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duration 22:24
Our Secret Breeding Meeting | Facial | Double Creampie video from Cattie
Our Secret Breeding Meeting | Facial | Double Creampie by Cattie You've snuck away to a quiet room from the party you're attending but, I barge in accidentally scaring you. Sorry, I just needed to get away too. I've got soo much on my mind, I'm not really feeling in the social mood. We start chatting when I tell you about how my husband and I have been trying to conceive but, with no luck. It's really weighing on me and I'm getting desperate... Can I tell you a secret, since I probably never see you again? I've been cheating on my husband trying to get knocked up. THAT's how bad I want a family... I know... it's TERRIBLE but, don't judge me! Okay... so, tell me a secret! Your "secret" is that you find me attractive. Giggling, I decide I'll let you in on one more secret of mine... I actually saw you sneak off into here and was hoping... you'd be one of my sperm donors. I really want this and the best part is you'll have NO responsibility from it all! Just... let me warm you up to the idea and work my magic! You sit closer and I suck you off, talking about how I can't stop thinking about a fat load in my pussy. The joys to come! But, I can tell you're already close... so IF I let you cum... can you promise to cum again? INSIDE of me? Busting in my mouth won't get me pregnant after all... You assure me that won't be an issue and blow in my mouth and all over my face! Don't worry! I'll come up with an excuse to feed my husband about the mess. I'll give you a moment to gather yourself but, don't waste too much time. After a few minutes, I'm spread and ready for you. I want this NOW! You start fucking me in missionary but, the unfortunate part when you cum... is you pull out too soon for my liking. HMPH! I want you to let your cock sit in me for a moment. REALLY let your seed plant itself!! Got one more in ya? I'll give you another few minutes to collect yourself and we'll try again. When you return, you catch me slurping up the semen from our previous encounter. I have no shame! I don't want a drop of your precious spunk to go to waste. Heh! But, NOW I want that last load DEEP within me! I demand we fuck in doggystyle so that your swimmers make it up stream with no roadblocks. Just make sure this time you keep your cock inside; nice and deep until I say. Once you remove your dick, I begin to adjust my panties in hopes that it'll help keep the boys in and give me the pregnancy I've been soo eagerly trying to make happen.
duration 43:50
Masseuse Gives You All 3 Holes video from Fiona Dagger
Masseuse Gives You All 3 Holes by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and starts out with a soothing almost ASMR vibe, then gets sexual) You're going for a massage and decide to try a new parlour you've heard good things about - when you get there the masseuse checks you in, talks you through the styles and options of massages and treatments offered, and then explains that this is a bit of a special salon - rather than guys coming in and getting a massage and then hoping they'll get a happy ending, here they like to give you a bespoke menu of sexual options up front so you can really tailor your experience and get everything you want! She goes through a list of questions with you and you settle on a hand, foot and ear aromatherapy massage with 3 orgasms, missionary and cowgirl positions, lots of ass fucking, ass to mouth, deep eye contact, and pussy fucking and then impregnation, with the masseuse continuing the massage whilst fucking you! Your masseuse seems excited to begin your treatment and tells you to go into the next room and get comfortable and she'll be in shortly. When you've stripped off and laid down on the treatment bed she comes in and soothingly begins to massage you, giving you a few minutes of relaxing massage before she starts to get more sexual. Once she notices your cock is starting to get hard she takes off her uniform and hops up on the bed, continuing to massage your hands whilst she ass fucks you in cowgirl. She keeps up talking to you the whole time, making sure you're happy with the pressure of the massage and telling you about the benefits of getting treatments like this regularly, then when you cum she sucks your cock quickly, cleaning her ass off it. She asks if you're ready for cum number 2 and gets on her back for you to fuck her ass again in missionary! You cum again in her ass and again she cleans her ass off your cock with her mouth, then gets back on top of you for more anal cowgirl, riding you harder this time and getting dirtier with her talking! She begs you to cum in deep inside her so she can taste her ass on your cock again, and after cum number 3 you tell her you'd like to impregnate her now so she slides your cock into her pussy and rides you in cowgirl until you fill her pussy with your seed! She tells you she'll let you cool off in her ass for a bit and slowly rocks up and down on your cock, when you surprise her with a 4th cum in her asshole! She laughs and cleans you up, wiping you down with a warm towel and telling you she hopes you enjoyed your treatment today and you'll return soon to see her.
