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Hitachi Reading video from Blair Woods
Hitachi Reading by Blair Woods I was reading this little book by George Orwell and it was already starting to confuse me so I thought I would up the ante and add an extra layer of difficulty to the reading by sitting on my hitachi as I attempted to read through a couple pages. It starts out fun as I read through the next few passages as I'm getting used to sitting on my hitachi, but after a few minutes I definitely start to lose control and suddenly reading becomes the most difficult task in the world. The hitachi is demanding my attention and I begin to grind and bounce on it since I'm just too turned on to ignore it now, but I'm still doing my best to continue reading even though all I want to do is give in to my desire to cum. I eventually turn around and properly grind my hitachi as I get closer and closer to finishing and this is when reading becomes nearly impossible and I can barely get my words out as it's taking everything inside of me to not just cum right then and there. I make it a few pages in before my urge to cum takes control and I just cannot read anymore as I explode in an intense orgasm that was building up for over 10 minutes. I collapse in giddy exhaustion after playing that fun little game and then I realize I'll probably have to re-read everything again since my brain basically short circuited at the end there, but it was definitely worth it. *Tags: hitachi, hitachi magic wand, vibrator, edging, edging games, hitachi edging, edging fetish, reading, hitachi reading, reading fetish, books, book fetish, literature, glasses, eye glasses, glasses fetish, girls in glasses,school girl, nerdy, brunette, brown hair, short hair, bangs, fringe, tattoos and piercings, stockings, knee high socks, pale skin, shaved pussy, pink holes, trimmed bush, landing strip, ass bouncing, grinding, pawg, hysterical literature, intense orgasm, leg shaking, desperation, moaning*

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