepped by you :), tapped on, and overall is at the mercy of your shoe, but you act as if you are completely unaware of the envelope. (To me, the symbolism is that you are stepping on ME!) You do some shoe sounds including tapping, scuffling, scraping sounds, and any other shoe sounds on the floor. The sounds wouldn't be the primary focus, but very noticeable however. So you are a sex therapist and you have your first shoe patient ever, STEVE, that is supposed to come for his first visit. He is late and since you're new at the shoe aspect of sex therapy, you casually read (or make believe you're reading) a few articles and read aloud some interesting points on your phone. You keep showing the bottom of your shoe very often. Also, if you can balance your shoe on the floor on its heel, it would be very erotic as if would be like poking ME with your heel, AND seeing the bottom of your heel - and then the lovely sound when you lower your shoe - would all be amazing to me!!! Some article ideas could be: "Having a shoe fetish is much more common than people think, and it is actually quite normal." Note that you smile as if you are discovering new and fun ways to think of men who have shoe fetishes. "It might have started in school when a pretty girl kicked a boy in the crotch and then when he fell down, she planted her DIRTY shoe sole on his crotch and rubbed it under her shoe as if to show her dominance. And his dirtied pants reminded him all day of how nice that new experience felt." "Or at the football game while the girl was sitting on the side of the bleachers with her beat-up and dirty Mary Jane shoes as she was swinging her legs in a kicking action when she called over the boy to "talk" knowing that he would be too shy to say anything as she kept kicking him in the crotch with each swing of her leg for over 5 minutes! That is actually a very common game that girls like doing." "If the wife or girlfriend indulges her shoe play upon the man, then he will be extremely loyal to her - and what lady wouldn't want that?" "The lady feels empowered and special that her man reveals his vulnerability of his shoe fetish with her." "Shoe fetish fun can be done anywhere such as at the restaurant under the table as a well-place dirty shoe sole upon an unsuspecting crotch will be sure to have him COMPLETELY focused on her for the rest of the evening." These are just some ideas you might insert into the clip, and can be done as you're reading from the phone, it'll see like you're reading them from trusted therapy sites :) So it turns out that he never showed up. But you are not upset because you have learned more about shoe fetish and now wondering if you yourself would enjoy teasing men yourself! So when he finally does show up at rescheduled session, you'll be ready for him and he will be in for a big surprise! At the end of the clip, you smile and say that I will be pleasantly surprised when we finally do meet - and look forward to a LONG and rewarding therapy treatment "program"!"
duration 22:45
Hairy & Literary Goth Reads Jack Kerouac Aloud to You While Masturbating - Torn Pantyhose, Clit Stimulation, Magic Wand, Stripping video from MeredithTourmaline
Hairy & Literary Goth Reads Jack Kerouac Aloud to You While Masturbating - Torn Pantyhose, Clit Stimulation, Magic Wand, Stripping by MeredithTourmaline The best nights are the ones when we stay up all night reading to one another, telling personal stories, asking questions about the universe, and stimulating one another's minds... Not to mention our bodies. In this video, violet-haired goth sweetheart Meredith Tourmaline reads aloud to you from Jack Kerouac's Beat classic, 'On the Road'. Jack is staying up all night with Neal Cassady, aka Dean Moriarty... The brilliance of being alive, of feeling and traveling and doing and talking. The dream, the escape, the road. Meredith Tourmaline is seen on the hardwood floor, book open almost as wide as her legs. She is half-dressed when you arrive, wearing torn black tights, a t-shirt printed with the first cover of Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar, pale plum underwear, and black garter with straps. As she reads, she rubs her clit through her underwear, her golden-strawberry untrimmed pubic hair showing through the edges. She removed her black t-shirt to reveal a pale pink lace bra gracing her small, soft tits. Then she takes out her Magic Wand, making her body shiver and shake, smiling with pleasure. She pulls her underwear aside to show you her wet pussy, and you want to reach out... The vintage paperback lays flat between her hairy legs. She peels off her lace bra and plays with her small tits, her pale and erect nipples. The Hitachi cord wraps itself between her toes... Her whole body quivers, and she's almost screaming... Come spend the night...
duration 17:31
Pig Nose (Custom) video from Goddess Aaliyah
Pig Nose (Custom) by Goddess Aaliyah Custom Nose Play:You and an awkward short friend are waiting in your room for a ride outside to pick you guys up. As you guys wait in your room you notice him staring at you the whole time. You rudely tell him to stop staring and suddenly your nose begins to itch. When you rub your nose you ask him if theres anything in there pushing your nose up. You quickly find out his arousal of your nose and begin to tease him by playing with it. You start off by relaxing your lips and pushing the tip of your nose up like a pig at him. Next you pinch your nose and stretch the tip to make it longer and some eye crossing. You tell him how much fun it is of his arousal by playing with your nose and every time he tries to speak you just tease him more by making a piggy nose at him. (oink occasionally) While you continue to make silly faces he then begins to start getting embarrassed and angry. You mock and shht talk him calling him little piggy and sticking your tongue out at him and command him to oink for you. You tell him if he doesn't she will embarrass him to their friends. As you instruct him to oink continue to call him little piggy and continue to make silly eye crossing, nose pinching and pig noses at him until your ride arrives and picks you guys up. 1080p HD, audio. Keywords: brat worship, internet princess, Goddess Aaliyah Worship GAW, Female domination, Femdom, Ebony Femdom, Ebony Mistress, Ebony Goddess, arrogant woman, bratty black babe, bratty goddess, cock tease, purple hair.
duration 15:52
Meredith & DD R'Moan - Real Couple - Fingerbang & Blowjob, Squirting Multiple Times While Sucking Cock, Anal Sex in Front of Open Window video from MeredithTourmaline
Meredith & DD R'Moan - Real Couple - Fingerbang & Blowjob, Squirting Multiple Times While Sucking Cock, Anal Sex in Front of Open Window by MeredithTourmaline Dressed in nothing but a t-shirt, tattoos revealed, my boyfriend, DD R-Moan fingerfucks me briefly before I get on my knees, strip, and take his hard cock into my mouth. POV shots show me looking up at him as I suck, wearing my round glasses, my deep purple hair all mussed up. His lithe body and jutting hipbones turn me on, sucking his cock makes me wet. He leans forward to spank my plump ass, and I wiggle for him, my butt cheeks jiggling, before he brings the camera back to my mouth on his cock, messy with spit.

