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Becoming Sophie's Bitch video from Ellie Boulder
Becoming Sophie's Bitch by Ellie Boulder I met Sophie Ladder in passing at the Denver EXXXotica in April 2018. She was soft-spoken, mysterious, and cute as all hell. I had to find out more. After hearing a lot about her, I realized the girl I'd met might not be just a timid little trans girl, but a hot domme commodity. I just had to see if the rumors were true, so we met up and had a little fun. Our clip starts on the bed and I confront Sophie about what I'd heard. She's curious and prods me a bit while I giggle. My turn to be shy. While I bumble over my words, she grabs my hair to show me who's boss. She kisses me and I boldly reach over to touch her leg, but grab her boner instead. It's on. She chokes me, slaps me, and then pulls out clothespins, decorating my natural tits with her sadistic creativity. I am putty in her hands as she makes me suck her rock hard cock. The highlight was when she pulls out my butt plug and replaces it with an anal hook, tying a rope to it and choking me while she fucks my dripping wet pussy. We couldn't give the anal hook all the fun, so she pulls it out and fucks me in the ass hard, just like I like it, and cums deep into my right little asshole. I'm so glad I uncovered the rumors and became Sophie's bitch, even if only for just one night. Maybe it'll happen again sometime, who knows? - Big thanks to Kaiia Eve for filming and allowing us to use her place to film! Tags: bdsm, anal, butt plug, trans girl, ts, rope play, anal hook, clothespins, face fuck, pain play, choking, rough sex, hardcore, doggy, blow job, tattoos, hairy, slapping, ass, fingers in mouth, anal creampie, hairy pussy, trimmed bush, tgirl

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