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Mom catches peeping son spying on her having sex video from Rosemarieloves
Mom catches peeping son spying on her having sex by Rosemarieloves camera peeping son POV- I've always wondered what mommy and daddy did once we were all put to bed.Why would they lock their door after for the night.... Hiding in the closet I see mom climb on the bed and long to be with dad after a full day . She's in her nighty and bottom less. I hear dad " We finally get our time alone" to mom. I see mom touching daddy and finally putting his soft cock in her mouth to make it hard. Why how I wish that was me, mom is always so loving. I watch as mom goes on sucking dads cock taking it all in making sloppy sounds of pleasure and moaning. Here lips and tongue rubbing on his cock make me twitch in pleasure.Oh no I think mom heard me. I stand still and she forgets about me making a small noise and goes back to dad and takes him in her mouth. I feel so wrong watching but my cock is hard and makes me want to see more and more. Im breathing hard now as mom's moist mouth in pleasing daddy. Mom stirs thinking she heard something .. I need to be quiet but I cant help myself ..All I wish is that it was me and not my dad. How I want to please my own mom and how I want her to please me. Oh no oh no oh no...Moms staring at me. Oh dads going to ground me for this... Dad-"whats going on?" mom- "nothing" she doesn't rat me out but she knows im watching her. She continues to love dad but give me glances . Im more turned on then ever. Mom moves and faces her bare ass towards me as she coaxes dad to keep his eyes closed. Is she trying to make me explode in my pants. Dad grabs and spreads her ass cheeks giving me a nice view as I stay hidden in the closet. Seeing mom ride dad is so new I've never seen this side of her so dominating and so in control of dad making him her's but at the same time making me hers as well. She secretly glances at me while having sex with dad staring right into my eyes saying naughty things. Its like she wants to be having sex with me. OHHHH my dad ask her to riding him but facing the opposite direction so he can admire her ass. She's staring right at me while riding my dad its the most erotic thing Ive ever seen. She has so much power pleasing both me and dad. Slowly she's convinced dad to call her his naughty mommy... I feel Like im fucking my own mom now. Its me she's picturing fucking her its me she wants inside her. She urges dad to keep his eye closed so he doesnt see me and pound her from behind... Now its now that mom is staring straight at me giving fucked. "fuck your mommy hard" she yells and cums to me in her mind. I never knew how bad she wanted me. Mom says to dad "since your my son maybe you shouldn't cum inside me, we cant have you getting me pregnant" dad agrees enjoying the kinky roleplay to dumb to realize she's using him as a proxy and really wants me to cum all over her. As dad gets ready to cum all over moms face I picture its me and release my built up cum all over myself in the closet. Mom gives me one final glace covered in cum and puts her finger over her mouth making the shh motion

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