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Lingerie Breathhold Turns to Struggle PT1 Goggles video from RedDesire
Lingerie Breathhold Turns to Struggle PT1 Goggles by RedDesire I'm enjoying myself in the bath letting my wet hair drip down my back, enjoying the feel of those silky tresses, when you suggest we have some fun and ask me to breathhold underwater. Wearing only my black and grey Ann Summers Bra and some black lacy panties, I play along and I hold my breath underwater releasing bubbles before emerging...not my best record but not too bad...I continue but the next time I try to emerge after breathholding I am unable to do so, as if I am being held down underwater...I struggle gasping underwater, moving my head side to side, my eyes behind my goggles silently pleading with you to release me and each time you do, I come up coughing and gasping... I thought we were just having some fun, why are you holding me down? Does this turn you on? I can't believe it but as I look at you aghast, I am pushed down once more, blowing bubbles and opening my mouth underwater as I beg for help and try to hold my breath... Some great closeups of my pleading eyes and mouth gasping underwater especially with my underwater camera! Watch part 2 when I remove my goggles breiefly but you push me under anyway...I then open my eyes underwater and again beg you to release me, again the underwater camera catches my expressions and pleading to be freed as I gasp and cough my way to the surface...(as many of you will know, I have never opened my eyes underwater so this is a virgin clip!) Tags: underwater fetish, blowing bubbles, breathholding, noseclip, goggles, gasping, coughing, spluttering, underwater camera, plead, beg, lingerie, bra and panties, wet hair,

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