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duration 28:45
Submissive Role Reversal - Ashley Lane & Star Nine video from Star Nine
Submissive Role Reversal - Ashley Lane & Star Nine by Star Nine In the shocking conclusion to Mesmerizing Counter Offer & Twin Slaves, Ashley Lane turns the tables on her captor.

Star is frustrated with her slave's poor behavior and ingratitude - walking instead of crawling, wearing a fancy dress instead of nothing at all, talking back, not saying thank you for her punishment . . .

Star spanks her slave & fondles her, pinching her nipples and telling her that her breasts & ass belong to Star, she is Star's property. Fed up, Star cuffs and collars her slave, lecturing her about how hopeless she is, what a shitty, worthless submissive.

Ashley apologizes for her ineptitude, explaining that she just doesn't know how to be a good submissive. She reaches out her cuffed hands to caress Star. Star pushes her insubordinate hands away & agrees that perhaps modeling the proper behavior would help her slave do better.

Star uncuffs her property, reminding her of who is in charge, before leaning over the dresser & presenting her shiny latex ass. Ashley takes a couple of tentative swats at it. Star encourages her & Ashley pulls down her top, groping her and swatting her ass. Star is apparently enjoying this & Ashley suggests that she strip. Star hesitates, but agrees to give Ashley just one more lesson in submission.

Now that Star is nude, Ashley collars & cuffs her. Star begins to protest when she crams a giant ball-gag into her mouth, but by then it is too late. The tables have turned & Star accepts the maid outfit when Ashley presents it to her, after all, it is what Star recommends for submissives, isn't it?

Send your custom video request to star @ starbondmedia dot com

Includes lesbian domination, slave training, spanking, latex
duration 9:13
Step Mom Spanks Whore video from CelesteLuna
Step Mom Spanks Whore by CelesteLuna I thought I was home all alone, so I opened my laptop and pulled up some hardcore porn! I was touching myself and getting really into the videos. I was almost about to cum when my Step Mom walked in!! I was so embarrassed, I could barely defend myself. She was not amused with what I was watching at all! She decided to punish me for being such a little whore by bending me over her knee and giving me some very hard spankings. I clearly wasn't getting the picture, I talked back and didn't think what I did was even that bad!! Step Mom get harder and harder with her spankings and even took my panties off so my ass could get the full touch of her hand. After hearing me cry for her to stop, my Step Mom sent me to my room to think about what I had done. Featuring Ondrea Lee Pandagrl.ManyVids.com Tags: chubby, chubby girl, freckles, alternative, tattoos, piercings, inked, ink, celeste, celesteluna, celeste luna, bush, slut, juicy, big tits, big boobs, kink, kinky, fetish, fantasy, fantasies, busty, emo, goth, custom, cute, smile, long nails, hairy pussy, hairy bush, hairy, full bush, booty, ass, feet, dirty talk, young, natural, all natural, g/g, girl/girl, girl girl, stepmom, step mom, mom, mommy, mother/daughter, mother daughter, daughter, roleplay, role play, family roleplay, kink shaming, shaming, slut shaming, humiliation, punishment, corporal punishment, spanking, spank, OTKS, over the knee spanking, over the knee, OTSS, over the shoulder, over the shoulder spanking, knee high socks, thigh high socks, black socks, black knee high socks, black thigh high socks, impact play, impact, skirt, short skirt, asian, asian girl
duration 29:03
Making Molly My Good Little Slut video from Fiona Dagger
Making Molly My Good Little Slut by Fiona Dagger I sensually domme the beautiful Molly Darling - gagging her cute little mouth with a ballgag and pulling her around on a leash before bending her over my sofa and having some fun with her big round ass. I insert an anal hook into her asshole and attach it to her hands behind her back, leaving her squirming and powerless against me. Next, I get a vibrating toy and push it into her tight wet pussy, making her wriggle and moan even more as both her holes are filled. I then take my time getting her ass all nice and pink, spanking her with my hands and then a paddle! Then, I inform her it's time for her to eat my pussy, and she does so beautifully, kneeling on the floor between my legs and sucking and licking my clit until I cum. I then decide that she's earned some attention and I put on my strap-on for her to suck, commanding her to impress me with her skills and show me how much of a greedy little slut she can be. She deepthroats and gags on my cock, getting all messy and dribbly, and when I'm satisfied I bend her over again and fill her pussy with my cock, fucking her tight hole until she's moaning and trembling! Before she can cum I pull out of her and make her sit down on the sofa with her legs spread, and inform her that she's been a very good little slut and I'm going to use some toys on her now until she cums for me. I use a wand vibrator on her clit and a glass dildo in her pussy, pleasuring her until her creamy pussy is making a huge mess all over my sofa and she finally cums! ~~This is Molly Darling's first Girl/Girl video! Make sure to go check her other videos out :)
duration 28:49
Fiona's Little Slut - My First G/G Video video from Molly Darling
Fiona's Little Slut - My First G/G Video by Molly Darling Fiona’s Little Slut - Featuring FionaDagger This is my first ever girl on girl video! I get dommed by the beautiful FionaDagger. She does so many naughty things to me - So exciting! We have both released the video on our manyvids (it is the same content but we edited the footage separately so the finished video will be slightly different) *** Video description: Fiona starts by kissing me, touching me all over and running her hands up and down my body. She kisses my neck and puts her fingers in my mouth. She tells me to lift my hair as she collars me with a leash. I’m already putty in her hands! She uses the leash to pull me close and kiss me whilst touching my pussy through my bodysuit. She puts a ballgag in my mouth and guides me to her sofa where she positions me head down ass up. Fiona inserts an anal hook and fills my pussy with a vibrating toy. I tremble and whimper, feeling so full. She spanks my ass with her bare hands, moving on to a paddle and finally a flogger. My ass goes a nice shade of pink as I wriggle and squirm. Now it’s time for Fiona to put her good little slut to good use.. she pulls me close with my leash and I immediately start to lick her pussy. I can’t help but to eat her out and burrow my face in between her legs. She tells me if I’m a good girl and make her cum then I will get a turn too. I eat her pussy until she cums all over my face. Next I have to suck Fionas cock. She tells me to put my tongue out and rubs her strap-on all over it. I suck and gag on her cock until I’m drooling all down my chest. It’s all wet and ready for her to fuck me. I get fucked doggy style as she grabs my hair and puts her fingers in my mouth. As I’ve been such a good girl Fiona says she will let me cum, I really want to. She sits me down with my legs spread and uses a wand vibrator on my clit. Then she fills my pussy with a glass toy and fucks me. I don’t last for long until I’m on the edge and I cum hard. I make a wet, creamy mess. Fiona pulls out the toy and licks my pussy before kissing me for the final time. Post filming mini interview before the video ends! *** Tags: GirlGirl, lesbian, bisexual, first time, kissing, collar and lead, ball gag, lingerie, stockings, spanking, face slapping, fingers in mouth, hair pulling, domme, sub, bdsm, bare handed spanking, paddle, flogger, anal hook, lovense, pussy licking, pussy eating, orgasm, genuine, cum, strapon, blowjob, gag, deepthroat, spit, drool, strapon fucking, doggy, wand, toys, glass dildo, dirty talk, English, British, G/G, redhead, tattoos

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