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naked grateful affirmations in the rain video from Kactus Kutie
naked grateful affirmations in the rain by Kactus Kutie it was a lovely rainy day so i decided to get naked and go outside to enjoy it! i absolutely love the smell and feel of the rain. i started walking around my backyard, feeling the wet grass under my feet and the droplets of water falling on my skin. i was feeling super connected to the earth and the universe, so i spread my arms open and started voicing all the things that i'm grateful for! that made me feel so happy that i started jumping around in some puddles, doing a couple of cartwheels and running and jumping around my backyard! i then said some lovely affirmations about my wonderful body. my mind, spirit and body felt so happy and connected so i ran around some more, getting all wet and frolicking under the rain! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TAGS: katnip, ohhaikitty, kactuskutie, tattoos, tattooed, tattoo, purple, colored hair, petite, pale, skinny, small boobs, boobies, tiny titties, girl, female, feminine, topless, all natural, bush, armpit hair, hairy, bangs, thick eyebrows, white, smile, sweet, innocent, smile, cute, adorable, babe, babygirl, baby girl, innocent, princess, sweet, giggle, laugh, butt, booty, ass, caucasian, american, USA, america, tattoos, tattoo, naturally hairy, hairy girl, hairy bush, smile, cute, butt, booty, ass, armpit hair, hairy armpits, piercings, bangs, closeup, close up, puss, belly, belly button, natural, au naturale, all natural, hairy legs, hairy body, hair worship, bush worship, asshole, hairy asshole, butthole, thighs, hair, fuzzy, nails, meow, little, sweet talk, describe, hirsute, hirsutism, outdoors, outdoor, outside, nature, trees, tree, grass, plants, plant, sky, exhibition, exhibitionism, exhibitionist, risky, public, sneaky, sneak, risk, risky, ecosexual, eco sexual, natural, mental health, happiness, happy, spiritual, spirituality, mindful, mindfulness, self-care, grounding, anxiety, depression, consciousness, mantra, gratitude, grateful, gratefulness, appreciation, thankful, inspiration, inspirational, motivation, motivational, pure joy, ecosexual, outdoors, mother nature, rain, raining,

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