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duration 9:38
The Breast Therapist On The Internet! Hypno-tits Expansion To Bimbofication video from BlackxRose92
The Breast Therapist On The Internet! Hypno-tits Expansion To Bimbofication by BlackxRose92 Hello! I'm Rose, your digital therapist today. Before we begin our session, I'll need to you take a comfortable seat and get really cozy. My mesmerize methods are exceptionally effective, but they can be quite intense and transformative. For the best experience, begin your meditational mesmerize experience with the lights low and your headphones on, seated somewhere snug and soft.

Now then, since you're all settled this should be over in a SNAP! All I have to do is...... Uh.... Erm, what were you mesmerizing me to do again? Oh gosh! I can't believe I came to work with NO bra on! Goodness, I can't expect to attract any men with floppy sad tits like this. Gracious, I need to fetch a bra immediately! You just stay seated and I'll be right back for you to finish our session in a SNAP!

Oh, oh my! I don't think our session was quite supposed to go like this. My bra is way too small now! My tits are MASSIVE! Oooooh I've always wanted huge bazongas for titties! No more deflated MILF tits that have been nursed dry and flat, now I have gigantic balloon boobies that are right in your face, super erect, and oh! Oh, my nipples are so perky! I could play with big boobies like this all day, but I think we really need to finish your therapy session first. That's why they call me the best therapist on the internet after all, and all I need to do to make it work is SNAP my fingers just like this!

Oh, no, no, NO! What's happened? I thought you were visiting me today for therapy? Well fudge, this....totally backfired and now my humungous bimbo tits are bursting out of my shirt and my cleavage is just spilling out everywhere totally inappropriately, and not professional at all. Well....... This is rather embarrassing and awkward! How am I going to sneak out of the office with my boobs expanding right out of my shirt?!
duration 15:26
Bad Fairy -- Gender Neutral Mesmerize video from Visser
Bad Fairy -- Gender Neutral Mesmerize by Visser You’re so done with your roommate’s shit. He asked to talk to you tonight, and you know what it’s going to be. Excuses about why he can’t make his part of the rent this month, and not so subtle attempts to twist you around his finger to get YOU to pay. Oho, screw that. You already saw him trying this BS last night with his own boyfriend. He was outright hypnotizing him! Well, maybe that works on his bf, but it’s definitely not going to work on you. You sit down to talk with him, set firm in your resolve. Yup, there he goes. It is about the rent, just like you thought. But wait, before you talk more about the money, he’s asking if you’d like to see these cute new pair of undies he just bought. Uh oh. Before you can even answer, he’s pulled his shorts down, and starts moving his hips, talking to you. You’ve always (secretly) liked his voice. It’s so—hypnotic. You’re getting so sleepy. He looks so cute in these new undies. Wait, WHAT did you want to talk about again? You can’t remember, it’s like it’s all flown out of your head. All you can see is his sweet butt and you’re thinking, you know? Maybe he’s right. Maybe if you’re such a brainless lil slut for his ass, you SHOULD be paying his rent…. My first mesmerize video! This is a playful gender-neutral hypnosis custom video, where my ass in cute underwear becomes your trigger to be under my spell and do my biding (like buying me lots of makeup and food :>>>). Includes a countdown, three different styles of underwear (calvin klein, twinky briefs, and lace); lots of hip swaying and instruction.

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