duration 20:04
Lesbian Sperm Donor Fantasy - POV video from Molly Darling
Lesbian Sperm Donor Fantasy - POV by Molly Darling [custom vid] New Gopro Video! POV throughout entire video, no male dialogue [imagined dialogue] female only dialogue, Lesbian sperm donor fantasy roleplay. Originally the video starts with an CNC tone but turns to enjoyment throughout the sex scenes. Vid description: You're lying on your bed relaxing when you hear a knock on the door. In walks your Sister's wife Molly, your sister-in-law. She says she wants to talk to you about something. Her and your sister have been trying to have a baby for a while. As they are a lesbian couple, they need a sperm donor. They've not had much luck so far, so your sister has convinced Molly to come and ask you to be their donor. She's not keen on the idea, but will do anything to make your sister happy and has even come prepared with a sample cup. You agree and she is pleased to hear your decision. She is about to leave you "to it" when you tell her you're having troubles getting hard.. Molly isn't buying it.. but after questioning her on her desire to get pregnant she reluctantly agrees to "help" you.. but she isn't happy. She strips off her clothes and asks if that's enough to get you going.. but its not. You tell her she needs to touch you, which she is grossed out by. She strokes your cock and eventually gives you a blowjob.. despite her disinterest and distain. Now you really want to push your luck, you tell her that you want it inside of her. She thinks about it and agrees as at least your cum will be going directly to the source! She rides you reverse cowgirl and once your big cock is inside of her she starts to really enjoy herself. She moans and even lets you touch her ass. She slides her pussy up and down your cock giving a great view of her asshole. She can't believe she's doing this. Now Molly is really getting into it and asks you to fuck her doggy style. You fuck her from behind as she looks back at you. Finally she gets on her back and you push your cock inside of her and fuck her fast. She wants your cum so badly. You cum inside of her and it pours out of her pussy. Hopefully it will make a baby, just don't tell your sister how it happened!! Tags: british, tattoos, english, cute, pov, pov sex, pov blowjob, handjob, blowjob, brat, cnc, lesbian, lesbian impregnation, sperm donor, donor, sperm, cum, creampie, impregnation, fantasy, fetish, kink, striptease, big dick, big cock, sexy, slut, roleplay.
duration 14:54
Demonic Impregnation Turns Belly Bursting video from Wood
Demonic Impregnation Turns Belly Bursting by Wood Wood is a lazy witch who came across a spell book with a summoning spell that allows you to summon a demon to do your bidding. This sounds like the perfect plan, since there's so many things she'd love for her own personal demon to do while she sits back and relaxes. After saying the incantation, Wood is surprised and disappointed to find that nothing is happening. Disappointed and exhausted after using up all her spirit energy to perform the ritual, she decides to just go to bed and try again in the morning. But in the morning, she's shocked to find her belly swollen up, tits inflated and heavy, and her body now nine months pregnant! She can't believe her eyes, but once she notices that a pentagram has been etched into her forehead she knows -- she wasn't summoning a demon to do her bidding, she's the one doing the demon's bidding! And now she is nine-months pregnant with what she can only assume is the anti-christ. She begins to panic, flipping through her book to find the reversal spell but with no luck. Even worse -- she's starting to go into labor! And it's surprisingly quick and aggressive -- and with horror she realizes that she's about to give birth but is certainly not dilated enough yet. She yells and screams, wondering how the baby is going to get out, until her belly starts to grow and grow until it bursts completely! This was a custom clip! Rapid impregnation transformation with a supernatural bent, breast expansion, magic, damsel in distress, and finally ending with a belly bursting birth complete with sound effects! If you'd like your own custom clip, email me at woodsgotfunding at gmail. com!
