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Gay Goth BBW Groping with Princess of Games video from Wood
Gay Goth BBW Groping with Princess of Games by Wood When Wood and Princess of Games get together to finally film they can't deny the chemistry they have! After Wood has cinched Princess super tightly into her corset in the clip before, she can't help but want to run her hands all up and down Princess's soft BBW body. The two goth BBW's hop into bed together and begin to enjoy each other's soft chub. They make out passionately and grope each other's fat, taking breaks to compliment the other and comment on who is fatter, softer, and things like whose thighs are thicker. Princess's waist is cinched incredibly tiny by her corset, but has a whole roll of delicious soft fat hanging below it that Wood can't resist. They worship each other's fat, their bellies, thighs, and asses, before they get a little friskier. Wood asks Princess to straddle her so Wood can play with her belly from below. Princess remarks on how strong Wood's thighs are how she can take her weight on her so easily, and thats when Wood shows her how strong she really is. She thrusts up into her, causing Princess' whole body to bounce up and down. Feeling a little more dommy from showing off her strength, Wood then throws her off and grabs her legs and pulls her towards her. Princess seems to love being thrown around and things only get steamier from there. A super hot BBW Lesbian clip with great chemistry, belly play, jiggling, fat worship, thick thighs, straddling, great ass shots, making out, and tons of flirty dirty talk! Featuring Princess of Games

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