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duration 26:24
Lexie of Oxford video from Jay Kennedy
Lexie of Oxford by Jay Kennedy Lexie greeted Andy in pink lingerie – boy did she look hot! She showed Andy through to the bedroom and they sat and chatted on the bed. Andy was keen to get started so he got undressed as Lexie showed off her booty. Mighty fine it is too! Andy quickly got his hands on it. “Wow you’ve got a sexy arse” he told her. They kissed then Lexie got on her knees and removed Andy’s hardening cock from his underwear. Lexie suggested he move to in front of the mirror and then she gave him some amazing OWO. Lexie’s reviews are correct she is so good at giving a blowjob. Andy was speechless enjoying the sight of this hot babe swallowing his cock. Lexie removed her pink lacey bra to reveal a lovely pair of 32D enhanced tits. She carried on with the blowjob much to Andy’s delight. “Can’t wait to taste that pussy” said Andy. “Let’s get on the bed” replied Lexie. She removed her shoes and asked Andy to help her undress so she was totally naked now. They moved into 69. “You ready for a condom?” asked Lexie. He sure was. She sorted one out and then hopped on top to ride his hard cock. My word Lexie is good on top! She really works it and knows all the positions. She even squat fucked without being asked – amazing as that’s a tough position to maintain. Andy was loving this punt. Lexie really is very good at her job. Lexie turned around on top so Andy could enjoy her bottom. “This is a good view” he noted. He grabbed hold of her arse cheeks as she pumped up and down on his penis. What a great fuck! “Can I spank that arse?” asked Andy. “Yea go for it” replied Lexie. Lexie suggested they switch to doggy and Andy readily agreed. “It’s one of my favourites” said Lexie. Andy entered her pussy again and banged away. “Pull my hair if you want” suggested Lexie. Wow awesome – Andy jumped at the offer and did just that. He fucked her hard for a good few minutes, but then needed a little breather, so they sat together on the bed. Lexie asked Andy where he wanted to cum when he was ready to finish. He decided on CIM. Lexie removed the condom and they discussed where she was touring next which happened to be Walsall. The session resumed with another blowjob. Well she is so good at them! Andy was soon rock hard and he told Lexie he wanted to fuck her again. They decided on mish. Lexie sorted out a condom and spread her legs wide. Andy stepped up and pushed his cock home. He pumped away enjoying that sweet pussy. Andy pulled out and licked her out. He switched it to spoons. He felt her tits as he fucked her. He encouraged Lexie to play with herself as he fucked her. He was getting close now. It was not long before he was ready for CIM. He pulled out, Lexie removed the condom and started sucking him as he knelt up on the bed. “Let me wank that cock for you” said Andy. Lexie played with his balls and her own pussy. It did not take long for Andy to shoot his load into her open mouth. She sucked every drop out of him. “That was a proper cum in mouth” said Andy. Followed by a “Thank you”. It had been an excellent session from an awesome escort who is very good value for money. Highly recommended.
duration 30:49
Staring At Younger Pussy video from DestinationKat
Staring At Younger Pussy by DestinationKat You're at a resort with your wife. While you're in the gym, I walk in in just a tiny thong and a top and begin doing some workouts right in front of you. I know that you're watching me, but I pretend to ignore it for a bit and continue showing off. As time goes on, I interact with you more and more, eventually asking you to hold my legs down for me while I do some crunches, giving you a very close up look at in-between my legs. I decide I'm done and leave, satisfied with how much I've teased you. The scene then switches to you and your wife using the sauna. She tries to tease you and show you up her towel. You don't notice and while she doesn't say anything, she gets annoyed and gives up trying. I enter the room and ask to join you (twin style editing- both characters are played by me!). Your wife says sure, but you can tell she's not happy about it. I sit down and relax with my legs spread (a few close ups of my pussy are spliced in as you stare at it). I eventually remove my towel. Once your wife notices she freaks out, but lucky for me, it's clothing optional in the sauna! You continue to stare at me and your wife begins to notice more and more. Eventually she can't take it any longer and gets upset with you. After storming out, we're finally alone. I lay back and you come closer for a better look of my pussy. I make small talk and mention how it's my last day, but I'd love if someone could throw a little extra money my way so that I can stay a bit longer! When I go to leave, I give you my room number in case you want to be that generous person who helps out. I could use some help with some other things too ;)

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