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duration 15:46
Want a Blow Job from a Cute Girl in a Purple Beret? Real Couple POV Goth Babes B/G Rocker Punks - Blow Job Rim Job Jerk Off Facial Happiness! video from MeredithTourmaline
Want a Blow Job from a Cute Girl in a Purple Beret? Real Couple POV Goth Babes B/G Rocker Punks - Blow Job Rim Job Jerk Off Facial Happiness! by MeredithTourmaline Meredith Tourmaline, looking cute in a purple beret, grey sheer pantyhose, and nothing else besides her bookish glasses, kneels between DD R'Moan's spread legs and kisses his underwear, feeling his cock grown hard between her lips and the soft fabric. She holds onto his hips, her nails painted grey glitter with red middle fingers, pressing her lips to his cock, then moving his underwear aside to tease him by kissing and licking his inner thighs, and then his balls. She moves slow and sensuous, her knuckle-tattooed hands caressing his thighs, his hips. Her long hair is side-parted and side-shaved, tickling DD R'Moan's legs as she looks up at him then lowers her head again... She grips his cock in one hand as she gently kisses and licks his thighs. His hard cock visibly throbs under his soft cotton underwear. Finally, she releases his cock, opens her mouth to take in the tip, wrapping her lips around the head... As she holds onto his cock, licking, she takes it deeper into her mouth, smiling and making strong eye contact. All her care, attention, and adoration is devoted to his cock. She is adorable in her purple beret and nerdy glasses with little silver hearts on the frames. DD R'Moan holds Meredith by the back of the neck, lowering her head so she can feel his cock against the back of her throat, getting his dick wet with her spit. He thrusts his hips and she lets herself drool, spit dripping onto his balls and onto her fingers. She begins to delicately play with the edge of his anus, to which he moans even more. When she finally takes off his underwear, we see his cock glistening with her saliva, and teasing glimpses of her small tits. When DD begins to jerk himself off, Meredith raises her hips, her ass, and leans down to perform a slobbery rimjob, licking and gently massaging his balls, too. Close-ups show her spitting, drooling, onto his asshole as pre-cum glistens at the tip of his hard cock.
duration 12:56
Funeral Goth Victorian Striptease & Masturbation - Green-Haired Goth Babe with Glasses & Tattoos - Black Lace Black Gloves Purple Pantyhose & Lipstick video from MeredithTourmaline
Funeral Goth Victorian Striptease & Masturbation - Green-Haired Goth Babe with Glasses & Tattoos - Black Lace Black Gloves Purple Pantyhose & Lipstick by MeredithTourmaline Dressed in a Victorian-style black velvet blazer jacket edged with black lace and pearl buttons, and a grey and violet knee-length wool skirt, hugging my wide hips and fleshy, large ass, I couldn't resist taking out my camera and shooting a striptease for you. Wearing black wool fingerless gloves, I strut about, showing off my ass, my hips, teasing you with the way I grind and spin. My hair is long and green, and I'm wearing my dorky round glasses, more and more tattoos becoming visible with each layer I lose. I bend over and make eye contact, smiling slightly. I'm goth but I'm happy! I love getting dressed up, and I love taking it all off. My hands hold my hips, and my pale, ghostly skin glows through black lace. My gloves come off first... Slowly... I play with my hair, mussing it up, twirling on my swivel chair, then standing again to caress my round ass. As I reveal more of my body, I play with my small tits, and reach for my skirt... As I lower the waist of my skirt, I show off my soft, golden public hair, a cute muff, full bush, all grown out... I lift my black lace top and lower my tiny bra to play with my nipples. First gently, then pinching harder. When I lift my skirt again, I'm wearing sheer deep violet pantyhose with small rips. I bend over for you, spank myself a few times. I have hairy armpits, bright lipstick, and a bratty attitude. I've still got my boots on, my striped knee socks. The less clothes I'm wearing, the wetter my pussy is. Yes, I hear you begging me to take the rest of it off. I know you've got one hand between your legs, the other desperately, anxiously trying to reach through the screen... Don't worry. Soon I'll be wearing nothing at all. And I promise to show you every detail you wanna see. I know you wanna watch me play, I know you wanna see my hairy pussy... I know you want me to spread myself open for you...
