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Ruthless Red Heel Tease & Denial SPH video from Marigoddess
Ruthless Red Heel Tease & Denial SPH by Marigoddess Aching to worship under the heel of a true Goddess while you jerk your dick, the opportunity of a lifetime has presented itself. Wearing red lace lingerie, red Cuban heeled stockings and long sharp red stiletto high heels, She paints a picture of divine feminine energy. Goddess awaits with protocol laid out; you're to follow each and every instruction given to you without question. You're not to touch yourself until given permission. And, you're not to bring yourself to climax until given the approval of your bratty Superior. Sensually teasing you with Her long slender legs in heels, She knows how hard it must be for you to resist. Giggling like a brat, She challenges your submission repeatedly; Don't stroke until She gives the word. She wants to see you earn the privilege of jerking off. She wants to know just how badly you want it, so She makes you beg for it. Once She tells you to pull your cock out, ready to allow you to jerk off, She's quickly disappointed by the tiny pathetic penis you present Her with. "How is it so small? How is still so soft?" She points, laughs, calls you a loser and makes small size gestures at your little member. She compares your tiny size to the length of Her high heels. Ruthless humiliation and denial is clearly what you deserve. She's gracious enough to allow you to two finger tug, but She's not going to let you cum. Instead, She puts you in your place, leaving you with a bruised ego and big blue balls that make your dick look minuscule in comparison.

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