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Blackmailed Into Impregnation video from BlackxRose92
Blackmailed Into Impregnation by BlackxRose92 Custom video: " It's like POV fantasy pregnancy vid made to feel real.

you dressed very much like you were in the last video You tell me you want me to make love to you. you kiss me and insist on no condom. you undress and are naked and tell me to do the same you know im married and you dont care you want me and want me to leave my wife for you. you make me lay down and you reach down and put me in you slowly and then move makeing love to me you lean in and kiss me tell me you are in love with me.

Then you tell me not to cum yet you lay down and pull me on top of you. were missionary now and face to face practically (This would be a close up shot of your face as were making love and moving together. I will see only your face or head shot laying down as we move and you kiss me)

You tell me to thrust in you and you can tell I am close so you tell me to cum in you deep.. Im reluctant and you tell me Im getting you pregnant or you will tell my wife for real. so you warn me again and I agree you kiss me and say cum and get me pregnant im ovulating.. So we make love a bit and I cum an as you feel it you yell out (You use my name several times in this)

You make me stay on you as you talk to me about how pregnant you will be and how we will need to be married and need to tell my wife or you will.

Then you tell me to get up and you have cum on you coming out and you prop your legs up to make sure the cums stays in you.

Then I lay next to you and we are side by side and you tell me you love me and will be so happy to have my pregnancy.. Kiss me again and then its the end.

Im looking for this to be the best virtual sex ever based on how great you do your vids I thought this would be cool to do. Like the best realistic virtual ever.

I think the face to face is important like real missionary as we move together, if that makes sense. "

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