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duration 6:04
Real Discipline: Part 3- Wooden Paddles video from Dani Sorrento
Real Discipline: Part 3- Wooden Paddles by Dani Sorrento In this video "Taken to Tears Twice" there are 3 major breakdowns of punishment. The first one was me taking two straps on my already sore bottom. The second clip here was two out of the ordinary punishments- an intense mouth soaping and a hard hand tawsing. The final part is me taking some hard swats with two different wood paddles. This is a real punishment video that Universal Spanking and I shot after a serious of other spanking clips. My butt and thighs are already bruised and sore from not only some clips shot early that day and days before, but from just minutes ago with the two leather straps I got. My mouth is also burning from the soap and my hands are sore to the touch from the tawse. Now I have to take some hard hits with the dreaded wooden paddles. It was supposed to be 6 of each, but I earned an extra swat and it ended up being 6 with the one with holes (aka the lighter one) then ending with 7 from the thick solid one (aka the heavy one). I get full hard swings that nearly bring me to tears right away, but I contain myself until I get to the final strokes. I am bawling by the time we are finished. You get to see the real effects the punishment has on me as I feel such a relief once the discipline is over. Aftercare is super important, so we talk a little and then he rubs some lotion into my skin to soothe it. Though I will still be sore for a long time after, at least days! (serious punishment, real discipline, paddling, wood paddles, wood paddle with holes, solid thick wood paddle, bubble butt, swollen booty, bruised, thick thighs, round ass, big ass jiggling, butt cheeks bouncing, tears, reaction cam, corporal punishment, real tears, painful spanking, spankdani, universal spanking, naked female, tall and curvy, big tits, tattoos, red hair, long hair, part 3 of 3 series of clips, crying fetish, butt fetish, spanking fetish, punishment fetish, lotion fetish, lotion up big booty, @UniversalSpank) (video will also be posted on Universal Spanking's clip sites and please make sure not to purchase this video if you have on his sites)
duration 11:23
Daddy's Painful Punishment Take Over video from Dani Sorrento
Daddy's Painful Punishment Take Over by Dani Sorrento **WARNING** Heavy bruising and truly painful discipline content. I am at home, playing with my mother's sex toy when my dad comes home early. He catches me in the act and I try to hide it, but instead he tells me to put the toy back on my pussy. I am confused and embarrassed, though that doesn't stop my daddy from punishing me right then and there. He has had enough of me taking their stuff and just being plain disrespectful. So he feels like my mom's spankings are too soft on me. I plead for him not to punish me, but he convinces me to do it his way. I keep the hitachi on my clit as he lifts my legs up. My bottom still sore from my last spanking, he uses the strap on my sit spot making me cry out immediately! I think it can't get worse, but he grabs the bath brush next. My butt is so sore and I know its gonna hurt, but daddy doesn't hit my butt this time. Instead, my poor sensitive thighs get the harsh hit of the bath brush. Turning my thighs a bright purple as he continues to spank them. I then am told to take off my panties and flip over onto my knees to continue this spanking. Making sure my butt doesn't feel left out, he uses the bath brush on them as well before ending with the hard clear Lexan paddle. I am begging him, saying I'll do anything if he stops. Of course I'll do anything he says, from now on we do it his way....(Adult Role Play, Daddy/daughter, punishment, severe corporal punishment, embarrassment, pussy play, vibrator, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, red hair, barefoot, size 11 feet, legs up position, hard spanking, crying and whimpering, lingerie, leather strap, wooden bath brush, heavy bruising, tattoos, discipline, curvy girl, long hair, g-string, Universal Spanking, Dani Sorrento, multiple cameras, multiple positions, @UniversalSpank) (video is also posted on Universal Spanking's clip sites and please make sure not to purchase this video if you have on their sites)

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