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The Face Bugger video from Laila Mayhem
The Face Bugger by Laila Mayhem Custom Script with Olivia Rose: I want to see you on the phone to a friend, talking to them whilst completely chilled out. No makeup, no eyeliner, no lipstick. Just raw beauty. Do everything you can to make your facial features outstanding, distinctive and prominent please. The video starts with the camera gradually coming in on the side of your nose, left then right, or vice versa. We catch you in the middle of conversation. I would like to see a deep examination of every orifice in and around the head. Let her peek in to your mouth with a leering fascination and excitement after the call, but whilst on the phone, I would like to see into your ears and have a few hairs plucked, as well as your eyes opened up and gazed at in awe. The nose is plugged with the mouth as you continue talking and needs to be visible to me, not to mention all the usual nose play (pinching, side pulling each nostril and wide open double-side nose hooking where she looks inside the holes). In and out cheek smushing and rough caressing from side to side. Please be totally ignorant to all of this like it does not matter. Snort laugh whenever you can and more importantly, gently snort-breathe at the end of each laugh. Sit in a slouched manner and lower your voice to be deeper, not to sound like a man, but more like a tired stoner voice. Try with an endoscope camera to get right into all those spots, if not, just let me look at her looking inside you w/ moments of up close camerawork.

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