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Cum on Your Secretary's Tits JOI video from AbbeyRhode
Cum on Your Secretary's Tits JOI by AbbeyRhode I know you've been watching me since I was hired... I can see that I turn you on :) You're not so bad yourself, but you're married! We can't do anything! I think about fucking you a lot... fantasize when I am alone at night.. I make myself cum thinking about your fat cock deep inside of me.

One day when the work shift is almost over, you call me into your office. I tell you that I've finished everything for the day and that I'm gonna head out unless there is anything else you need. You start to ask me if I have a boyfriend and I can tell you are flirting... I am in shock! You have a wife!! You can't cheat on her!! But I am so turned on by you and I want to make you cum so badly... like I do in all my fantasies. I have an idea.. it wouldn't be cheating if I never touch you, right? So let me tell you how to jerk your cock for me. I pull my perfect tits out of my blouse and tell you how I want you to stroke it. I get so turned on by watching you jerk your fat cock for me that I can't help but lean back and touch myself.

This really gets you going doesn't it? You love watching me finger my pussy... we still aren't doing anything wrong, even though it feels like it, huh? You're watching me touch myself and I am telling you how to stroke your cock... It's so hot and you feel yourself getting close... I want you to blow your load on my tits. I think about it all the time when I fantasize about fucking you. When you're getting close I kneel down in front of you and let you stroke over my perfect tits.

You stroke to my encouragement and then you blow a huge load all down my tits. There is cum everywhere! it runs down the front of my blouse, into my bra, and down my skirt dripping over my pussy. I am such a mess... I hope I can leave the office without anyone seeing.. This was exactly what I had hoped it would be ;) Thank you for cumming on my tits, boss.

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