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duration 8:32
Cuck Roleplay I Let Him Use My Pussy pt2 video from 420sextime
Cuck Roleplay I Let Him Use My Pussy pt2 by 420sextime [Custom Video] This is part two of a two part series. The first part includes the intro and dialogue, this part includes the sex scene. My boyfriend has recently caught me undressing and noticed my soaked panties and cum dripping down my legs. I admitted that I've been seeing my older-friend who recently divorced and that he's been lonely and sexual frustrated. I explained that I let him use my pussy to jack-off with - similar to a fleshlight except that he's using my pussy instead. I allow this man to cum inside of me even though I always make my boyfriend wear a condom because I am not on birth control. This man's cock is way bigger and thicker than my boyfriend's penis AND he leaves massive healthy loads of cum deep inside my pussy so I'm worried that he might impregnate me. My boyfriend and I come up with an agreement that he'll help me clean up all the man's cum after he fucks me. I want to be open and honest with my boyfriend so I invite the man over to use my pussy while my boyfriend watches. I reassure my boyfriend that it's no big deal, there's no kissing or romance.. I just lay still, spread my legs, and he fucks me with his huge cock. After he's done, he's leaves a huge thick creamy load of sperm in my pussy. I ask my boyfriend to help me clean it up as the man leaves. Includes: cuckolding roleplay, amateur acting, creampie, cum in my pussy, boy girl sex scene, big cock, uncut, uncircumcised, cheating, affair, medical therapy sex, missionary sex, clean up, cumshot cleanup, close-up cumshot
duration 13:50
Tricking Him, Impregnation Condom Sex video from 420sextime
Tricking Him, Impregnation Condom Sex by 420sextime Roleplay: He's always been so against getting me pregnant. But I want his cum deep inside my fertile pussy. As usual, he asks me to put a condom on his cock after I finish sucking him off. I try to convince him not to use the condom but he insists. I prefer the feeling of his dick deep inside me without the latex barrier, but he won't fuck me without it. I finished sucking his dick, I unroll the magnum condom onto his fat cock and we start fucking in doggystyle and missionary. I keep reminding him how much nicer this would feel without the condom and that I want him to cum deep inside me even though he's wearing the condom. After he cums, he removes the condom and I tell him I'll hold onto it while he goes to clean up. I wait for him to leave the room before I empty all his cum onto my pussy. I try to scrape every last bit out of the condom before fingering myself with his sperm. I finger fuck my pussy, trying to push all his cum as far into me as possible before he comes back and notices. He should have known not leave me alone with cum. He'll never know what happened. Tags: impregnation fetish, dirty talking, boy/girl, real couple, magnum condom, condom sex, big condom, big dick, big cock, uncut cock, uncut dick, amateur, condom fetish, unprotected sex, fertile, sperm, semen, cum, creampie, finger fucking, fingerfucking, fingering, finger bang, missionary, doggystyle, blowjob, cock sucking, brunette, small tits, roleplay, fetish, and imposed impregantion
duration 29:19
Trans Girl Hookup Anal BJ Vibrator video from Sophie Ladder
Trans Girl Hookup Anal BJ Vibrator by Sophie Ladder Natalie Stone and I are new roommates moving into the Trans Roommates house, and she notices something odd; it seems like everyone else in the house is constantly fucking! All the sex is making us horny too, and we do want to fit in at our new house… Natalie and I start making out, sensually kissing as we rub up and down each other’s bodies. We strip revealing Natalie’s small tits and my big round ones. I pull down my panties and Natalie starts sucking my cock. I grab the back of her head and guide her warm mouth around my cock. I feel so good that I want to return the favor, so I suck on Natalie’s little girlcock. Natalie moans in pleasure as I suck all over her dick. I love eating ass so I dive right into Natalie’s asshole, tonguing her nice and deep. She moans as I continue to eat and lick her beautiful warm asshole. I want to fuck her now, so I have Natalie flip over onto her back and slowly slide my hard cock into her tight asshole. I fuck her nice tight ass, thrusting my dick in and out. Several different camera angles on the action as Natalie holds her legs up and I fuck her. She feels so good that I don’t want to stop, but I do want to return the favor. I take out my vibrator and start massaging it up and down her little dick, peeling back her foreskin to put the vibrator directly on her cock head. Next we get back to fucking in doggystyle. I slide my hard cock into her tight asshole and pound her from behind as she moans in pleasure. I continue fucking her ass and moan about how fucking good it feels. I cum hard into Natalie’s ass, and spread her asscheeks to show my white cum dripping out of her asshole. We cuddle on the bed for a minute before another roommate knocks on the door to say hi. Also includes 2½ minute post-scene interview. Keywords: tgirl, trans girl, trans woman, tgirl on tgirl, trans girl on trans girl, anal, anal sex, ass eating, analingus, blowjob, vibrator, doggystyle, doggy, missionary, trans, transgender
duration 12:16
Asia Rivera Creampied by her Mom's Boyfriend video from Bigsexy Films
Asia Rivera Creampied by her Mom's Boyfriend by Bigsexy Films Asia's Mom and Mom's boyfriend Peter were in town to check out her new college. Asia went over to her Mom's hotel room to work out. When she got there, her Mom wasn't ready, so Asia went into the bedroom. No Mom. But she did find Peter lying in bed with a tentpole in the blanket. He had a hard on! She couldn't help by be intrigued! She pulled back the sheets, and there it was, his morning wood. Asia started stroking it. Peter stirred, and she dropped to the floor, hoping he wouldn't wake up. He didn't. She pulled off her clothes and started masturbating. She couldn't help herself. She got herself worked up and decided to go for it. No way he'd resist her if she started sucking his cock, right? So she stood up and started sucking. But she wanted more, and her and her Mom were about the same build, so she climbed on top of him and stuck her pussy in his face! He woke up, thinking his girlfriend wanted a little morning 69 action. It wasn't like her, but hell, they were on vacation, maybe she decided to try something new! He had no idea it was Asia's pussy in his face. Asia wanted that old man cock in her 18 year old pussy, so after blowing him and getting him hard, she scooted down his body to rub her pussy on his cock, then she sat up to put it in. This is when it finally dawned on Peter who was about to ride him! He saw her hair, different than her Mom's. Holy fuck! Neither one of them were interested in stopping, though, and so they started fucking. Hopefully her Mom wouldn't return in the middle of it! She didn't, and Peter gave Asia a big healthy morning creampie... Production Notes: Asia is a new, 18 year old porn model. I got to shoot with her before she signed with one of the agencies. She is awesome!

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