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duration 90:11
Diaries of a Queer Porn Star video from TROUBLEfilms QueerPornTV
Diaries of a Queer Porn Star by TROUBLEfilms QueerPornTV This new hardcore full length film from Courtney Trouble is part confession, part reality, part experimental porno – and all of Courtney’s authentically sexy, weird, sexual self. It starts in Sin City with two back to back fantasy scenes, POV footage behind the scenes on a porn shoot with wet pussy fucking and ass eating starring Miss LingLing and Mischievous Kitty. With audio diary interludes proving insight about Trouble’s pornographic world, the film shows an intimate and erotic moments in the performer’s bedroom. More hardcore scenes are included, with that confessional vibe throughout the film. Lotus Lain has a sweet cameo, bringing Courtney cookies in bed and providing them with her first food fetish scene ever. Chelsea Poe comes over and helps Courtney fuck B Nefarious in the face with strap ons in a self-shot scene that crosses POV and gonzo porn with a healthy dose of bratty BDSM play. Footage with Lila Lovely is interwoven into the intro, as are dancing scenes from various Courtney Trouble cam shows in silky lingerie, pom poms, sparkly spandex, and fancy hotel linens. And the grande finale, Courtney meets back up with Miss LingLing for a first-ever encounter – witness Courtney’s first scene ever sucking a cis man’s cock and titty fucking, and getting her pussy eaten by a male porn performer – while he’s fucking LingLing to orgasm. Diaries of a Queer Porn Star breaks with the conventions of porn but presents an emerging idea for Star Vehicle productions. ONe that centers itself around the performer’s desires so much that’s it’s filmed, edited, and marketed entirely by the performer themself. This film was made by Courtney Trouble and their hard-working friends and colleagues in the indie adult industry. “I have to admit, this films shows a bratty, playful dominant side of me. one who likes to tease, taste, and experiment. it’s technically the sequel to Courtney Trouble Fan Club, with a fistful of my favorite selfie scenes – but i would say it’s gone further than ever before in explicitness and eroticism. I’ve never said this much about what I do in the context of visual art before. It was intense to make and I hope it’s rewarding to watch. I wanted to make something that could excite fans as home as much as a crowd of film festival fans.” – Courtney Trouble Tags: bbw, casting couch, courtney trouble, diaries of a queer porn star, food play, g/g/b, hitachi, lila lovely, ling ling, lotus lain, milf, mommy, pussy eating, reverse, scissoring, strap on, tit fucking, tribbing This film is an artistic showcase of Courtney Trouble’s porn performances, with short experimental vignettes piecing together longer hardcore scenes. Format: Digital Download Length: 90 minutes Starring: Courtney Trouble with Chelsea Poe, Lotus Lain, Lila Lovely, Miss LingLing, Mischievous Kitty, AJ the IT Guy, and the legendary B Nefarious.
duration 18:37
Piggy Wood's Messy All Fours Cake Stuffing video from Wood
Piggy Wood's Messy All Fours Cake Stuffing by Wood Wood wants to prove to you, her feeder, just much of a greedy piggy you've trained her to be. She shows off the super indulgent, three-tiered chocolate cake covered in icing and chocolate chips. Just the sight of the huge, rich cake is enough to turn her on and put her in full pig mode. She shows off what her empty belly looks like, then gets on all fours like the greedy hog she is and goes to town on the cake, head and snout first. She buries her face in the cake, moaning and not caring how messy or gluttonous she looks. She talks about how much she loves to be your fat pig, and eventually changes positions to just laying on her belly with her butt in your face, remarking how hard it is to hold herself up at this weight. She goes at it for a while, then sits up and takes the cake in her hands and continues to eat it face first. Even though her nose gets the brunt of the cake, she remarks how she loves that her snout is basically like a cake shovel, grabbing handfuls of the cake around her snout and stuffing her face with it. Don't you love to watch your piggy lose all control? A super messy and greedy cake stuffing with pig ears, a nose, and tail. Contains tons of feedist dirty talk, belly play, booty shaking, and tons of different angles of face-first cake stuffing! Perfect for slob lovers, messy lovers, and feeders who want to see a BBW go all out! This clip is one half of a custom clip! If you'd like to order your own, email woodsgotfunding at gmail !

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