He turns me around, fucks me from behind, moaning, holding his breath, each thrust feeling more and more intense. He passes me the camera, and I raise my ass high. He pulls my messy hair and spanks me. We're in a cute mood, both of us smiling and laughing a lot as we play with one another's bodies. He pulls out and I suck his cock again, then I bend over for the camera, close-up between my cheeks, and with his cock still in my mouth, he fingerfucks me until I squirt - my pussy juice is plentiful and glistening, showering upon my sheets and pillowcase, soaking the edge of my bed. Each time I think I've stopped, think I'm emptied out, he makes me squirt again, and I squirm and giggle. My cum keeps dripping down my thighs. DD R'Moan spanks my pussy and my ass cheeks as I pick up the camera to show how much I've stained the bed.

I suck his cock again, in front of my bedroom window, curtains open on a sunny day. He bends me over and fucks me in the ass, my small tits jiggling for the camera. He leans forward and slaps my tits, french kisses me as we fuck. And then he chokes me as we fuck, and picks up the camera for close-ups of his cock in my ass.
duration 15:01
Condom Cuckold video from DojaBrat
Condom Cuckold by DojaBrat your wife and you have an arrangement that seems to work out quite well for the both of you. you provide and keep everything in order for the two of you. your wife on the other hand likes to go out spending your money and picking up men all night. it's easier this way for you... there's no pressure this way. sometimes she comes home and completely ignores you but sometimes you get lucky. tonight is one of those nights. she stumbles into the room and plops down right in front of you. she talks about her night and how she met this one guy with a really big dick. she talks about how amazing he was and about how she fucked him all night long. tonight is extra special though because in the middle of her talking about how good it felt getting fucked she pulls out a cum filled condom. "I grabbed it just for you", she says. your little dick is rock hard as she smirks her evil grin towards you. you know her and you know she's got something completely evil and naughty up her sleeve. "put it on", she says as she tosses the condom in your direction. the cum in the condom is still warm as it slides over your cock. you can feel it running down your shaft, down to your balls as you squeeze it trying to keep it on. you can't believe how far this has gone but you can't help but love every minute of it either. you continue to listen to her brag and boast about her sexual escapades. the precum dripping out of your pindick as you eagerly hope for some sort of release. you know if you play by her evil rules she just might let you cum.

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