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Daughter takes in Daddy's cock deep as mommy sleeps. HD taboo BJ,POV,Cumshot video from Rosemarieloves
Daughter takes in Daddy's cock deep as mommy sleeps. HD taboo BJ,POV,Cumshot by Rosemarieloves "Daddy Mommy"? Good your still awake daddy. I just wanted to come and thank you both for the best birthday party ever. Even though I give you trouble sometimes Im glad put in all this effort before Im off to college. I wish mom was still awake so I could thank her too. Can you tell mommy I said thank you when she wakes up in the morning daddy??? Ohh thank you daddy. *leans in and hugs daddy

Sorry Im not letting go I just really love you, thank again. *tight hugs.

Daddy........you have a boner....I know Ive grown up a lot but dang dad. Im sorry I didnt mean to rub against you. I feel really bad mom cant help you she had too much too drink and is so knocked out. Im soo sorry.

*shyly stares at daddy hesitant... Im all grown up now and well Im always horny and even my boyfriend cant please me..since Im no longer daddy's little girl maybe we can help each other out. Do you think mom will wake up if I start moving around on the bed?? I dont think so either..

Can you show me daddy?? *show me whats under the blanket. Did I get you excited daddy??? I can tell there's a big droplet of precum ready to glide down your head.. Can I lick it off???

*daughters takes daddy in her mouth. *gags "Im sorry daddy IM not used to such big cocks all the boys at my school have tiny dicks. Ive never experienced having a big cock down my throat, you're my first daddy. *Lots of dick sucking sounds, licking, attempting to deep throat , and gagging.

I dont think I can handle your big dick in my mouth much longer you will make me sore. How about you take me another way.

*daddy climbs on top of me and fucks his little girl till she cums and until he covers her in cum. All while right next to mommy.

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