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Sexy, slim blonde Missy Luv hardcore fucking with Erik Everhard video from Only3x Network
Sexy, slim blonde Missy Luv hardcore fucking with Erik Everhard by Only3x Network "Slim, sexy blonde Missy Luv was preparing for her the hardcore action later on and she is excited. You can see on her face the excitement it brings having a scene with the one and only Erik Everhard. Watch as she sports a double ponytail hairstyle, fits right into what she looks like, a horny teen. The gorgeous brunette Amirah Adara is around to support her and discuss her preparations later on. But voila! Missy Luv looks fantastic on her skimpy pink outfit. This blonde is also wearing sunglasses with a “Bitch” label on it. She is sporting short shorts and a full-body fishnets, highlighting her slim figure. Missy Luv is finally teasing in front of the camera and she is upstairs doing it in a bedroom. She is at the white sofa bed and she loves showing off her outfit of the day or what the millennials called, her #OOTD. This chick gives us a surprise as she is not wearing underwear and immediately exposes her tight teen pussy. Besides that, she got her small tits that is what we remember for and it was so fucking luscious. Watch her as she is about to start making out with the well-hung stud Erik Everhard. She moves on in front of Erik, kneeling in front of him as she reaches on his pants with his manhood. She didn’t waste any time and starts blowing him like a hungry whore.  Watch her little mouth doing so much effort despite that cock’s width. Her tongue and her thin lips did a great job making it hard as fast as possible and Erik wouldn’t waste any time either as he let her spread her legs wide for him to lick that sweet pussy. Once she gets wet, the two start fucking each other and the first position is a missionary. These two are going to fuck it as rough as they can as both can easily hold their sexual desires for a long period of time. It was a hard fuck for Missy Luv as she got choked and devour that thick cock right into her tight cunt. She is still wearing her fishnets outfit and doesn’t even bother to remove those as she loves what she is getting. Missy Luv starts doing it on top and this time the session gets harder and faster. You can see Erik’s dick disappearing right into our very eyes as it goes so deep inside of her pussyhole. It was a nice view not to mention the view of her petite naked body and her goodies. You can see how wet she is thanks to her partner’s size. Missy couldn’t even count how much orgasms she got that time. They go do the doggystyle position and that was a perfect position for this chick if you want to experience the tightness of her juicy cunt. Sooner you will get to see Missy Luv as she opens her mouth wide. She wanted Erik Everhard to start fucking her mouth. She would love to taste his cum and feed her cum hunger. Watch that jizz starts spraying inside her mouth and it overflows for a bit. Missy, being naughty starts playing that load inside of her before swallowing it all with no hesitation.a"
duration 22:02
Ebony Shaves Off Her Hairy Pussy - CUSTOM video from Rose
Ebony Shaves Off Her Hairy Pussy - CUSTOM by Rose CUSTOM VID You’re sitting in your bedroom with your legs spread open and while you’re playing with your hairy bush and pulling on your pubes, you explain to me that you’re single and that you’ve been fantasizing about me, and you think I’m a really handsome white man. You tell me how much you love your hairy bush and why you like it, but that you’re going to be shaving it completely bald for me because you want our first time together to be perfect and you don’t want any of that pussy hair coming in between us. You explain that you’re a little sad about shaving it all off, but that you’re also kind of excited about it at the same time. You get out your razor, shaving stick and a bowl of warm water and you shave your hairy pussy completely bald while you continue to talk and smile at me. Once you’re all shaved, you’re still sitting there with your legs spread wide open; the remaining time of the video is about me enjoying your new bald pussy while you smile back at me. You tell me how bad you you want my white cock inside of your black pussy now that you’re all smooth and clean shaven for me. You stick some fingers inside and then afterwards, give your shaved pussy nine spanks and then open it up for some more gaping. You then move your hands out of the way for a completely unobstructed view of your bald pussy. [During this video, I get one 40 second closeup while you’re still hairy, and another 40 second closeup after you’ve been shaved, but throughout all the rest of the video, your face and pussy can be seen at the same time. Also, lots of talking and smiling and making eye contact with me; say whatever other sexy thoughts come to mind.] Tags; Hairy Bush, Hairy pussy, Black & ebony, Closeups, Shaved pussy, Dirty talking, Ponytail, Shaving, Pubes, Pussy shaving, Hairy armpits, Hairy, Ebony pussy, Long hair, Nude, Naked.

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