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Daddy's Cheerleader First Ass to Mouth!! video from OmankoVivi
Daddy's Cheerleader First Ass to Mouth!! by OmankoVivi Vivi’s stepdaddy picked her up after cheer practice, since her lame boyfriend Todd ditched her! She is sooooo mad, and decides to vent and ask you for help. The conversation gets awkward when Vivi admits that Todd is mad that she won’t go all the way, and she is so nervous she decides to ask for your help! What if Todd gets mad at her for not knowing? As her stepdad, you have to take care of her! Vivi pulls your pants down before you can protest much and you give her directions on a blowjob, cautiously teaching her slutty methods and making her lick your balls. You can’t believe this is happening, you need to feel her pussy! You promise Vivi that you’re only going to rub against her, but she whines about wanting to feel your cock inside and so you promise to just insert the tip… But you two get so carried away! When you flip Vivi over on all fours, you ask to fuck her asshole! Of course, Mommy says only SLUTS take anal, so you pound her slutty little asshole anyway!!! Vivi is in ecstasy, and you are so surprised that she loves your bareback cock in her ass and starts twerking against you, grinding your cock deep in her asshole. You tell Vivi to taste herself on your dick for the first time, so she greedily licks up her ass-cum from your ass!! You lay Vivi on her back and she tells you how much she loves daddy’s dick in her ass, and you can’t help but play a small game of pumping your hard cock in her ass and then her throat!!! You do this a few times, making her giggle and love ass to mouth! Vivi gets in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, enjoying every moment of Daddy’s dick in her butt. You’re about to bust, and you have her get on her knee’s and unload all over her face! You take pride in your little slut, feeding her your cum. To make her a true whore, you must make her into a toilet!!! You piss right in her mouth, taking her by surprise, and coating her with your warm delicious liquid. FUCK TODD!!! Can you pick me up after practice tomorrow too, Daddy?

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