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FATTENING UP SISTER & FUCKING FOR MASTER 4 by Kaiia Eve In a private harem meant for fattening up beautiful girls, two sisters- Cara and Kaiia- have just arrived. I have been put in charge of Cara, and is instructed that I must fatten her up for Master or else she'll be sold! So every day I come into Cara's bed chambers' and makes her to eat- despite Cara's protests. Today I came in with all sorts of fattening foods, pasta, garlic bread, a milkshake, and lots of cakes for dessert! I start to make Cara eat as she is tied to the bed. I am constantly talking convincing her into taking bite after bite. Finally, Cara has had enough and pleads that she must be fat enough for the Master now because she has gained so much weight! I am not quite sure yet, and I decide to test Cara out to make sure that she is ready. I come back with the only way to test if Cara is ready: by fucking her with huge strap on I tell Cara that this is her test so get ready! To Cara's dismay she rolls on her back to let me fuck her tight, young, and wet pussy. I fuck her, touching her soft body and commenting on how soft and fat shes gotten all over! The whole time I fuck Cara she can't stop shoving the tasty deserts down her throat. Cara finally climbs on top of the monster cock, which in turn makes me orgasm. Cara then cums too and we both collapse exhausted from pleasure..... But I have to let Cara know that it wasnt enough, she isnt fat enough yet, and she will continue eating all of the meals I have to bring her every four hours. preview available: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/122991/kaiia-n-kinks/Cat0-AllCategories/Page1/SortBy-bestmatch/Limit10/search/FEEDER%2FFEEDEE
duration 6:57
Robbed Fatty Forced Donuts and Panty Gag Orgasm video from Olivia Jaide
Robbed Fatty Forced Donuts and Panty Gag Orgasm by Olivia Jaide Olivia is hanging out at home alone when she hears an unexpected knock. Who could it be? She isn't expecting anyone at this hour and no one answers when she calls out. She cautiously opens the door and a man dressed in all black with a ski mask immediately pushes the door open and chokes her. She's crying out as she gets pushed over to her bed, "OMG! Who are you? What do you want with me, am I being robbed?"

Once she's thrown on the bed his replies while giving her belly a feel, "I like my girls big and I have donuts to feed you right now." She is so confused. He then notices the bed bondage restraints that Olivia has for fun and wants to use those instead of his rope. She wont give in so he forcefully pulls her arm back and cuffs her. Doing the same with her other arm and legs as she struggles.

Olivia wants to know why he can't just be a normal robber, take what he wants and leave. But he has a special plan before that. A very frightened fatty is then having donuts slammed in her mouth with very little time to chew. This ought to keep her quiet while also indulging in one of the robber's fantasies. Once he's done with that, he's got to do what robbers do and take thing. Ransacking Olivia's place and taking what he wants as she pleads for him not to, he comes across her underwear drawer. Just what he was looking for. Stuffs a few pair of extra extra extra large panties in her mouth to shut her up and completes the panty gag with tape. She cannot make as much noise now, and he continues to go about taking whatever he wants. Comes back just to let the tied up helpless fatty know that he will be leaving... and wishing her luck on getting untied.

Olivia is frightened and struggles momentarily before her helplessness starts to turn her on. Her moans of terror become moans of pleasure through the panty gag as she has an orgasm.
duration 10:09
AYLA AYSEL WANTS TO BE PREGNANT FOREVER by Ayla Aysel Pregnant Ayla Aysel is so full after eating dinner she’s sitting on the couch groaning from how full she is. but you tell her she has to eat more! She argues saying there’s no way she could fit another piece in her stomach. You tell her of course she can so she shows you her massive stomach! She takes her tank top off to show her giant belly! Ayla rubs her massive belly saying it’s insane how big she’s gotten & there’s no way she could fit anything else in it. She unbuttons her shorts to relieve her stomach a little. She rubs her belly & talks about how much she loves her pregnant belly & how much she’s going to miss it. Ayla puts her belly up in your face rubbing it & showing it off from every angle. Her belly takes up so much room but she knows how much her pregnant belly turns you on. Ayla notices your dick getting hard in your pants & she’s so flattered you’re turned on by her massive pregnant belly bump. She tells you to jerk your dick to her beautiful belly bump. She rubs her stomach moaning from excitement. She tells you since she dos have a few weeks left, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to keep feeding her all her cravings until she finally POPS. It’s a win win situation, she gets to eat herself silly & you get to jerk off to her ever growing stomach. She wants to be your pregnant feedee! Ayla wants you to keep stuffing her with food & stuffing her with cum so she can be pregnant FOREVER! Ayla tells you to cum all over her big beautiful pregnant belly!

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