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duration 28:44
Succubus Seduces & Steals Virgin Soul video from Raven Fox
Succubus Seduces & Steals Virgin Soul by Raven Fox You're Stroking Your Cock, watching your favorite model's porn, and nut a load all over yourself, thinking about the idea of fucking your own lil Slut. You begin to drift and start having vivid dreams of a beautiful body in front of you. The sound and feeling of your cock being sucked wakes you up, and you're stunned in fear and pleasure from the sight of a Succubus slurping on your cock! What's even more crazy is she looks like your favorite model! She tells you she's a Fledgling Succubus, and in Order to Earn Her Horns, she must steal the Soul and Cum of a Virgin. She sucks and sucks and feels your load build up instantly, a huge load of cum draining down her throat. She demands more from your Virgin Body as her Succubus Saliva begins to Enchant Your Body. She climbs on top of you and begins riding your Virgin Cock inside her Pussy. She fucks you and rides you until another load is emptied in her pussy. You're beginning to loosen up as her Succubus Juices and Scent Envelops You, and You Stuff Your Cock Inside Her Asshole! She twerks her booty on your cock before you flip her back over and fuck her pussy again. You can't hold your third load, and drain your cock in her pussy again. You begin to take turns on her holes, and she rides you in several positions as you stretch her ass and pussy. Having your Virgin Cock fucked so much makes you drain a Fourth Load in Her Ass, and she begs for More! You Throw Her on Her Hands and Knees and Fuck Her Ass as Deep as You Can and She Demands You Cum so hard, it cums from both her holes. It takes little time for you to drain your next load as deep as you can in her ass, Her Succubus Body Pushes All the Cum from Both Her Holes! She demands one last pounding as you watch her face and expressions, watching her amazing it makes her feels to have captured a Perfect Virgin. The visuals of her sweet ass being pounded and her anime and ahegao expressions make you cum one last load all over her face, and she begins to play with your cum and blow bubbles to make you happy. Your lil Succubus may let you live, so be a good lil virgin and keep this between us!
duration 22:11
Neighbors Wife Cheats | BBC Creampie video from Cattie
Neighbors Wife Cheats | BBC Creampie by Cattie You and your neighbors have always been on good terms and fairly close. You've gone over to Cattie's to visit but, her husband's out. While you're catching up with each other, she confides that things haven't been soo great lately. But she feels bad ranting about her problems and asks about you and your wife. Seems you're both in the same boat... And you both have needs! Suggesting you both support each other's needs... Cattie's a bit unsure... it's still cheating... and she'd feel... well... somewhat bad for her husband... But... what if... we take off our rings? That's not cheating then, right? She makes a deal with you: show her your cock and if she's as impressed as she thinks she'll be, she'll take off her ring. But you have to take yours off too! The BIG reveal makes her jaw drop! She knew you'd be hung but, she wasn't prepared for the monster in your drawers! Instantly, her appetite for dick sky rockets! She tries shoveling as much of your massive rod into her mouth as she can. Gagging and drooling all over it! Her eyes crossing in delight! Mouth watering uncontrollably. She needs more and so do you! Exhilarated, there's no time to waste! Just pull her panties to the side and work that beast into her tight cunt! Her legs shaking; ass bouncing in your face! In all the excitement, Cattie forgets where you're going to cum!! We forgot to slip on a condom when we started... You tell her your going to cum inside of her and she becomes uncertain for only a split second. Fuck it! Flipping her over and drilling deep into her guts until you bust your nut soo deep inside of her she can taste it! In a euphoric state, she devours the pool of cum leaking from her slit. Making ahegao faces in pure bliss! You've always got a friend in her! LOTS of role play themed dirty talk, great POV/virtual fuck views, messy creampie cum play and more!