duration 5:38
pigtails and red panties video from Kactus Kutie
pigtails and red panties by Kactus Kutie i always get extra horny during my time-of-the-month, so i decided to wear my red panties and masturbate! first, i got all cute and comfy, wearing my pigtails and my red panties, i laid in my soft bed and started touching myself, slowly warming up. it felt so good that i started moaning and pinching my nipples with pleasure. giving you a semi-close up look, as i continued to masturbate you could see some of my hairy pussy peeking out of my stained underwear. when i was halfway there, i decided to turn it up a notch and switch to my big vibrator. it felt so amazing! i moaned more and more as i quickly reached climax and i came so deliciously. after i was good and satisfied i took my panties off to show you the stains and i wrapped things up with a cute twerk!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TAGS: KactusKutie, kactus, katnip, ohhaikitty, tattoos, tattooed, tattoo, blue, pink, colored hair, dyed hair, scene, alternative girl, petite, pale, skinny, small boobs, boobies, tiny titties, girl, female, feminine, topless, all natural, bush, armpit hair, hairy, hairy legs, hairy body, natural hair, hairy armpits, hairy bush, thick bush, full bush, hairy pussy, bangs, thick eyebrows, white, smile, sweet, innocent, smile, smiling, cute, cutie, kutie, kute, adorable, happy, joyful, joy, spread joy, happiness, passion, babe, babygirl, baby girl, innocent, princess, girl next door, girlnextdoor, tease, teasing, sweet, giggle, jiggle, laugh, laughing, butt, booty, ass, caucasian, american, USA, america, tattoos, tattoo, tattooed, nose ring, piercings, vegan, vegetarian, veggie girl, sweet talk, describe, pussy lips, extreme, extremely close, tease, wiggle, shake, smooth, thighs, thigh, appreciation, appreciate, worship, worshipping, body, love, self-love, feel, fingers, finger, hand, hands, vulva, clit, pussies, bend over, aesthetic, nose ring, shake, shaking, solo masturbation, masturbating, clit, wet, accessories, legs, bite lips, edging, edges, tease, tease and denial, teasing, teases, striptease, strip tease, sensual, sensually, spread pussy, spreading, flexible, tight pussy, vaginismus, vulvodynia, stained panties, panties masturbation
duration 7:10
sweet loving hairy blowjob video from Kactus Kutie
sweet loving hairy blowjob by Kactus Kutie i took his boxers off and licked his balls, then went back to working on his cock. i spit on it, sucked it, licked and gagged on it, slowing down the pace and then taking him deeper, i could tell he was going crazy! i was feeling romantic so i wanted to please him and make him feel so fucking good! we then changed positions, he was standing while i played with his dick on my knees. at first i wouldn't use my hands but then i started sucking and playing with his balls at the same time. i could tell he was very into it so i continued to use both my mouth and hand to please him. we finished off by having the cutest, comfiest cuddle sesh! it was so romantic, comforting and fun to hold each other, kissing, touching and just being intimate and close! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TAGS: kactus, KactusKutie, katnip, ohhaikitty, tattoos, tattooed, tattoo, blue, pink, colored hair, split hair, petite, pale, caucasian, american, USA, america, skinny, small boobs, boobies, tiny titties, girl, topless, all natural, bush, armpit hair, hairy, pierced nipples, nipple piercings, bangs, white, smile, sweet, innocent, smile, cute, giggle, laugh, butt, booty, eyebrows, eye contact, sensual, passionate, romantic, romance, intimate, intimacy, boy/girl, sex, kiss, kissing, lick, licking, licked, spit, spitting, spits, wet, messy, shaft, dick, cock, penis, genital, genitals, hardon, hard-on, hard on, erect, erection, big dick, inches, cum, cumming, cums, ejaculate, ejactulates, sperm, orgasm, orgasms, load, big load,snogging, passion, oral, BJ, boy/girl
duration 20:32
Black Lace Lingerie Set - Meredith Tourmaline in Bra, Panties, Thigh-Highs & Garters - Fingerfucked at her Writing Desk by DD R'Moan video from MeredithTourmaline
Black Lace Lingerie Set - Meredith Tourmaline in Bra, Panties, Thigh-Highs & Garters - Fingerfucked at her Writing Desk by DD R'Moan by MeredithTourmaline Dressed in a lingerie set gifted from a fan, Meredith Tourmaline sits in the purple swivel chair at her writing desk, with DD R'Moan at her knees. He pulls her black lace underwear aside to reveal her hairy pussy, begins rubbing her clit with his deep-sea-green painted thumbnail. Meredith smiles and moans, watching him from her bespectacled hazel eyes. We glimpse visions of the black ribbon bows on her lingerie. Her hair is long, side-shaved, deep violet. Make-up-less goth, round glasses, pale skin, countless tattoos. Camera pans between close-up shots as DD R'Moan fingerfucks her hairy pussy, playing with her soft, beautiful muff, then looks up to watch the expressions on her face, the way she winces and moans with pleasure, looks down to watch and then makes eye contact, too. When the camera turns, we see that beautiful, long-haired rocker boy DD R'Moan is wearing a black leather collar with silver ring, eager to serve. He is naked aside from his collar, smiling, as Meredith wraps her thighs around him. Black pantyhose and, okay, fluffy kitten slippers. He pinches her clit with one hand as he fucks her with the other. And then he leans in between her legs to use his tongue, too... She musses his long hair as she films, her pubic hair glowing golden at his lips, his tongue. His fingers glisten, her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She squirts all over his hand, squeaky giggles unable to be held back. DD R'Moan plays with the clear, sticky cum between his fingers - but only for a moment, 'til he's fingering her again. Because Meredith Tourmaline always insists on coming multiple times. (Yes, she makes him lick it up.) In close-up shots, Meredith spreads her pussy lips and pulls the hood of her clit back, exposing even more sensitive nerves for DD's mouth and fingers, and for the viewer, too. And then DD R'Moan gets down on his knees. Meredith wants one more exquisite, shattering orgasm... Well, at least one more!

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