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Unlimited App Control Causes Embarrassingly Erotic Stripping Consequences video from BlackxRose92
Unlimited App Control Causes Embarrassingly Erotic Stripping Consequences by BlackxRose92 Honey, we need to speak about your cell phone usage. You've gone way over your data limits with all this new app testing! We just can't afford this, so you're going to have to cut back. Are you even listening to me? Put the phone down and listen when I speak to you. Oh! Oh no! Why am I unbuttoning my shirt?! I can't control my body! You should not be laughing about this. This is wildly inappropriate for me to be stripping in front of you like this, but I cannot control my body and this embarrassing stripping will not stop. Are you masturbating right now? Stop that! This is taboo and inappropriate! You should not be getting hard and cumming for me like this. Oh no, you can't tell anyone about this. Wait, is that.....do I hear him home just now? Shh! Don't say anything about this! Oh my goodness this is embarrassing to be completely naked in front of you like this, but your app is controlling my body and you're making me do whatever you want! What kind of kinky perverted things could you want to do to me like this, making our intimate relationship so inappropriately taboo? Please, oh no! Not that! Not this! Why am I feeling so horny and embarrassed? I grip the edge of your bed, squeezing my legs together and pressing my hand to my pussy tight, covering my nudity. Now naked, ashamed, and aroused, I cannot control my facilities as my body acts beyond myself as if some unseen magic control and erotic magic through your new phone app uses its female training program to make me strip completely naked while you masturbate for your pierced, braless MILF and her hairy bush while she booty claps and tries to cover herself.

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