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duration 21:27
Cumming Like Crazy / Mild Dirty Talk II video from Bailee Blunt
Cumming Like Crazy / Mild Dirty Talk II by Bailee Blunt *Full Preview Here: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/931043/Cumming-Like-Crazy-Mild-Dirty-Talk-II/

A second video where I cum myself silly using my new toy - a hitachi! Find my other "Cumming Like Crazy" video using a womanizer here: https://www.amateurporn.com/baileeblunt/cumming-like-crazy-mild-dirty-talk-i

I tease you in an all-black outfit that includes a choker necklace, crop top, crotchless / backless panties and sheer thigh high pantyhose. I spread my pussy and start gently playing with myself within the first minute of the video, spending another moment riding and bouncing on top of two of my fingers before stripping off my shirt straps to show you my bare shoulders and tits. I turn around so you can see how cute my panties are, giving you a great view of my pretty pussy and asshole. Next, catch a glimpse of magic as my shirt disappears off my back! [Not actually - keep an eye out for my MV Crush membership to launch to see a funny wardrobe malfunction clip I cut out and much more ~ coming soon!] I shake, spank and spread my ass a bit before going face-down-ass-up to finger fuck myself for a couple minutes. I sit up to lick and suck my wet fingers, rub my clit again for a second then move on to my hitachi. Feeling super frisky, I get close to the edge too fast and pull back to position the hitachi over the inside of my thighs and up to my nipples before I reach my first orgasm. I spread my pussy a couple of times after I cum and pull the top of my panties down for a second to reveal my hairy bush hiding underneath. Turning around again, I put the hitachi directly underneath me, grinding and humping the vibrating head, at times going hands free [watch my butt twitch and twerk with the vibrations!] I lean forward into a 'doggy position' and cum again hard, leaving me super sensitive, sweaty and out of breath. Going face-down-ass-up one more time, I use my hitachi on the highest level which essentially blasts me in to outer space. I writhe and wiggle around while keeping the hitachi on my clit until I cum once more and can't take it anymore. In a state of complete satisfaction, exhaustion and fucked up hair, I spread my pussy a little bit more to show you how wet and sensitive I've ended up. Lots of eye contact and mild dirty talk throughout.
duration 20:32
Black Lace Lingerie Set - Meredith Tourmaline in Bra, Panties, Thigh-Highs & Garters - Fingerfucked at her Writing Desk by DD R'Moan video from MeredithTourmaline
Black Lace Lingerie Set - Meredith Tourmaline in Bra, Panties, Thigh-Highs & Garters - Fingerfucked at her Writing Desk by DD R'Moan by MeredithTourmaline Dressed in a lingerie set gifted from a fan, Meredith Tourmaline sits in the purple swivel chair at her writing desk, with DD R'Moan at her knees. He pulls her black lace underwear aside to reveal her hairy pussy, begins rubbing her clit with his deep-sea-green painted thumbnail. Meredith smiles and moans, watching him from her bespectacled hazel eyes. We glimpse visions of the black ribbon bows on her lingerie. Her hair is long, side-shaved, deep violet. Make-up-less goth, round glasses, pale skin, countless tattoos. Camera pans between close-up shots as DD R'Moan fingerfucks her hairy pussy, playing with her soft, beautiful muff, then looks up to watch the expressions on her face, the way she winces and moans with pleasure, looks down to watch and then makes eye contact, too. When the camera turns, we see that beautiful, long-haired rocker boy DD R'Moan is wearing a black leather collar with silver ring, eager to serve. He is naked aside from his collar, smiling, as Meredith wraps her thighs around him. Black pantyhose and, okay, fluffy kitten slippers. He pinches her clit with one hand as he fucks her with the other. And then he leans in between her legs to use his tongue, too... She musses his long hair as she films, her pubic hair glowing golden at his lips, his tongue. His fingers glisten, her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She squirts all over his hand, squeaky giggles unable to be held back. DD R'Moan plays with the clear, sticky cum between his fingers - but only for a moment, 'til he's fingering her again. Because Meredith Tourmaline always insists on coming multiple times. (Yes, she makes him lick it up.) In close-up shots, Meredith spreads her pussy lips and pulls the hood of her clit back, exposing even more sensitive nerves for DD's mouth and fingers, and for the viewer, too. And then DD R'Moan gets down on his knees. Meredith wants one more exquisite, shattering orgasm... Well, at least one more!

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