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duration 8:16
Guess What?  Sister is a Slut. SexPOV video from ErosArts
Guess What? Sister is a Slut. SexPOV by ErosArts I knew my step-sister was getting ready to go to a rave dressed all slutty. If she wanted me to not tell mom and dad where she went when they got home, I was going to get something in return. Oh, and I did! She said that she didn’t like it when she could see my cock swelling in my pants. I could tell she liked it. I wanted to take her to pound town, but she said that she was saving her pussy for the guy that she was seeing later. If that guy only knew what she did before she even left the house that night. She pranced around in her slutty little bra with her tiny titties almost popping out, lifted her skirt to show me her tight young ass in her g-string. She acted so reluctant at first, such a slutty little brat! Made me so hard! She took my cock out and stroked it while on all fours her ass in the air. She acted like it wasn’t turning her on. As if she were repulsed. I knew better. She couldn’t help it. She wanted me deep in her mouth and I was going to give it to her. She took off her bra to show me her tiny hard pink nipples sitting on her firm mouthful tits. She sucked me hard and deep. Slurping, gagging and drooling on it just like I like it. Then with her pretty little hands, grabbed me firmly and milked my hard cock until I cam in her hand. Such a slutty Step-sister. Too bad I told mom and dad where she went as soon as they got home. Now she’s grounded and stuck in the house with me for the next two weeks. Hmm wonder what we will do to pass the time? This video is soft core Virtual Sex - no actual sex.
duration 19:28
The Creampie That Blackmailed You video from BlackxRose92
The Creampie That Blackmailed You by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "You receive a call from your friend and you have a discussion about setting up here husband and your like no problem. Your friend wants him gone, just removed from her life so she can have everything but is not sure how. That is where you say to her you have an idea to get rid of him permanently, Angie say I don't want to go to jail rose. You tell her no Ill put him in jail just leave it to me!!! you say your sure and will make him disappear tonight for sure. You need to get him there to your pace and fuck him then make it look like he forced himself on you. you smile and say I'll make it happen.. When I'm done with him hell be away for ever.

I arrived and you invite me in you talk to me and tell me how much you have wanted me for like ever. I'm like cant believe it so you totally seduce me in that rose way and lead me to the bed room. You smile at me as I have no idea in a few hours I'll be in jail. You have me start to undress as you watch me.

You kiss me a lot and tell me you want me to fuck you. I'm like I really shouldn't but have wanted to for like ever. So you go down on me and look up at me as you take me in your mouth and get me hard and tell m to say I want to fuck you and I want to fuck you hard. I'm like real nervous and you kiss me and tell me I should be as your a dangerous woman and you smile at me as you say anything goes with me if you fuck me you will be risking everything its up to you. as you lay on the bed and spread for me to see.

I have to think and you say stop thinking risk everything come and fuck me. I finish taking my clothes off and as about a condom. You tell me not happening. You tell me that is the risk you tell me I fuck you I am to cum in you hard no condom. You say you could get pregnant or you could tell everyone we fucked including your wife and maybe the cops and the DNA is the proof. You look at me and say you want me don't you.. I'm like yes then fuck me and risk it. I ask why would you tell the cops and you ignore me and tell me to forget that and you pull me toward you and kiss me.

you tell me put it in you. I'm rock hard you get impatient tell me sternly to put it in you and fuck you.. so I do and you smile at me knowing I'm fucked now.. you we are missionary and you tell me to fuck you as you like it rough and want it that way you tell me not to stop no mater what you say as this is your thing.

So you say all sorts of things like omg it hurts and smile. we move together and you lean up and kiss me and bite me and are like wanting it rougher ... tell me to cum... then you tell me no no a few times and smile like your kidding. yell as you start to have an orgasm knowing what you are doing setting me up to get rid of me for your friend. ask me I'm close

I start to cum and you smile and tell me to give it all to you. As I finish you smile and kiss me then push me off you and tell me to get dressed as you sit there and all of a sudden play the victim. You inform me of what just happened and your serious. Tell me that you warned me and that you will now leave to go turn me in. Then tell me to leave and as I do you tell me to stop begging that I deserve whats coming to me and you plan on seeing me locked away for ever for what I did etc.. warn me how serious this is and that you plan to see it through till I'm away and never get out. I don't leave and you grab the phone and say leave now you get a head start or I call now and I leave. You call my wife and tell her its done and how by nights in you expect me to be in jail and you will make sure I never get out.. Then tell her you have some more stuff to do before you make the call. You hang up and smile because he is now fucked for life!!!


