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duration 13:34
Step-Daddy's Girl Sunday Confession Creampie video from Marigoddess
Step-Daddy's Girl Sunday Confession Creampie by Marigoddess Your little girl calls you into Her bedroom to model Her pretty pink new Sunday dress before church service. "It isn't too skimpy, is it?" She asks, giggling. Twirling around, She inadvertently flashes Her black panties underneath. "step-Daddy, I have something to confess to you..." Your little girl needs to get it off Her chest before church. She knows it's wrong, sinful even, but She can't help Herself. Embarrassed, She admits to fantasizing about you. The way you look at your little girl with greedy, hungry eyes; She knows you feel the exact same way. Your naughty little girl convinces you to sin one last time before church service. She seduces step-Daddy into unbuckling his pants to jerk off for Her, reminding him to fold his slacks nicely so they don't get wrinkled. She lifts up Her dress, pulls Her panties to the side and starts rubbing Her clit for you. Your little girl needs your big thick rock hard cock in Her mouth. Who knew step-Daddy's little Princess was secretly a huge slut? She sucks your cock, slobbering down Her chin until She's practically begging for it in Her pussy. step-Daddy's little girl wants you to fuck Her hard and deep. She lifts up Her nice dress and sits on your cock upskirt, bouncing and giggling in pleasure. When your little girl is right on the edge of orgasm, She becomes cum hungry and demands your creampie as you climax together in unison. How does it feel to watch your massive cum load drip out of Her tight little pussy right before church?
duration 16:43
WET DREAM COME TRUE FOR AN INNOCENT JOURNALIST by Ellie Idol You're a journalist who will be interviewing me, a writer of notable success, on film in a private room at a local cafe. I show up with my hair in a bun, a black leather skirt and a trenchcoat...one of your favorite looks. This is intentional. After our interview is over, I ask to talk about YOU for a bit. We can leave the camera rolling in case something else pertaining to my job is brought up. I place a hand on your thigh because I like touching things I like and want. You're a little nervous over it, having a girlfriend and all, so I lean back and begin to unbutton my top. Look, you didn't get this interview because you were the best man for the job. Your boss Kyaa only sent you because she wanted to bring out the slut in you. And yes, her "accidental" touches of your crotch in the office were very much intentional. I'm here to corrupt you which seems like it will be very easy, as I'm your dream girl. I have the looks, the smarts, the attitude, and the outfit! Let's play a little blowjob game. I'm going to suck it, but when I do you MUST hold your breath. You've had an erection the entire interview, so I imagine you'll do ANYTHING I say. I am calling the shots here, slut! You'll be my obedient sex slave. After a bit of oral, I hop on for a ride, while slapping, scratching and spitting on your sexy body. To me, you're just a piece of meat made for my pleasure. You'll be giving me that camera card for my personal collection with the intention of filming a sequel. Oh, and be sure to avoid fucking your girlfriend for a few days so she doesn't see all those scratch marks. She'll know you cheated on her if she sees. ;)
duration 28:44
Succubus Seduces & Steals Virgin Soul video from Raven Fox
Succubus Seduces & Steals Virgin Soul by Raven Fox You're Stroking Your Cock, watching your favorite model's porn, and nut a load all over yourself, thinking about the idea of fucking your own lil Slut. You begin to drift and start having vivid dreams of a beautiful body in front of you. The sound and feeling of your cock being sucked wakes you up, and you're stunned in fear and pleasure from the sight of a Succubus slurping on your cock! What's even more crazy is she looks like your favorite model! She tells you she's a Fledgling Succubus, and in Order to Earn Her Horns, she must steal the Soul and Cum of a Virgin. She sucks and sucks and feels your load build up instantly, a huge load of cum draining down her throat. She demands more from your Virgin Body as her Succubus Saliva begins to Enchant Your Body. She climbs on top of you and begins riding your Virgin Cock inside her Pussy. She fucks you and rides you until another load is emptied in her pussy. You're beginning to loosen up as her Succubus Juices and Scent Envelops You, and You Stuff Your Cock Inside Her Asshole! She twerks her booty on your cock before you flip her back over and fuck her pussy again. You can't hold your third load, and drain your cock in her pussy again. You begin to take turns on her holes, and she rides you in several positions as you stretch her ass and pussy. Having your Virgin Cock fucked so much makes you drain a Fourth Load in Her Ass, and she begs for More! You Throw Her on Her Hands and Knees and Fuck Her Ass as Deep as You Can and She Demands You Cum so hard, it cums from both her holes. It takes little time for you to drain your next load as deep as you can in her ass, Her Succubus Body Pushes All the Cum from Both Her Holes! She demands one last pounding as you watch her face and expressions, watching her amazing it makes her feels to have captured a Perfect Virgin. The visuals of her sweet ass being pounded and her anime and ahegao expressions make you cum one last load all over her face, and she begins to play with your cum and blow bubbles to make you happy. Your lil Succubus may let you live, so be a good lil virgin and keep this between us!
duration 30:46
Custom: Sucking Your Bully's Cock video from Kitty Purry
Custom: Sucking Your Bully's Cock by Kitty Purry Your mother is a bit of a milf...being a professional trophy wife gives her a lot of free time and lately she's been intruding on your business. She's even found out that the school bully, Chuck, has been picking on you! How pathetic! You don't even fight back when he is humiliating you! She has a plan to fix it for you...she starts talking to Chuck...but turns out she kinda agrees with him. You do deserve to be picked on for being such a little loser, and Chuck has such a big, hard cock that he uses to show her what a real man her son could be! This 30minute, one-take video starts with your hot, young mom telling you to sit down. You can tell today is special because she picked you up (late again) wearing a skin tight little dress...and you could tell when she was bending over that she wasn't wearing any panties. But it turns out she has a little punishment in mind for her dweeb of a son. She's invited Chuck over for a marathon throat fuck and you have to sit and watch. She even has your bully film parts, putting them up on all your social medias, texting videos of her giving him a sloppy, long blowjob to all your friends. Will you be able to sit quietly while your bully grabs a fistful of hair, smudging your mother's lipstick, turning her into a sloppy, dirty mess? Making her to take as much of his almost 10inch thick while he holds her head down, cutting off her air? Cumming deep down her throat your mother's head in place so she can't breathe or move? Let's find out.....

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