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Nora Squirting With Fan video from BlackxRose92
Nora Squirting With Fan by BlackxRose92 This was filmed for my VIP NSFW snapchat! Want access? Shop Store.BlackxRose92.com and select the "Nora Lovense" option!

My horny fan JC has been eager to play, and after seeing my toy control options in my store, couldn't wait to take full control over my Nora Lovense vibrator. After setting everything up and making sure all the bells and whistles were ready, we were ready to play. It was sure to be a fun day!

JC had been so eager to control my vibrator that he knew exactly what he was going to do and how. We start the test call to ensure the controls worked as I showed off my naked body for JC to tease him in our private snapchat call. He took his time, letting it slowly build to get my pussy ready for a vicious fucking. JC was patient, testing out every setting gently to make sure everything would go as planned.

As soon as everything was set up, JC dove right in. My pussy was not prepared for his well thought out control use and before I knew it, I was literally gushing and dripping all over. Within minutes of his well timed vibration and rotation, you could see my pussy dripping and squirting around the vibrator before I even came! JC took his time, using every single minute to his full advantage, not stopping until time ran out. Determined not to quit before the clock, I tried my best to hang on and take the pounding as my pussy squirted multiple times around the toy! I've never squirted WITH A TOY INSIDE before, but not only did I squirt once, I squirted MULTIPLE times! I lost count of my orgasms after the third orgasm. My legs were shaking, quivering, and almost limp, but JC kept on until the last second of the clock let up. My pussy was so well fucked I couldn't walk for a bit afterwards! All I could do was sit there and pant, trying desperately to catch my breath and show off the massive puddle left behind from my squirting orgasms.

The only thing to say about this fan controlled session, THANK YOU JC! for the best "fan fuck" of my life! I can't wait to play again!
duration 17:09
Hot Teacher Demonstrates Comprehensive Sex Education video from BlackxRose92
Hot Teacher Demonstrates Comprehensive Sex Education by BlackxRose92 If all your teachers were this attractive in school, you'd have been valedictorian!

You've been the first selected to test out a new mandate for sex education in your section. At first you feel reluctant, until you're informed that this course is complete, fully covers everything in detail, AND includes accurate demonstrations. With that news in hand, passing this first class should be a breeze! When you arrive at your first Comprehensive Sex Education Class, you're shocked to find that not only is your teacher young, but she's also HOT! There's a various assortment of sexual toys, devices, and aids lined up on the table at the head of the class. Your bespectacled teacher takes her time showing off each sexual device and aid, explaining in great detail the use for each one. First she discusses the lubricant, then the phallic, realistic dildo with balls, but she spends the most time on the semi-realistic pussy, detailing each specific part. She uses the pussy replica to label each part; the labia minora, labia majora, clitoris, vulva, vagina.

While describing the pussy replica, your teacher begins to make lascivious faces and describes different ways to stimulate the pussy. This wasn't in the curriculum! Teacher doesn't stop there though, not only does she show exactly how to arouse a vagina and make it lubricate, she then uses the dildo to actually perform the actions! The shock and awe doesn't stop there though.

The last sexual device on the table is a phone controlled rabbit style vibrator that rotates and vibrates. Surely class will settle down with this lesson. Your teacher has other plans in mind though. All of the exhibition has her hot and bothered as she starts to strip down. First the buttons on her tight white blouse! Then she turns around and unzips the impossibly tight zipper on her ass hugging pencil skirt. This definitely isn't in the curriculum! Stripping down, your teacher actually uses the pussy replica, dildo, and rabbit vibrator to confirm the possibilities of sexual exploration, arousal, and pleasure! She uses the pussy replica to stroke the dildo, giving you extremely explicit instructions on how to play with yourself and practice proper masturbation techniques. It doesn't stop there! Your teacher spreads herself and openly masturbates for the class, inviting you to come up and use the pussy replica for extra credit and an early graduation for proper use and completion. That's when a new shock pops up, your teacher's vibrator is synced to your pussy replica! As you stroke yourself and pump harder to a faster ejaculation, it sends bluetooth signals to her vibrator that leaves her panting and moaning in her chair at the head of the class. Your teach is spread completely open,playing with her own pierced pussy, encouraging you and the rest of the class to masturbate, as she dangles her patent red leather heels over her chair to arouse herself. Surely this can't be real! You find yourself astonished and completely shocked at the decency that has become the orgy in your classroom as your teacher and classmates all practice self masturbation techniques, playing properly to an explosive, sexually satisfying finish.

You follow along with your teacher's inappropriate instructions, jerking yourself off and stroking your cock with the pussy replica until you feel your own orgasm cusping.The steady suction and vibration on your cock leave you dripping and spilling yourself into the pussy replica as your teacher creams herself on the furiously pulsating, rotating, vibrating sex toy. This whole time your thrusts were causing her toy to speed up,change rotation direction, and push her to a faster orgasm! With one last leg shaking orgasm, your teacher thanks the class for attending, announces that you will all graduate with flying colors after next week's in depth discussion on the next sexual education topic. How much more graphic can a mandated sex education class get?!

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