Sort of saw this in a movie and thought when I saw you that you looked a lot like the actress. Anyway so I added a few things and open to you totally improvising of course. I think if don the right way is can be so devious that two women can put a man away and rid of him using his weakness for your sweet nectar as way of putting him away for ever. "
duration 11:10
Horny Sister Wants To Play Truth or Dare - TabooPOV video from ErosArts
Horny Sister Wants To Play Truth or Dare - TabooPOV by ErosArts My step-sister came home for the first time since she went off to college. I've always thought she was so hot. Older than me, girl next door,intoxicating giggle with long silky hair and full natural tits that I’ve jerked off thinking about more times than I can count. I didn't know if we would talk about "it". Our secret games we would play. But she took no time at all bringing it up. She loved Truth or Dare after our parents went to bed. I would sneak into her room, things would heat up and she would dare me to show her my cock. I never did it because I was a scared little shit. Well I've grown up and she wants to relive the good old days and play again. Game on sis! She dared me to pull my cock out. She was so impressed and a little surprised how big it is She asked me to dare her to do something. I told her to put it in her mouth. She was so eager and happy to shove it down her throat. Giggling and moaning as she sucked and gagged. She stops and Dares me to put my cock inside her wet pussy. Wasting no time, I had waited years for this I pound her from behind. So hot, tight and wet. Her meaty ass pushed up! I flipped her over on her back like a real life fuck toy. Watching her tittes bouce, my cock was too big for her to handle on her back. She flipped over and winced with pleasure as I slam my concrete hard shaft deep inside her from behind again until I pull out right before pouring my hot load inside her. I can't wait for our next step-family gathering. Good luck explaining to our parents why you're walking funny later. This clip is virtual sex Starring Becky LeSabre
duration 14:31
Blackmailed Into Impregnation video from BlackxRose92
Blackmailed Into Impregnation by BlackxRose92 Custom video: " It's like POV fantasy pregnancy vid made to feel real.

you dressed very much like you were in the last video You tell me you want me to make love to you. you kiss me and insist on no condom. you undress and are naked and tell me to do the same you know im married and you dont care you want me and want me to leave my wife for you. you make me lay down and you reach down and put me in you slowly and then move makeing love to me you lean in and kiss me tell me you are in love with me.

Then you tell me not to cum yet you lay down and pull me on top of you. were missionary now and face to face practically (This would be a close up shot of your face as were making love and moving together. I will see only your face or head shot laying down as we move and you kiss me)

You tell me to thrust in you and you can tell I am close so you tell me to cum in you deep.. Im reluctant and you tell me Im getting you pregnant or you will tell my wife for real. so you warn me again and I agree you kiss me and say cum and get me pregnant im ovulating.. So we make love a bit and I cum an as you feel it you yell out (You use my name several times in this)

You make me stay on you as you talk to me about how pregnant you will be and how we will need to be married and need to tell my wife or you will.

Then you tell me to get up and you have cum on you coming out and you prop your legs up to make sure the cums stays in you.

Then I lay next to you and we are side by side and you tell me you love me and will be so happy to have my pregnancy.. Kiss me again and then its the end.

Im looking for this to be the best virtual sex ever based on how great you do your vids I thought this would be cool to do. Like the best realistic virtual ever.

I think the face to face is important like real missionary as we move together, if that makes sense. "
duration 13:15
Secret Gay Sex Bet with Your Roommate and Messy Orgasms video from Bunnie Hughes
Secret Gay Sex Bet with Your Roommate and Messy Orgasms by Bunnie Hughes You come home to find your roommate playing videogames in the living room. He's got no pants on, dick hanging out, and he's losing pretty terribly. You've just been fired from work, so you're home early and he wasn't expecting you. You exchange some sarcastic, flirtatious jabs and eventually he calls the local pizza shop and orders dinner. On a whim, you tell him you have a crush on him, and have always wondered what it's like to be with a man. He teases you but tells you no, that you need some experience before you can handle a rough ride like him. But eventually you ask him enough times that he agrees to a bet. If you can make him cum before the pizza arrives, he'll pay for the pizza. If not, you pay for dinner for the rest of the month. The video is shot from your point of view, and is meant to be a reality sort of situation. The sexual activity starts with you giving him a blowjob, then moves to him fucking you in the ass -- and it doesn't stop there ;) Can you make him cum before the pizza arrives? I hope you love this video. If you do, give it stars! If you don't, DM me instead and let's talk about it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Final note: please keep in mind I am FtM and plan on transitioning in a few years, but for now the dick and balls used in the video are a prop, and I wear a binder to hide my breasts. If you are a FtM-exclusive gay or bi person please keep scrolling. If you are a straight man who wants to tell me not to transition, don't waste your time or mine.

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