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duration 14:58
Ashley Ford Gets a Quickie Creampie! video from Bigsexy Films
Ashley Ford Gets a Quickie Creampie! by Bigsexy Films Not interested in watching a 25 or 30 minute scene? Just want to get to the action? Then the Quickies may be for you! They have been cut down to 15 minutes or less, and they feature more POV angles than the full cuts. And because they are shorter, the price is lower, too! (If you want to watch the full scene, great! You can find it by scrolling down, and down, and down, lol, it's one of the first clips I uploaded. Or I guess you can search for Ashley...) This quickie gets right down to business. Ashley Ford strips out of her sexy bejeweled (there really is no other word for it!) bra and skimpy g-string and, unable to resist her sexy body, I started sucking on her perfect nipples and licking her wet pussy. After licking and fingering her, I asked her to suck my cock, and being a horny little thing, she did as asked, sucking my cock and my balls. But she wanted to get fucked. She turned around and rode my bare cock for a while, reverse, so I could see her amazing ass. Then she laid down on her side, and as I was fucking her, I just had the hardest time not cumming. I actually partially nutted in her pussy, but held off the full nut, and kept fucking her. You can see my cum all over my cock and her pussy as I fuck her. Then she rode me in cowgirl. Her pussy was so wet with my cum and her juices. After she pulled off, I told her to lick me clean, and she hungrily licked up the cum, even off of my fingers. Then it was time to finish it off, and so she got on her hands and knees, and I fucked her doggy style until I came deep in her pussy. After I pulled out, she rolled over and fingered herself to get all of the cum to come out. It was so hot! Ashley Ford is a sex goddess. This 15 minute 1080p video is action packed. Check it out!
duration 27:04
Mommy Sister Taboo POV Sex video from Leila Cherry
Mommy Sister Taboo POV Sex by Leila Cherry You're such a mommy's boy. You love your special time with mommy right? You and Puck have so much fun together. You make mommy feel so good with your cock. But mommy's been noticing the way you look at your sister Leila. You're supposed to keep this between the two of you aren't you? Well if you have such a big crush on your sister, Puck will let you fuck her. But only if you let her watch. Mommy's gonna teach Leila how to please her brother the way that mom does. Puck calls me into the room while I'm dressed in a secy outfit she told me to where. She confesses to me that you have a crush on me! I'm so shy in front of my brother, I can't believe what she's saying! But it's true isn't it? You love your little sister so much you want to fuck her. You're both so perverted! Mom has you take put your cock and I start stroking it. I love the way my brother's cock feels in my hand. I've never done this before. It's kind of hot. Mommy wants to change into something sexier so she leaves us alone. I get down on my knees and start playing with your dick. Puck comes back into the room and notices I haven't started sucking yet, she offers to teach me how. I tease you with my tongue as she guides me. Then I put you in my mouth. I start getting sluttier and sluttier with Mom's help! Doesn't it feel good brother? Am I being a good slut for you? I just want to please you and make you cum. Mommy gives you a cum countdown and lets you give me my first facial. We're not finished just yet! Now mommy wants your cock. Mommy fucks you while she's on her back and your little sister plays with your mom's big tits. But no cumming in mommy! You need to save that cum for your sister, you're going to breed her! You're going to fill your sister up with your cum! Leila eagiler gets on all fours for her brother's cock and Puck spreads her ass and coaches her. Come on big brother! My creamy pussy is ready to be filled with your hot nut! Featuring LittlePuck.manyvids.com Vid has multiple close up shots for better view of creampie/pussy.
duration 24:45
BUSTY GILF BECOMES MIND CONTROLLED FUCKDOLL by TabithaXXX My granddaughter's boyfriend drops by unannounced. I am hospitable and offer him a glass of water, and compliment him and tell him that I'm happy to see him with my granddaughter. He then says something inappropriate to me and I scold him for saying something like that, but he then mesmerizes me with his magic phone app, My eyes cross and roll up, and I Become mesmerize, and I Become his Slave granny he is my master and I will do as he commands. I then give him a blowjob for a few minutes. After that I take him to my bedroom where I strip and spread my pussy open for him "I Say yes master"fuck this horny granny". After a few minutes of fucking and sucking my big natural tits I climax, and say "yes master, granny is your obedient fuckdoll". The next day he stops by again, and I welcome him in again. This time, he tells me to remove my clothes. I refuse, but start undressing anyway, and do not understand why I'm doing it. I strip to reveal a sexy outfit and nipple clamps, which I don't know how they got there. He takes me to the bedroom and starts teasing and Fucking me with my own dildo. He tells me that when I climax, I will be permanently under his control. I beg him not to do it, but after a few minutes, I orgasm, and am permanently mindless under his control. He then has me fist myself for a few minutes. I Begin to Moan and drool uncontrollably. Lastly he has me Suck his Hard cock until he cums in my mouth and I swallow every last drop and I say "thank you master".
duration 42:30
Rita Stark Creampied by a Stranger! video from Bigsexy Films

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