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Your daughters shy friend video from XxNaughtyGirlxX
Your daughters shy friend by XxNaughtyGirlxX Your Daughter's friend walks in much to your surprise in a skimpy little bikini !! Its a little awkward, your daughter isn't home for a few hours. She tells you that they have plans to go to a l party, but it's no big deal, she must have got caught up at the mall. You invite her in to wait like the gentleman you are. It's just you two in the house and you start to make small talk, but you can't help but notice her womanly curves as she sits in that skimpy bikini. She sure has grown up alot lately and you can't help but have wandering eyes. She starts to feel a little embarrassed as she notices you check her out. She sheepishly asks you if she looks okay to which you tell her she looks beautiful. She blushes.. you are so sweet. She tells you how she's grown alot in certain areas lately and shows off to you. You've known eachother such a long time and now she's giving you a raging hard on. This is so weird... and so wrong. She notices the bulge in your pants and asks if it's for her.. she tells you she's always wanted to lose her virginity to an older man. You are so horny you feel like you are going to burst and cant resist her subtle hits anymore. You lean start licking and sucking on her beautiful breasts. You lay her down to taste her sweet pussy for what is the first time for her and get her extremely wet. Virgins get wet so easy, right? Now she's this turned on.. it would be rude to not give her , her wish of losing it to an older guy .. a hot sensual fuck before your daughter is home. The sweet release is much needed. roleplay, taboo, stockings, microbikini, oldermanyoungerwoman, shy, embarassed female, creampie, blowjobs, ass, ass fetish, dirty talk, squirt, squirting, femaleorgasm, solo female

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