duration 54:36
Free Use Mommy - Extreme Taboo video from Darling Kiyomi
Free Use Mommy - Extreme Taboo by Darling Kiyomi Viewer Discretion Advised! This video contains themes of heavy taboo, reluctance, and blackmail. * After skipping school, you walked in on your mother with a strange man. She's sat you down to talk about it.. to try and explain that your father just doesn't meet her needs anymore. This affair is for the sake of their marriage, for the family. Begging you not to tell him, she begins to offer you anything as you show her videos on your phone you took of the incident. You tell her that unless she gets on her knees and sucks your cock, you'll make sure that he sees it. Reluctantly, she begins to suck your cock. With tears in her eyes, she sucks you off, reminding you of how wrong it is for a mother to do something so disgusting with her son. After making her take her tits out, you cum into her mouth while she begs for you not to do it again. (Scene 2) The next day you walk into the kitchen, and demand your mother does it again. Your cock isn't satisfied, and you're not deleting the videos off your phone until your cock is pleased. She fights you on it, screaming at you about how this can't go on. After ripping her top off, you back her onto the countertops and take whats yours. She reluctantly gives in, and lets you cum over her ass while she pretends not to be cumming all over your cock. (Scene 3) Days later, your mother calls you into her room while your father is away. Stripping away her towel, she reveals herself in tight, lacely lingerie. She can't pretend not to like it anymore. She's addicted to her sons cock.. the way you dominate her. She wants you to fuck her, she wants to feel the cock she made. Suck on the tits you used to feed from, fuck the pussy you once ruined, and give her the dick that she made just for her. Your mother wants you to creampie her, while you kiss her and suck on her tits just like you used to.
duration 30:46
Custom: Sucking Your Bully's Cock video from Kitty Purry
Custom: Sucking Your Bully's Cock by Kitty Purry Your mother is a bit of a milf...being a professional trophy wife gives her a lot of free time and lately she's been intruding on your business. She's even found out that the school bully, Chuck, has been picking on you! How pathetic! You don't even fight back when he is humiliating you! She has a plan to fix it for you...she starts talking to Chuck...but turns out she kinda agrees with him. You do deserve to be picked on for being such a little loser, and Chuck has such a big, hard cock that he uses to show her what a real man her son could be! This 30minute, one-take video starts with your hot, young mom telling you to sit down. You can tell today is special because she picked you up (late again) wearing a skin tight little dress...and you could tell when she was bending over that she wasn't wearing any panties. But it turns out she has a little punishment in mind for her dweeb of a son. She's invited Chuck over for a marathon throat fuck and you have to sit and watch. She even has your bully film parts, putting them up on all your social medias, texting videos of her giving him a sloppy, long blowjob to all your friends. Will you be able to sit quietly while your bully grabs a fistful of hair, smudging your mother's lipstick, turning her into a sloppy, dirty mess? Making her to take as much of his almost 10inch thick while he holds her head down, cutting off her air? Cumming deep down her throat your mother's head in place so she can't breathe or move? Let's find out.....
duration 26:51
Goth Girl's Barnyard Affair (Custom!) video from XMochaPuffx
Goth Girl's Barnyard Affair (Custom!) by XMochaPuffx My description (provided for clarity/context. Scroll down to read customer’s original scene description) A hot gothgirl has been dating a werewolf for several months now & has unfortunately discovered that her sex drive doesn’t quite aline with his. So, she decides to take a little break from it all & escape to the countryside where her friend stays. It’s not long after her arrival that she’s in bed with him, slurping up his heavy, hard cock. Mocha’s eager to finally have some human dick, except.. her friend ruins the excitement by cumming too quickly on her face. Mocha, frustrated and disappointed, takes her ass out into her friends barn..where a very special “old friend” is staying. This friend has fur, and quite a massive cock.. and gives Mocha just what she was craving for this whole weekend. In the end… another little furry friend makes a surprise visit.. and this little saga will be continued… The following is the original customer’s scene description; Taking place right after "Werewolf & Tentacle Friend Event" you've had enough of that horny Werewolf and decide to get dress and disappear so that he can't find you (get in your car with a bag and leave) (Werewolf howl because you left) and you drive to the country side where you meet an old friend. While having a (redacted) you say your craving a real dick and and you decide to give him head (to show why that wolf wouldn't leave you alone) you suck and slob on your friend for 4 minutes and he cums all on your face. Upset because he came so early you decide to go sleep in the barn to be alone. That's when you meet "Action Pack" award winning Racer and he is So big you can't keep your eyes off of him and you decide to just stroke him and give him head (its so big you look like your choking and he didnt cum yet). Turning you on you decide to play with your pussy and tempt him to come and mount you. Once in you face him in multiple different positions (totally up to you) but after that he leaves you with a big creampie and when he slides out of you all the cum just globbs outs of you. As you go to sleep you hear barking and you end with "Hey Rex" (KEEP CLOTHES ON you can show breast and have your HIGH BLACK SHINY HEELS. if you can put horse sounds in the background like before with the werewolf that would be great if not i completely understand)

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