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Fantasy Space Babe Breeding video from Cattie
Fantasy Space Babe Breeding by Cattie An astonishing good looking extraterrestrial being has been sent to earth to collect specimen from individuals like yourself to repopulate their home planet. Their very existence relies on this missions success. The being has transformed themselves into an irresistible form to prevent failure. And you are more than happy to comply. This semi-awkward being is thrilled with your willfulness to participate. But know this humanoid: upon touch, your "dick" will transform into the proper appendage needed to breed them. Don't worry! It won't hurt. And look at how long and thick your new tentacle is! The alien creature admits they're new to this process... but you seem to know what you're doing! They beg you to continue and fill their womb with your cum. An enormous load pumped inside from your rod. Now to follow, will be the eggs! Your seed planted deep and not 1, but 4 eggs emerge! To properly incubate these though, you'll need to help keep them moist! And the being will need to continuously insert and eject the eggs within her slit. Assuring they stay evenly coated in spunk and warm. On earth, the women are typically the "cows"... but on this being's planet, it is the males who have to produce the "milk" for their young... Something else that the being may have forgotten to mention... You will now be able to produce MASS amounts of semen for this insemination. And boy, are you impressive! Aroused from all of the stimulation, the being accidentally discovers "squirting", as you call it. Excited and oh soo pleased with this experience, the being offers for you to become their home planet's prize breeder! You'll get to fuck and impregnate every pussy you can handle! Isn't that every human males dream? This sci-fi like feature has alien/extraterrestrial roleplay, slight strip tease, hairy bush, close ups & full body views, slight squirting/gushing, fingering and dildo play (ovipositor/oviposition), creampie & cum play, egg brooding, dirty talk, impregnation/pregnant fantasy/fantasies and soo much more!!

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