duration 21:28
Your Wife's Sister - Part II video from Fiona Dagger
Your Wife's Sister - Part II by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is a sequel to Your Wife's Sister Wants To Fuck) Since you and Fiona came to an arrangement that you would pay her rent in exchange for sex, you've been enjoying fucking her every day in front of your wife, Fiona's older sister. One day you come home from work to find Fiona greeting you with a mischevious look in her eye - she welcomes you and informs you that she has prepared a surprise and it's waiting for you in the living room... You follow Fiona into the room and see your wife bound and gagged on the ottoman, naked and helpless. Fiona doesn't immediately explain what's going on, instead dropping to her knees to take out your cock, teasingly sucking and stroking it as she asks you if you'd like to know what her plan is for your wife. She tells you that since she hasn't been able to fit your cock in her ass, as it's so big and her asshole is too tight, she has decided that tonight you can use your wife's asshole instead - but you have to imagine that it's Fiona's ass as you fuck it. Fiona will be there telling you how to fuck it, and you can take out all your frustration on your wife's hole while Fiona eggs you on. You of course agree and Fiona delightedly sucks and gags on your cock until it's rock hard, then guides your cock to your squirming wife's ass and tells you to slide it in. As you begin to pound your wife's hole Fiona watches and plays with her pussy, dirty talking about how much fun she's been having with your little arrangement, and how she hopes that you'll get her pregnant soon. She tells you to be sure not to cum in her sister's ass, as she wants you to fuck her pussy and cum in it so that you can impregnate her. You pound your wife's asshole until you get close to cumming, then Fiona pulls back her head and makes her clean her ass off your cock so it's ready to go in her pussy. She then begs you to fuck her tight, fertile young pussy while her sister watches, and you both cum together as you shoot your load deep inside her! She then shows off the load you've given her to your wife, taunting her and saying that you should leave her tied up for the rest of the evening and make her watch you fucking over and over again!
duration 26:11
Impregnating Three Girls at Slumber Party - SmilesofSally video from Sally Smiles
Impregnating Three Girls at Slumber Party - SmilesofSally by Sally Smiles You have just finished tucking your daughter and her friends in and you think all of the girls have gone to bed. But then you get a knock on the door and it's cute, sweet Isabelle in her pigtails, pjs, and stuffy. She politely addresses you as Mr. Hendrick as she tells you a secret. Isabelle has a HUGE crush on you and she can't stop thinking of you. She removes all her clothes and you realize she's not shy at all! Isabelle puts your big cock in her mouth and begs for you to go deep inside her. This girl fucks you until you're ready to explode and then she demands that you impregnate her. Before she leaves she tells you that she has more of her friends that want you too. Next comes in Julie and she's kind of a slut in her skimpy satin dress. She pulls it up to reveal a big hair bush but no panties. Julie knows that you know why she's here, so she spreads her legs and opens her pussy while you fuck her in every direction! You give Julie a second load and you have one final girl who comes begging for your cum and that's Nina. Nina comes in in a sports bra, boy shorts, and a high ponytail. It is very clear she is determined to get to it. She says she is ovulating and wants your cum now. Nina is a badass that rides your cock until you cave and give her a final huge load of the night!!! ** This video is on SALE due to audio quality ** TAGS: ROLE PLAY, BABY GIRL, STEP DAUGHTER, DADDYS LITTLE GIRL, IMPREGNATING, IMPREGNATION, BARE FOOT, INNOCENT, VIRGIN, BLOW JOB, HAIRY PUSSY, EYE CONTACT, LONG BROWN HAIR, BOOBS BOUNCING, ASS, DOGGYSTYLE, RIDING COCK, MULTIPLE ORGASMS, MOANING, SMILESOFSALLY, SALLY SMILES
duration 19:02
Daddy Impregnates My Friends video from Delphoxi

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