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duration 14:27
3inches wide monsterdildo destroys meaty hairy ftm pussy till it drips video from KinkyCuntboy
3inches wide monsterdildo destroys meaty hairy ftm pussy till it drips by KinkyCuntboy In cowboy jeans and red shirt I sit and play with a monstrously huge 3 inch wide dildo - and you know Im gonna fuck it, dont you? Big cocks turn me into a submissive slut. I unbuckle and pull down my jeans, revealing hairy horny pussy. It's ready to be monsterfucked. I take my time, teasing my cunthole on the monster, slowly and gradually impaling myself on its enormous cock head. My pussy, stretched to the extreme, hurts a bit, but I crave to be spread wide and thoroughly penetrated through my docile cunt deep into my core. As that happens, I become crazily horny and very submissive, - I open my shirt and clamp my chest. Watch me fucking the huge monster with weights dangling from my nipples. I wanna cum so I put electric massager to pleasure my clit. My pussy is wet, leaking and LITERALLY dripping, hair around the asshole soaking wet, as you watch my insanely obscene pussy destruction and listen to me cumming like a desperate sub with his horny fuckhole stuffed by a monster dick. I'm so done after that… so I lay back and let my pink fucked cunt show a huge wet gape to you. TAGS: monster dildo, brutal dildo, monsterdildo, enormous dildo, extreme dildo, huge dildo, big dildo, monster dildo fuck, huge dildo fuck, huge dildo in pussy, dripping pussy, wet pussy, destroyed pussy, pussy destruction, pussy fuck, cunt fuck, extreme penetration, hairy pussy, gape, gaping, gaping pussy, ftm, transman, submissive slut, ftm pussy, ftm fuck, ftm dildo, ftm huge dildo, hairy asshole, hairy ass, pussy stretching, pussy stretched, jeans, shirt, nipple clamps, clamped nipples, clamps with weights, massager
duration 54:55
Mom Son Roleplay Bundle Pack video from Jane Cane
Mom Son Roleplay Bundle Pack by Jane Cane WARNING - These are very intense clips. They are highly recommended for those interested in participating in an extreme taboo fantasy. This value bundle includes: Son Takes What His Mom Won’t Give Him - 11:31 Wade has been grounded from seeing his girlfriend by mom. Mom is sick of his bad attitude and wants to teach him a lesson, but he has an even bigger lesson to teach his mom. If she is going to ground him and not let him leave the house, he is going to take from her what he was going to get from his girlfriend. He shoves his cock in her mouth, then her pussy, holding her down and fucking her until he cums all over her. After he cums, he rubs the semen on the head of his cock and puts it back inside his mother as she begs him to stop. She doesn’t want to get pregnant by him.  Nephew Takes What His Aunt Won’t Give Him - 14:59 Aunt Jane is on vacation to see her sister and her favorite nephew, but because of the jet lag, she is not able to get any rest. She gets up in the middle of the night to find her nephew reading in the living room. He can’t rest either. They have small talk and he mentions that his mom takes medication to help her rest. Aunt Jane asks if she can borrow one of those pills so Wade gets her one and advises she only take half, but Jane is exhausted and takes the entire thing. Her nephew later sneaks into her room and finds her out on the bed. He shoves his cock in her hand, then her pussy, holding her down and fucking her until she awakens. He continues to hold her down and fuck her while she screams and tries to fight him off. After he cums, Aunt Jane freaks out because he came inside of her and she’s not on any kind of birth control. She doesn’t want to get pregnant by him. Son Fucks Stuck Mom - 7:55 My mom was washing dishes after breakfast and just as she was finishing up, she drops her wedding ring down the drain. When she tries to grab it, her hand gets stuck. I can’t stop laughing at seeing her this way. Completely helpless. She is begging for my help. I may never get an opportunity like this again. I go over and start touching her. She pushes me away and tells me to stop, but I don’t want to. What can she do about it after all? I am in control now. I make my mom suck my cock, then I pull down her panties and rub her pussy. I just can’t resist, I have to put my cock inside of her. I fuck my mom while her hand is down the drain until I cum all over her ass. Son Fucks Stuck Mom, Again - 11:51 Mom is in the living room doing yoga stretches when her son walks in. He sits down and watches her. In the middle of her routine, she throws out her lower back. She is so thankful that her son is there. She asks him for help, but all he wants to do is laugh and make fun of her. Mom is desperate begging for her son to help her get to her bedroom, but he takes complete advantage of the situation. He shoves his cock in her mouth making her gag. Then he walks behind her and pulls her yoga pants down. He plays with her pussy while she cries out and begs for him to stop, but he doesn’t. He throws oil on his mom’s ass and puts his big dick inside of her. He fucks his mother while she screams and desperately begs him to go away, but he can’t stop. He fucks her until he cums all over her ass, then leaves her there. Intruder Assaults Mom Home Alone - 13:38 Jane is finally home after a long day. She just wants to relax and get into bed. She has no idea that a burglar is already in her house. He wakes her by putting her vibrator on her pussy. She is startled and screams when she realizes a stranger is standing above her holding a weapon. He tells her to shut up and continues to leave the vibrator on her until he makes her cum against her will. He then rips off her panties and fucks her holding the weapon on her until he cums inside of her. She has no idea who he is, but he leaves her in bed alone with his creampie.
duration 104:52
Extreme public dice game video from IviRoses

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