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magical forest toilet video from Kactus Kutie
magical forest toilet by Kactus Kutie i was enjoying a lovely hike today when i suddenly needed to p 3 3 real bad, and just like magic, i found a random toilet sitting right there in the middle of the woods! it's as if the p 3 3 gods placed it there just for me so, of course, i had to p 3 3 on it! i made sure no one was nearby before taking off my skirt and my thong, then i hovered over it and relieved myself! i switched positions and tried squatting over it too! then i used some of the lovely plants nearby to wipe myself clean before finally extending my gratitude to the magical toilet and the mystery person who left it there! this was definitely one of my favorite p 3 3s ever! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TAGS: KactusKutie, kactus, katnip, ohhaikitty, tattoos, tattooed, tattoo, blue, pink, colored hair, dyed hair, scene, alternative girl, petite, pale, skinny, small boobs, boobies, tiny titties, girl, female, feminine, topless, all natural, bush, armpit hair, hairy, hairy legs, hairy body, natural hair, hairy armpits, hairy bush, thick bush, full bush, hairy pussy, bangs, thick eyebrows, white, smile, sweet, innocent, smile, smiling, cute, cutie, kutie, kute, adorable, happy, joyful, joy, spread joy, happiness, passion, babe, babygirl, baby girl, innocent, princess, girl next door, girlnextdoor, tease, teasing, sweet, giggle, jiggle, laugh, laughing, butt, booty, ass, caucasian, american, USA, america, tattoos, tattoo, tattooed, nose ring, piercings, vegan, vegetarian, veggie girl, squirt, squirting, squirts, squirter, laugh, butthole, asshole, rose bud, nature, natural, plants, outdoorsy, outside, hiker, public, pubic, squat, squatting, squats, jiggle, wiggle, dance, shake, shaking, wiggling, jiggling, spread pussy, outdoors, outdoor, outside, nature, trees, tree, grass, plants, plant, sky, exhibition, exhibitionism, exhibitionist, risky, public, sneaky, sneak, risk, risky, ecosexual, eco sexual, natural,

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