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duration 8:26
Smoking With Titties And Pussy video from BlackxRose92
Smoking With Titties And Pussy by BlackxRose92 Good morning! I know you want to join me for our wake up routine, so I've got some smokes for us to share together as we prepare to step into the shower together. Would you like to sit beside me and chat, or did you have something else in mind? I can see that you're really horny today, so I allow you to focus on my breasts while I start smoking. All natural and just woken up, you can see how I lazily exhale towards your face, giving you a slow grin. It's warm, but not hot, so my pierced nipples are perky as I let you sit and worship my cleavage from an underboob view. With each thick, slow exhale, I savor my gentle wake up smoking. Are you ready to join me yet? No, I can see that this has only riled your lust up even more, so I let you see that I'm sitting legs crossed and entirely naked. You can see barefoot housewife MILF feet that are pedi ready for this afternoon, but I have to uncross my legs before I let you worship my pussy while I finish smoking. I know it only takes you a few minutes to shower, so I let you worship my pierced pussy as you gaze up at me past my hairy bush, giving me time to finish my smoking first. Some of my exhales are through my mouth, lips pursed and pointed right in your face, but others go slowly through my nose, leaving curling trails of smoke to wrap around your face in airy kisses while you worship my pierced pussy and all natural MILF tits. Barefoot, naked, all natural, and smoking, I let you sit in this candid behind the scenes intimate moment of my every day morning routine, letting you feel how sensual my wife experience is with your naughty smoking wake up call. With copious views of my tits, pussy, barefoot, legs, and lots of up close smoking POV to give you all the kinky intimacy you need to get a jump start on your day with a horny housewife MILF. Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 21:36
Girlfriend Cures Your Morning Wood video from MsCakes
Girlfriend Cures Your Morning Wood by MsCakes Good morning babe! Did you have a nice rest? So did I, but of course it’s always even better waking up next to you! *kiss* Oh my… were you dreaming about me? Must’ve been a really naughty dream, cuz that’s quite the tent you’re pitching right now! Well, you know I’m always happy to take care of your morning wood, and be your breakfast in bed! I’ll start off by stroking it slowly while I unbutton my pyjama top to give you access to my tits. Go ahead and kiss them and suck on my nipples to get them nice and hard. I love how hard your cock feels in my hand, but now I wanna taste it too. Mmm, you know licking and sucking your cock is my favourite way to start the day! It’s getting my pussy dripping wet, so I take my pj pants off to start fingering myself while I continue worshiping your dick with my mouth and tongue. Then when neither of us can take it anymore, I lay on my back and tell you to slide your cock inside my wet pussy. You fuck me in missionary position, starting off slow but quickly picking up speed as I put my legs up on your shoulders to let you get deeper. Then I get on top and start riding you in reverse cowgirl, since I know how much you love seeing my ass in this position. I use my favourite vibrator to pleasure my clit while I ride you harder and faster. After awhile, I turn around so you can see my pretty face and tits again while I continue riding you. I just love talking dirty and making out with you as we both get closer to cumming. I keep riding you hard and deep until you cum deep inside my pussy while I cum all over your cock. I get down and lick you clean, savouring the taste of my cum and yours covering your cock. Aaah, what a perfect way to start the day with you, my love!
duration 13:55
The Nympho Glitch: Housewife To Horny Hot Wife video from BlackxRose92

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