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duration 41:34
Huge Orgasm after being Stretched video from LindzyLuv
Huge Orgasm after being Stretched by LindzyLuv OMG I have a HUGE orgasm after being stretched open and having my holes examined!

I just got home from a party and now it's time to play. I slowly undress for you, taking off everything but my sexy lace thigh-highs. I roll over on my side and start playing with my butt. I bend over and finger my asshole and pull my butt cheeks apart and lightly spank myself. Soon, it's just not fair to tease the both of us anymore. The horniness and excitement for anal pleasure overcomes me, as I quickly grab for my lube and thick pink butt plug. I just start fucking my asshole. I am gaping and prolapsing within moments.

What I am really looking forward to, is you examining my holes... up close and personal. I need my asshole to get even bigger! So, I grab my inflatable butt balloon and start pumping myself out and pulling it out of me, making it huge and fucking myself stupid with it. I stick the butt balloon into my ass and make it as big as I can, and then I start fucking myself in my pussy with my other butt plug at the same time... Then I take my Hitachi Magic Wand and rub on my clit all at the same time! It feels so good, I can't contain myself and I let myself have a couple small, elongated orgasms.

While I am feeling so good, I decide it's time to let you examine me. I shine the light on my asshole, schooch up close to you, and open myself up wide with the speculum. After a good look inside me, I take out another speculum and play with my pussy... I take the speculums and put them in my holes, open them, and slowly pull them out of me, leaving my naughty holes gaped and stretched out... This just drives me crazy even more! I just have to cum. I vigorously fuck my holes, and gape them and prolapse myself, getting juicy and wet, teasing you, going crazy! I blow up my butt balloon HUGE inside my asshole one last time while my pussy is stuffed with a butt plug, and I use my Magic Wand on myself again. I am cumming, and moaning, and squirting all over myself and my bed. My butt plug is pushed out of me first, and I keep the giant butt balloon inside as long as I can until it is pushed out as well, as I reach my ultimate climactic, squirting, gushing orgasm!
duration 45:07
Prolapsed Goddess video from LindzyLuv
Prolapsed Goddess by LindzyLuv It is time again, for extreme stretching and prolapsing of my sweet asshole. I start out by teasing you, wearing black, lacey thigh-high tights and a bikini. I have a clear, glass butt plug in my hole, so you can see inside me right away. My asshole starts out so small, and I am ready to play with it until it's a huge, gaping, prolapsed rosebud.

I take another butt plug, and begin to fuck my asshole with it, and fingering my asshole... taking two or three fingers with each hand, and stretching my asshole open and pushing it out. Then, I take the glass butt plug, and the pink rubber butt plug, and insert both of them in my ass at the same time. My asshole is gaping and getting stretched out bigger and bigger and wider.

I fist my ass and open my fingers inside of it. I then attempt to put a soda can inside myself... after struggling with the immense size of the can, and failing to get it inside me, I decide to try a different technique. So, I grab my Hitachi Magic Wand, and work it into my asshole. I turn on the vibrations and let it loosen me up, stuffing the head of the wand entirely into my ass. I put it in and out, pushing out my rosebud every time I take it back out of me.

Then I take a HUGE clear rubber butt plug, and continue to struggle, using lots of lube, cramming it into my loose hole. I wine and moan, and wiggle my ass around the toy, pushing, until I finally get it inside of me. You can see right into my asshole. I do extreme close-ups of the view inside me... still pushing out my rosebud with the toy inside me.

I take the toy out, and spread my ass cheeks apart, and let you enjoy my rosebud, huge and expanding with every push. This is the biggest, wettest, and most delicious looking rosebud I have ever done. It's the size of a fist, and I don't even need to stretch myself to make it come out anymore, I just give myself a good push, and every thing comes out. I take my fingers and finger and slap my rosebud. Then I finger my pussy until I am squirting all over myself. Lube and pussy juices are running down my asshole, and I am pushing the juices in and out of my delicious hole. I cum over and over again until I can no longer take it... I lay back and stretch out both my asshole and pussy for you, sopping wet and drippy with cum, for you to gaze upon.

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