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Brians Wife Used By The Dinner Party video from Lexxi Blakk
Brians Wife Used By The Dinner Party by Lexxi Blakk Brian’s wife is getting ready for a dinner party he set up. He tells her not to worry about an outfit he already has one picked out for her. She’s shocked to see how revealing the outfit is and protests. He tells her the guests are expecting something special and not to worry. She’s uncomfortable but does it anyway. His wife shyly walks out in her heels and lingerie. Brian tells the group you’re here to do whatever they want, she awkwardly agrees. One of the guests asks for a d r i n k, she provides that for him. While doing so one of the guests drops something and Brian’s wife goes to grab it, bending over on her knees. They stare at her ass and when she turns around ask her to pull down her top. Shes confused and asks her husband if she has to. He tells her to continue and she pulls out her breasts. The guests want some fun entertainment and they ask her to use the spatula to fuck her slut pussy. She’s socked and laughs like it’s a joke. Her husband tells her no she must. One of the guests gives her the spatula and she reluctantly starts to rub it on her Pussy. They want more so she starts fucking herself with it while they laugh “It’s not funny you guys” she asks if she can stop and does but it’s not long before one of the guests shoves his cock in her face “ I don’t even suck my husbands cock” she protests while the first cock is shoved down her throat. the second guest soon brings out his BBC “I’ve never been with a black guy before” she pleads with her husband but he tells them to continue. Brian’s wife gets her face fucked by both cocks as she begs her husband to stop this. Eventually they pull back and she asks if it’s over. They tell her to wipe her mouth and get on the couch “That doesn’t sound like it’s over” she cries as they both take her on the couch “why do you like this you sick fuck” she cries at her husband as they fuck her. They continue using her fat Pussy until the BBC leaves her with a creampie….

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