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duration 33:04
Passionate FTM sex tape part 2 video from FTM SALEM
Passionate FTM sex tape part 2 by FTM SALEM This full-length movie begins with FTM King Midas gazing out the window of his room with a bong in his hand. As he goes to hit the bong, fellow FTM Salem walks in, arriving just in time for King to shotgun the hit into their mouth. King goes to load another bowl, realizing that his sleeves have come unrolled. He begins to roll them back up, but Salem stops him, volunteering instead to roll up his Daddy's sleeves. King acquiesces to Salem, watching as they roll up his sleeves slowly and methodically. Once Salem finishes, King proceeds to load the bowl and pass it to him. Salem then takes the hit and shotguns the hit to King, only just stopping to take a breath before kissing King deeply and passionately. The two kiss for quite awhile, moving closer to each other, until King stops the kiss and demands Salem to strip for him. Salem says "yes, Daddy" before beginning to strip slowly out of their shirt, binder, and jockstrap. Once naked, Salem kneels to give King a blowjob. After King has satisfied himself by fucking Salem's face and causing him to drool and cry, he rewards him by returning the favor. King and Salem switch positions so that now King is sucking Salem's tcock while jerking himself off. Finally, King can't take it anymore and moves to start fucking Salem in missionary position with his 8-inch strap on, building up a firm and even stroke. After awhile of fucking them this way, King flips Salem over and resumes fucking them from behind, the camera moving between third person and POV to capture every jaw-dropping angle. King Midas fucks Salem in doggystyle faster and faster until both of them are rock hard, moaning and aching to cum. Salem cums first, twitching and trembling, and King cums right after, murmuring to Salem that he's blowing his hot load inside his pussy.
duration 9:41
Pussy dreamcatcher : first stretch & insertions video from KinkyCuntboy
Pussy dreamcatcher : first stretch & insertions by KinkyCuntboy Obscene and explicit hairy cunt exposure and discipline. This is the first time I stretch my big hairy cunt in a dreamcatcher. Im incredibly aroused, in deep submission, with a black full mask on my face, my black tshirt pulled up, nipples bare and clamped, my big hairy cunt bared and explicitly spread in the dreamcatcher as I lay on my back on a black table. My meaty pink flaps are clamped and tightly pulled apart showing you the pink insides of my fuckhole. I submissively show you my aroused pink cunt stretched in the dreamcatcher. Watch it convulsing, twitching, look inside my fuck hole. And that’s not all - a wooden stick, a wooden spoon and finally ten chopsticks are obscenely inserted into my helpless pussyhole, one after another. After all the pussy-up discipline, I turn around to submissively display my meaty cunt spread in the dreamcatcher from behind as well, and you enjoy a glimpse of weights pulling my clamped nipples down. TAGS: dream catcher, dreamcatcher, pussy dream catcher, pussy dreamcatcher, pussy stretching, stretched pussy, pussy stretched wide, stretching, pussy bondage, tied pussy, pussy torture, cunt torture, pussy discipline, bdsm, bondage, extreme, device bondage, insertion, pussy insertion, chopsticks, chopsticks insertion, inside pussy, see inside pussy, pussy hole, hairy pussy, hairy cunt, big hairy cunt, big hairy pussy, meaty pussy, big cunt, big pussy, huge pussy, meaty, big labia, big clit, black, mask, mask fetish, fetish, kink, ftm, sub, submissive, pussy gape, gaping pussy, gape, gaping, clamped pussy, pussy clamps, weights, nipple clamps, nipple pussy clamps, nipples pussy clamped, nipple weights, hanging weights
duration 14:27
3inches wide monsterdildo destroys meaty hairy ftm pussy till it drips video from KinkyCuntboy
3inches wide monsterdildo destroys meaty hairy ftm pussy till it drips by KinkyCuntboy In cowboy jeans and red shirt I sit and play with a monstrously huge 3 inch wide dildo - and you know Im gonna fuck it, dont you? Big cocks turn me into a submissive slut. I unbuckle and pull down my jeans, revealing hairy horny pussy. It's ready to be monsterfucked. I take my time, teasing my cunthole on the monster, slowly and gradually impaling myself on its enormous cock head. My pussy, stretched to the extreme, hurts a bit, but I crave to be spread wide and thoroughly penetrated through my docile cunt deep into my core. As that happens, I become crazily horny and very submissive, - I open my shirt and clamp my chest. Watch me fucking the huge monster with weights dangling from my nipples. I wanna cum so I put electric massager to pleasure my clit. My pussy is wet, leaking and LITERALLY dripping, hair around the asshole soaking wet, as you watch my insanely obscene pussy destruction and listen to me cumming like a desperate sub with his horny fuckhole stuffed by a monster dick. I'm so done after that… so I lay back and let my pink fucked cunt show a huge wet gape to you. TAGS: monster dildo, brutal dildo, monsterdildo, enormous dildo, extreme dildo, huge dildo, big dildo, monster dildo fuck, huge dildo fuck, huge dildo in pussy, dripping pussy, wet pussy, destroyed pussy, pussy destruction, pussy fuck, cunt fuck, extreme penetration, hairy pussy, gape, gaping, gaping pussy, ftm, transman, submissive slut, ftm pussy, ftm fuck, ftm dildo, ftm huge dildo, hairy asshole, hairy ass, pussy stretching, pussy stretched, jeans, shirt, nipple clamps, clamped nipples, clamps with weights, massager

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