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Good Girl Spanking, Orgasm and Massage video from Dani Sorrento
Good Girl Spanking, Orgasm and Massage by Dani Sorrento After along weekend of getting punishment spankings I was due for a good girl one. I get dressed in my new pink lacy lingerie and lay over a pillow for my soothing spanking session. He starts in on me with some nice floggers that are very heavy, but feel so good. I can feel my ass bounce with each hit. Knowing that I love leather, he uses a small slappy leather strap. He is teasing my ass and thighs with it when my legs just start to spread a little. Every so often he is massaging my butt and tells me that I will even get a nice massage after the spanking to work out all the swelling in my butt. I get really comfy and nuzzle against the pillow as he continues to softly spank me. Grabbing some whips next, I feel the sharp sting hit all over my bubble butt. After that he asks if I want one more implement or to start my massage, but I think I want another! So he grabs a double strap and lays in some harder swats. I am still smiling from my good girl spanking when he starts rubbing my butt with oil. Working out the kinks from my harder spanks that weekend. I was already so relaxed when he grabs my vibrator and lets me cum while he works my cheeks with his strong hands! I have a great orgasm and he continues to massage me for a bit longer. It was so nice and I was a spoiled and relaxed good girl! (lingerie, halter dress, thong, g-string, lace, hot pink lingerie, bubble butt, thick thighs, whooty, pawg, oiled up ass, oil fetish, tattooed girl, picture in picture, multiple cameras, butt view, face view, reaction cam, bouncing cheeks, jiggly butt, flog, whip, good girl, reward, spanking, m/f spank, propped up butt, brunette, brown eyes, long hair, make up, swollen booty, orgasm, female orgasm, hitachi, vibrator, legs spread open, prone position, laying on stomach, painted toes, pink toes, massage ass, rub bottom, leather strap, shaved pussy, spanked on bed)

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