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duration 14:09
Nurse Gives You a Double Dose of JOI video from MsCakes
Nurse Gives You a Double Dose of JOI by MsCakes You recently came across an ad requesting sperm donors for medical research, and decide to volunteer. As you enter the lab, you’re pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a hot young Asian nurse. She thanks you for coming and explains that they’ll require two sperm samples from you today. Unfortunately since it’s a research facility, they don’t have any porn magazines or videos available, but luckily you’re welcome to admire her beauty while you jerk off instead. You’re a little nervous at first, but with her gentle encouragement you take your dick out and start stroking slowly to her beautiful face. She seems to know exactly how to get you going just by licking her lips and sticking her tongue out seductively, getting you rock hard in no time. You continue stroking harder and faster at her command, imagining that warm wet tongue running up and down your cock. When you’re ready, she gives you a countdown from 10 and tells you to cum for her pretty face and tongue. You fill up the first container with your big creamy load, which she tells you to seal up promptly. Then since she knows that the second round might be a bit more challenging, she decides to give you a little extra encouragement. She’s noticed you glancing over at her feet ever since you walked in, and guesses correctly that you have a foot fetish. With that, she takes her sneakers off to reveal her beautiful bare feet for you to admire and jerk off to. It doesn’t take long for you to get hard again at the sight of her perfect soles and pedicured toes, especially when she wiggles and spreads them for you. When she sees that you’re starting to get close again, she teases you even further by wiggling her toes and flicking her tongue out at the same time. Then she gives you another countdown from 10 and tells you to imagine cumming all over her pretty feet. You can’t believe you were able to cum so much in such a short period of time, and the nurse is quite impressed with the amounts as well. She invites you to come back and donate again anytime, and you think you’ll have to take her up on that... y’know, for science! ;)
duration 9:33
The Mask Transformation video from BlackxRose92
The Mask Transformation by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "A meek, stressed out office worker enters her home after a long day of work, a mysterious mask sitting on the bed in front of her. She muses about how she came about such a steal in her favorite antique shop before setting it down and unwinding from the day. After sighing, she plops down on the bed and kicks off her heels. She proceeds to massage her sore feet while lamenting about how much extra money she could make selling feet pictures and videos if she only had more self confidence. We cut to the mask lying on the bed giving off a faint green glow. She takes one more deep breath and then towards her attention to the mask. She laughs to herself saying maybe she can do it while hiding her face with that. She holds the mask up to see how it would fit. Inspecting the mask, she wonders how one is supposed to hold this to their face with no strap. She holds it at her chest and looks at her reflection one last time, saying lets see how it looks. As she brings the mask close, it suddenly tries to suck itself onto her face with a loud suction sound, she panics and manages to rip the mask away with a loud pop. Gasping and looking at the mask in shock, she tries to calm down wondering if work has her more tired than usual. She turns from the mask, holding it away from her. A green glow ripples across the inside of the mask and she slowly starts to bring it up towards her. As it gets within a few inches, the mask leaps out of her hands and slams into her face, throwing her head back. She starts groaning in pain as the mask begins squirming and tightening on her face, making sickening rubbery squelching sounds. Tentacles shoot out and start wrapping around her head. She throws her hands up and grasps the back of her head screaming “no no no no no” as the edges of the mask come together, sealing her in. She throws her head up towards the camera, howling in horror and pain as the mask continues to squirm and tighten on her face. Crying for help, she desperately drags her nails down her face, leaving glowing nail marks down the mask. She clasps the sides of her head, as if dealing with the worst headache imaginable before she spins into a human sized tornado. She tears around the room as her screams rise several octaves, lightning flashes and illuminates her skeleton within the tornado. After spinning a few more seconds, it suddenly screeches to a halt revealing a green faced figure. “SSSSSMOKIN!!” she exclaims as she flexes her toes and examines her makeover. She touches and admires her new face, winking at her the camera as she giddily fawns over her new look and how good she feels. She looks down at her feet and decides now is as good a time as any to start a foot page. She leaps onto her bed to shoot a POV foot JOI giving dirty feet JOI."
duration 3:23
Gender Neutral MILF Feet JOI video from BlackxRose92
Gender Neutral MILF Feet JOI by BlackxRose92 This is for all genders and bodies, because I have legions of fans that adore my spoiled feet. My pedicured toes are soft and know how to make you cum hard with little effort on their part, but you'll have to play fast. While you fantasize about spending a minute sucking on and savoring each of my toes, I only have a handful of minutes to encourage you to orgasm for me.

My pampered feet are exceptionally well taken care of, and over indulged regularly, but that's why you get so horny for them. My wrinkled soles tease you to bliss as I flex them right in your face, wiggling my toes inches from your lips, and utter euphoria. I give you unfettered access to my every part of my naked feet because I know you'll be drooling for them long after you've had a taste. These toes will make you salivate as you beg for more, even while they coax orgasm after orgasm from you.

You don't have a minute per toe, but my feet will make you fantasize about every second you can gleam from them as I encourage you to masturbate for me using gender inclusive terms appropriate for all bodies. My greedy, spoiled feet love to be pampered by all, but they love making you cum over and over and over and over, even more. How many times will you come for my barefoot teasing? Even one orgasm per toe won't be enough to satisfy them, but I know you'll try, and you'll certainly give them a massive orgasm in placation before you watch this winner on repeat. But they'll be back for more... How much of my sexy MILF feet can you handle before you cum too hard to keep going? Be careful or they'll have you mesmerized into masturbating for them multiple times a day before you realize how much you adore my delicious feet.

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