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Morning Birthday Sex BBW GFE video from Penelope Peach
Morning Birthday Sex BBW GFE by Penelope Peach Custom video. The name "Dave" is used. Customer description: I wake up next to you in bed. You look groggy, just waking up yourself, but smiling. "Morning Dave," you say cheerfully. "Happy Birthday!" You have a slight pep in your voice, as if you were slightly singing. You seem a little on the nervous side as if you have something to say but a little embarrassed. "So, I, um, was thinking... we've been together for 4 months now- remember when you asked me out on Christmas Eve?" You giggle. "Yeah." I say. "I was so nervous that night." "But I was so turned on when you asked. You didn't know I was so wet that night. I wanted you so bad that night!" (Holy cow really) You glance down to see a tent made in the sheets. "Does that turn you on?" I nod. "Well I was thinking giving part of your present right now... if you don't mind." I shake my head. Of course I don't mind. Who doesn't like presents? I do wonder why you bring up how long we been together. My man instincts kick in and wonder if I'm in trouble, like I forgot a milestone in our short relationship. But there is one thing we haven't done, despite you hanging out and staying over we never had sex. You told me earlier in our relationship you wanted to wait which was fine with me, but why tell me how bad you wanted to fuck me then? As I wrestle with thoughts in my head you pull the sheets down and pull back my underwear to expose my fully erect penis. "Mmmmm Dave your cock is so big!" You exclaim. "I wonder how it tastes..." You start to lick the precum from the tip of my shaft. "Mmmmmm" you moan. Your tongue darts in a circular motion around my cock and you take my shaft into your month. "Mmmmmm... tastes better than I imagined." You decide to work on my rod, half in your mouth as you slow jerk the bottom. I can feel the vibration as you moan while you suck my cock. "Oh, Peach" I whelp. Your mouth feels so good I feel like I can cum any minute, but I hold back as best as I can to enjoy it as much as possible. Feeling me tighten up a little, you proceed to suck hard and pop me out of my mouth. "Not yet" you warn me. You proceed to jerk me with the spit from you mouth as you decide to work on my balls. You proceed to take one in your mouth but I yelp a little, so you revert to licking them while you continue to jerk me off. "Mmmm baby, I think it's time I give you your other present." You stop jerking and take my undies off, and then take off yours. I see your shaved pussy for the first time and my cock is eager to caress your exposed vulva. You turn around and position yourself to slide my cock into you. "OOOH!" You yelp. "You feel soooo good right now!" You proceed to ride my cock like a pro, almost rhythmically twerking just so I can see your ass riding up and down on my cock, ever once in a while getting a glimpse of your asshole. I decide to grab a hold of your hips to help keep me inside you as you ride my cock. "Oh babe, I think I want to get off when you're inside me. I have an idea." You jump off of me and look inside your bag of clothes you brought from home and pull out a Hitachi. "Ever felt a girl use this when you're inside her?" "No I haven't. Is it like a vibrator?" I ask. "No, much better. You'll see." I have a feeling you wanted this "present" as much for yourself. You decide to get on top of me again, this time facing me and pull off your nighty, exposing your large breasts. "Oh my God," I say. "You're beautiful." You give me a little smirk as you turn the Hitachi on and rub in in between your clit and part of my shaft poking from your vagina. "Oh, my god!" I say. I wasn't expecting the vibration to be that strong. "Too much?" you ask. "N-n-no. It just startled me a little, that's all." You smile as you concentrate rubbing yourself with the toy as you start to slowly bounce up and down on top of me. I match you by moving up and down my pelvis and hear some very satisfying "smacks" from out lovemaking. I can feel you start to intensify. Your pussy begins to tighten around my cock as if it was trying to drain me. "Baby, I think I'm gonna-" "OH FUCK ME DAVE! FILL MY PUSSY UP WITH EVERY DROP OF THAT CUM!" You start to orgasm hard. I explode hard inside you as the feeling of your pussy tightening and the Hitachi overwhelms me. "OH PEACH!" I yell. You turn off the toy as we concentrate on fucking each other. Your tits sway back and forth across my face, and I take one in my mouth and suck it. "MMMM DAVE!" You shout. You take one hand and rub your clit as you ride me. "OH FUUUUUUUUCK!" I can feel you intensify again as if to say my cock was yours and all yours. You climb down off of me and smile to blow me a kiss. "Happy Birthday, Dave."

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