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duration 10:58
Magic Lipstick Makes Me Ditsy and Horny video from Amber Adams
Magic Lipstick Makes Me Ditsy and Horny by Amber Adams I'm so hot for this guy, but he'd paid no attention to me and I couldn't figure out why. I mean, I was tall, athletic, pretty, smart. There's only one problem I could think of... my boobs were existent. So, I figured that must be why he's been rejecting me. In a desperate attempt to get him to fall in love with me, I went to a fortune teller's shop and she gave me a magic lipstick. She told me if I apply it at night, I will wake up the object of his desire. Sitting in front of my mirror, I read the label: "Apply the night before, become his fantasy the next morning". I apply the lipstick in my mirror, hoping that it will work. I'm hoping my boobs will be huge since I'm tired of looking pre-pubescent. "Or maybe I'll get taller", I think out loud. I admit that over everything, I hope I lose 10 pounds. I know either way he's gonna wanna die for me tomorrow. I'm so excited for the results. In the morning I wake up under my blankets and get excited once I remember I applied the lipstick the night before. I pull the blanket back and see that I have huge tits! "He is gonna love these!" I say. I pull the blanket back even more and freak out because my once tall, slim figure is now chubby and short. I get out of bed quickly and stand in front of a full body mirror (my camera). I don't understand why the lipstick didn't give me the results I expected to get. I'm shorter and fat! He may like the tits, but I continue to complain about my new body since I think the rest of my body "cancels out" the good set of tits. My butt is huge, my stomach is popping out, gross armpit hair, and my once smooth hairless pussy now has a full bush! I go to say that my pussy looks like it needs a weed eater, but it starts becoming hard for me to remember the words. In fact, it feels like I'm getting stupider by the second. "Why can't I think?Like, I can't like think right now." I say. I start to ask myself an easy question: what's 4+4? But I don't know! I try to name some flowers instead, claiming I was"never good with numbers anyway". I'm extremely ditsy and dumb at this point. I say roses and daisies which was hard enough to remember even though they are common flowers, and give up because thinking with my stupid brain makes my head hurt. I step on the scale. I used to weigh 120, but when the scale says 165 I'm in shock! I'm so stupid, fat, stubby and hairy that I feel like I might cry! "There's no way he'll want me now". I'm so hungry, I can't eat anymore. If I eat one bite of food I know I'll get fatter! I'm so hungry though. I refuse to stay like this, I need to change back! I try to think of how I can change back and remember the lipstick! I feel like a genius. I put more on. I say I'm gonna close my eyes and when I open I'll turn back to normal. I did and nothing happened, I'm still the same! I'm such a stupid ditz, that's not even how the directions work! As I find myself becoming more ditzy, I also feel myself becoming hornier. I keep feeling on my body, not being able to stop myself from pinching my nipples because it feels so good. At this point I decide I'm going to call my crush and ask him what his ideal type of woman is. As I dial in his number, I also want to masturbate really badly. I decide that I can do both at the same time. At this point my IQ has dropped below 80 and every hormone in my body is screaming for primal sex. I touch myself in a horny frenzy, not being able to control myself from digging deep into my pussy with my fingers and rubbing my clit. He answers and I try to control my moans and gasps as I ask him what he likes in women. My eyes roll to the back of my head as I hit the sweet spot in my pussy over and over again. He admits he likes short, thick women. I am really surprised. I ask him what about hairy girls, armpits and pussy. I have to nudge him a little and he finally admits that it drives him crazy. I'm even more surprised now! As I continue to finger my soaked pussy uncontrollably, he tells me I sound different and cuter for some reason. When I hang up it finally hits me... I have become the woman of his dreams! Apparently he likes them horny, too.
duration 55:48
Fucking My Cute & Curvy New Neighbor Eliza Eves - Flash And Smash For Cash - Teen Skater Rides Nude video from Filthy-Fuckers
duration 57:00
Daddy gives in to his little girl video from Brea Rose
Daddy gives in to his little girl by Brea Rose ROLE PLAY CUSTOM VID. I love my daddy so much and i have tried for years to tease him and get his attention. I get him alone in the living room and tease him by telling him about the feeling i get down below when i think about being with my daddy. I ask him if he's noticed how my body has developed recently. Daddy can't take it anymore and has to rush off to the bathroom. A few days later i sneak into the bathroom while daddies in the shower and surprise him when he gets out. I tell him that its ok for a daddy and daughter to feel that way and i begin to take off my sports bra and show him my boobs. I tell him that i've noticed the bulge under his towel and i know that he gets turned on by me. I convince him to let me see his big cock and then take it in my hand. Daddy can't take it anymore and lets me get on my knees and suck his cock for the first time. I then pull down my leggings and show daddy my pussy. He is about to put his big cock inside my pussy and take my virginity but then mommy calls us for supper. A few days later mommy is on the sofa so i decide to dress up in some of her lingerie and heels, and do my hair and make up like a big girl, i know daddy won't be able to resist me. I go into daddies bedroom and show off my outfit to him, he tells me he knows thats mommys outfit as he bought it for her but she never wore it. I tell him that i have been watching him and mommy for years and i know that she doesn't satisfy him. Daddy can't take it anymore and he is finally going to fuck me and fulfil all of his desires that his wife never manages to fulfil. I lay down on the bed and suck daddies cock again, i then lay back in missionary and daddy fucks my pussy taking my virginity, his big cock stretches my tiny little pussy so wide! We fuck in various positions and then he bends me over into doggy and tells me he wants to fuck my ass too. I'm scared at first but i want to make daddy happy so i let him! Daddy took my anal virginity too that night! We keep fucking until i tell daddy i don't care if he gets me pregnant, then he cums deep inside his little girls pussy ;) INCLUDING: role play, age play, dildo creampie, dirty talk, daddy/daughter, teasing, anal, dildo riding

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