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Impregnating Your Blackmailing Daughter video from Raven Fox
Impregnating Your Blackmailing Daughter by Raven Fox Your sneaky daughter was looking for something naughty to do, and somehow found your Tindr account! I corner you and question you about it, and you were planning to meet other girls to hook up. Well I tell you there's no way I'll let you fuck another girl, possibly catching something from them! I tell you there's only two options, have sex with me, your sweet daughter, or Mommy and the School Counselor Finds Out about this Tindr Account and All the Naughty Things I wake up to you doing to me at night. I take you into the bedroom and tell you I haven't even had a boyfriend, but you and Mommy have been giving me Birth Control for so long, I should be okay. I lay you back on the bed, and climb on top, slowly lowering my soft, hairless, virgin pussy onto your hard cock, savouring every inch as you sink deeper inside me. I start sliding up and down your shaft, then pick up speed to bounce my pretty ass on you. We move through a few different positions, and you begin moaning as your climax reaches. You pound my pussy and I tell you to signal when you're about to come, so we can lock eyes when you do. You flip me over and begin to tell me you're going to cum and I say I've been skipping the pill for a while, then grab your ass and wrapped my legs around you, pulling you deeper inside me, unable to pull out. You reluctantly fill me with cum, when you expected to pull out and shoot in your hand. Before we collapse, I look into your eyes as if I found my soul mate. It seems we have all week for ourselves. Since Mom will probably leave you, I'll just start moving my things in the closet. We can be our own little family now, Daddy!

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