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Cheerleader Shows Off Her Pretty Pussy video from MsCakes
Cheerleader Shows Off Her Pretty Pussy by MsCakes Custom vid (no names used). I’m a college cheerleader staying with you and your wife while away at school. Much to your delight, I enjoy hanging out around the house without much clothing on to tease and torment you. Your wife doesn’t approve of this of course, but you can’t help ogling my body at every opportunity. This day, you come home to find me lying on the bed in my skimpy cheerleader uniform, on my belly with my legs open so you can see between my legs. Mesmerized by the amazing view, you can't help but stop and stare at my perfect pussy and ass peeking out from under my short skirt. I casually open my legs wider to give you an even better view of my pussy from behind as I work on my laptop and pretend to ignore you. I stay in this position for several minutes, teasing you while seemingly unaware of your presence. After awhile, I decide to turn and look over my shoulder, pretending to notice you there for the first time. At first, I smile and ask you about your day, making small talk as if I’ve forgotten about my bare pussy showing. Hearing the nervousness in your voice, I finally realize that I’d been flashing you that whole time, and quickly apologize for making you feel uncomfortable. Of course, you assure me that it’s quite alright, and that you don't mind at all... as long as you can stay and watch. I smile playfully and tell you that you’re welcome to enjoy the view, admitting that I find it a bit exciting to tease you. With that, I turn around to face you as I go back to studying, opening my legs again to let you continue admiring my pussy. I see you staring out of the corner of my eye a few times and can't help but smile to myself, knowing how much I’m tormenting you. I become bolder as the time passes, occasionally shifting to open my legs wider and even spreading my pussy lips apart for you. I warn you that it’ll be a lot harder to get any work done with you watching me, so you’ll probably have to convince your wife to let me stay longer. When you tell me that your wife won’t be home for a few hours, I smile and say that gives us plenty of time. With a smile and a wink, I turn around again to flaunt my ass in your direction.

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