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On a Boat: Big Cock Fucks Pussy After Public Birching video from KinkyCuntboy
On a Boat: Big Cock Fucks Pussy After Public Birching by KinkyCuntboy We are at sea, among islands with a lot of houses and boat traffic. My man’s cock is already out when I pull my white undies down and bend over the bow exposing my yearning-for-birch big ass and submissive pussy. My man gives me the birch while stroking his big cock. It’s my first public birching on a boat. Both from the shore and from other boats people can see me disciplined. First my husband birches my big bare globes, and then also my furry horny pussy. The birch on my bare ass stings and I try to get up a couple of times, but my husband pushes me back down to receive my punishment. After the spanking my pussy is aroused. I bend over with my big bare ass spread and raised up, and masturbate my pussy in front of my man and whoever else is watching. Boat sex follows. Bent over the port side, with undies down, I receive a big hard cock in my needy furry pussy. The long dick fucks me so deep from behind you see me jumping up while speared by the rod. ..And the vid has a cheeky open ending - the boat is nearing a bridge, with me still bent over the port side, and a man is approaching my insatiable cunt :P TAGS: big cock, big dick, uncut, public outdoor, outdoor, at sea, sea, boat, boat sex, public sex, ftm public, trans public, public, outdoors, ftm, transman, trans, hairy, hairy pussy, hairy ftm pussy, man pussy, man with pussy, black hair, ftm sub, sub, ftm fucked, ftm fuck, fuck, hairy pussy fuck, public fuck, birching, outdoor spanking, spanking outdoors, spanking, birch, ftm bdsm, submissive, real couple, bdsm, real bdsm couple, birching at sea, public birching, public spanking

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