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duration 10:39
Pregnant Friend Seduces You - GFE video from Molly Darling
Pregnant Friend Seduces You - GFE by Molly Darling [custom vid] Pregnancy fetish//GFE//romantic feel//virtual sex//kissing // Your best friend has been acting strange for the last few months, you've barely seen or heard from her. You were starting to get worried about what was going on with her when she invited you over to her apartment for a catch up. You're in her room and she's wearing a bathrobe. She thanks you for coming and apologises for the way she's been behaving for the last few weeks. Things haven't been good for her and she's had a lot going on in her head.. rather than confusing you more, she shows you.. opening her bathrobe to expose her newly pregnant belly and swollen breasts. You're shocked as you didn't think she had a boyfriend. Looking embarrassed, she explains that she went to a party and had a one night stand with a total jerk. She was careless and didn't use protection.. now she's pregnant and he doesn't even know. She sits you down on the bed and thanks you for being such a good friend. You've known each other for such a long time and have been through so much.. she had an idea that maybe you'd like to play happy families together. No one will suspect a thing. You could get married and it could be the beginning of starting your own family together. She takes her bathrobe off, completely nude in front of you. She looks so beautiful that you can't resist but to give in to her seduction. She kisses you passionately and climbs on top of you. Now that she's pregnant, you don't even need to worry about using a condom. You slide inside of her and she rides you lovingly, kissing you every now and then and telling you what a great wife she would be. You could make love like this every day if she was your wife. Eventually you both cum together and you finish inside of her. Afterwards you lie together in bed and you tell her that you agree to her plan. She is so happy and grateful to you. She kisses you and tells you she loves you.
duration 11:46
GFE: hotfasthardfuck 4K video from Sloansmoans
GFE: hotfasthardfuck 4K by Sloansmoans We’ve been going out for a while but we haven’t gotten the chance to be alone… that is until… now. My parents left the house for a few minutes and I quite literally jump at the opportunity to ride you. My pussy has been wet for weeks waiting for this moment. No time for talking! No time for foreplay! I hop onto your dick and start riding. Hard and fast right out the gate. I tell you that I’ll be quiet so the neighbors don’t hear us but… that mentality goes quickly out of the window. I’m ravaging your dick with my pussy. Bouncing frantically in so much pleasure, I can’t help myself. I’m starting to lose control. My moans get louder, my tits shake and bounce with vigor. This is all for you, babe. No one handles me like you and I don’t care who can hear us. Let them fucking hear us! I’m not going to stop! I need to cum, I need your dick, I unravel completely as I ride you. You hear people downstairs? My parents are home. But I’m a bad girl, I’m insatiable and I need to get off. I ride you harder as I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. I’m moaning so fucking loud. They're right outside the door. I don’t care. They open the door and see us. I double down on you and make my parents watch as I cum all over my boyfriends dick. That’s right. I’m a bad girl… enjoy me, xo ROLE PLAY/GFE/COWGIRL POV SEX/NO FOREPLAY/ARMPIT/ARMPIT FETISH/HAIR PULLING/DIRTY TALK/INTENSE FUCKING/BIG TITS/LOUD FUCKING/MOANING FETISH
duration 38:26
Your Anal Slut Girlfriend video from Fiona Dagger
Your Anal Slut Girlfriend by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You arrive home from work to find your girlfriend waiting for you in quite a state! She tells you how insanely horny and slutty she's been feeling all day, and that she is desperate for you to fuck her ass tonight! She asks if you'd like to watch while she warms up and stretches out her asshole for your cock, so you can get hard and ready for her while you watch her use her plugs and different toys. You agree and she peels off her skirt, pulling her thong to the side to insert her first butt plug. She spreads, shakes and slaps her ass while she pushes her toy in and out of her tight hole, talking to you all the while about how dirrty she's been feeling while she was waiting for you to get home, and how she wants you to pound her ass and then glaze her face with your cum! She uses a couple more larger plugs, some anal beads, and then a glass dildo, making sure her ass is nice and warmed up for you, and teasing you all the time to make sure you're rock hard and frustrated for her. She then says she wants you to fuck her pussy, but only a little, as she knows her tight, wet pussy will make you want to cum super quickly, and she can't let that happen! She teases your cock with her pussy, barely letting you insert, until you're both desperate for more. Finally she demands you fuck her ass now, and lets you pound her tight hole in multiple positions as she keeps up a constant stream of dirty talk. As you're getting close she decides she's changed her mind about having you cum on her face, she now wants it deep in her ass instead, and begs you desperately for your cum, getting you to blow a huge load deep inside her asshole! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent, anal, ass, dildo fucking, solo female, roleplay, dirty talk, long socks, thong, crop top, buttplug, anal beads, begging, big ass, small boobs, girlfriend experience, gfe

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