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duration 11:22
Werewolf Hunts You POV video from Marley Magdalene
Werewolf Hunts You POV by Marley Magdalene This is it! The POV transformation video you've been waiting for! I transform into a werewolf using some creative lighting, cuts, and effects. I awake suddenly to discover I'm transforming into a werewolf, and boy does it feel awful, at first! I writhe on my bed until the pain subsides, and the hunger takes hold. I get up, and rip my night shirt off, as chest hair appears between my full breasts. I snarl and howl before I run out the door to find you. I begin prowling though the woods (my tree tapestry) and you can hear my deep panting and I creep with the sounds of the beginning of "Thriller" in the background. I show off my hairy body, and my hairy pussy, and tail butt plug. I smell my own sent on my fingers, and I am in heat. I smell you too, and I start my chase. I say "I'm going to find you, and when I do I'm going to sink my fangs into your neck!" Then I come across you laying there, willing, expectant, as if you were waiting for me with your cock out. I dive on you, and wet your cock with my werewolf saliva. It's extra slippery, wet, and stringy! I suck your cock until you are wet enough to penetrate me. I ride you in POV style, dripping saliva onto us as I snarl above you. I sniff and lick my armpit as I ride you. Then I slide off of you and squirt right on your cock. My pussy juices glisten in the moonlight on your cock. Then I get back on and make you cum inside me. I slide off to reveal your massive load, you came so hard for me. I finger my hairy pussy and taste us. Then I begin to lick the cum off your cock, and drip it back on to it. I suck you dry, before devouring you whole!

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